Aura Colors and Meanings – How to Read Auras

Aura Colors and Meanings - How to Read AurasIn this guide, we shall study a few steps given by experts that will help us see the different aura colors. We shall also study in brief, the meaning of individual aura colors.

What is an aura? Why study them?

Everything in the Universe is a constant flow of energy. Every atom, every electron and each and every individual thought as well as our consciousness are made of nothing but vibrations. Likewise, the aura is also an electro-photonic vibration in response to light. Auras of living things consist of colors that change with time, consciousness etc. Even non-living things have an aura that is more or less fixed but can be changed by our conscious intent.

The reason why we should study aura colors is because each aura color has a very specific meaning. Expert seers, who are able to see aura colors (especially those around someone’s head), can actually ‘hear’ the thoughts of that individual even before they are verbally expressed. Thus, aura colors can help one detect if the speaker is lying. Aura colors cannot be faked and they help us see an individual for what s/he really is. The colors of one’s auras also help detect diseases, health imbalances and mental disorders etc.

How to see aura colors in yourself

Here is a method to see your own Aura colors:

  1. Hold up your hand with palm facing towards you against a solid background (preferably one with a white wall).
  2. Now soften your gaze as if you were staring at nothing in particular, in the distance.
  3. Now take a look at your hand and especially the outline of the fingers.
  4. You should be able to see a clear outline or corona between the fingers. If you are facing difficulty with this step, try moving your hand a bit.
  5. It is important to move your hand into the right position in the peripheral vision.

Alternatively, you can stand in front of a full sized mirror with preferably a plain background behind you and no shadows in the room. (The room must be softly and uniformly illuminated-no bright lights).  Choose to stare at a single spot (preferably middle of your forehead or on the Brow chakra), for 30 to 60 seconds or longer.  You must resist temptation to look around and concentrate very hard. Now look peripherally to analyze the surroundings without lifting your gaze from the brow chakra. The longer you concentrate you will be able to see the differences in background colors near and farther away from you. These are your aura colors.

How to see aura colors in others

To see the aura colors in others:

  1. Stand about 10 feet from the individual.
  2. Gaze directly at the individual’s bridge of the nose.
  3. You should be able to have peripheral vision so that objects in the room are visible to you without your having to directly look at them.
  4. Move the eyesight to the person’s forehead center. This will help you see the aura colors around the individual’s head.

Meaning of different aura colors

Now let us study the meanings of the different aura colors:

  • Blue Auras – Born survivors, positive intentions, good vibrations, good intentions or meaning well to others.
  • White Aura – Very spiritually inclined, positive person and good energy
  • Purple aura – Good intuition and active interest in spiritual matters
  • Red Aura – Angry or in a confrontational state of mind
  • Orange aura – Contemplating revenge, having inner frustrations, turmoil, more or less similar to red aura. Lighter or golden orange auras symbolize inspiration, uplifting and absorption.
  • Yellow aura – Deep thought and concentration, studying or planning something. Joy, freedom and happiness etc are also believed to be stemming from yellow aura colors.
  • Green Aura – Denotes a nature lover and balanced individual. People with green aura colors indicate natural healing capacity.

Black and brown aura colors are indicative of collapsing auras and it means that the soul is not producing enough energy but borrowing it from other sources. (Black and brown do not constitute aura colors but they must not be ignored and need special attention).

In conclusion

The different aura colors denote thought, intentions and desire at a given point of time. They are representative of our True Spiritual colors at any given moment. The more colorful, clearer and brighter the aura; the stronger the person is spiritually. It also means a spiritually balanced and healthier individual owing to uniform distribution of energy in the body.

Practicing daily for 10 to 15 minutes each day can help you develop “Auric sight” to see the aura colors in self and in others.


  1. I was wondering if I am trying to find my aura right because when I stare sometimes for a few seconds my whole body looks black like a silhouette and also sometimes my facial features start to almost warp (I am using the mirror method by the way). Also does it matter where the light is in the room when looking in the mirror? Also why are black and brown auras so bad.. it is sorta explained but I don’t really understand. When you say vibrations do mean of the electromagnetic spectrum? If so since scientifically humans can only see a small part of the the electromagnetic spectrum is there a huge part of it that could make a different kind of aura? Could other electromagnetic waves influence someones aura regardless of their “conscious intent”? Do dead bodies have auras and if so do their auras have anything to do with what they were when they died?

    • From how i understood what i read above about black and brown auras they’re not ‘bad’ just not healthy or normal, it said they must not be ignored and need special attention, so i suppose people who do have the more unexpected aura of black or brown colour are maybe in a very sensitive situation… are you okay Kenzie?

  2. Great aura post Jacob!

    Awesome and interesting site too.

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