Orange Aura Meaning: What Does Your Orange Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with orange aura color

Are you wondering what your orange aura means? Your aura color is the ultimate revelation of who you are; from your baseline personality to your emotional expression, the color of your aura informs the universe of your strengths, abilities, energetic state, emotions, and condition of your physical and spiritual bodies. Taking the time to get to know yourself through your aura color is an intuitive and fulfilling process that can give you insights into becoming the fullest expression of yourself.

An orange aura indicates that you are action-oriented and focused on change, and you know how to adapt. You might even describe yourself as a risk-taker, adventurer, and thrill-seeker. You can be energizing and inspiring to be around, and you are likely passionate and creative. Learning about your aura is a fascinating way to discover your strengths.

What Do the Many Shades of Orange Auras Mean?

Silhouette of a woman with her hands in the air by a lake. Different shades of orange surrounds her.

Orange is a blend of passionate red and playful yellow, so it often encompasses qualities from both colors. The density of red versus yellow may tilt your orange aura slightly more to one side of the color gradient than the other, but the overarching orange characteristics always prevail. In the event that an aura is muddied, dark, or cloudy, self-care and healing techniques can restore balance.


A peach aura has a slightly higher percentage of pink than the other shades of orange. This rosy, warm undertone indicates an aura that carries some of the more pink characteristics, such as emotional intelligence, good communication skills, and a big heart. Individuals with a peach aura may be drawn to careers in teaching, counseling, or writing.

Burnt Orange

With the influence of brown shades, a burnt orange aura indicates that a person has a tendency to be more grounded, earthy, and practical than their more red or yellow counterparts. Burnt orange inspires imagery of a deep, rich sunset. As this imagery implies, those with a burnt orange aura likely enjoy spending time in nature, and they tend to be planners with lots of ambition.


Having more red than yellow in your orange aura reflects a fiery nature. Confident and competent, these charismatic individuals radiate toward leadership opportunities. Others look up to them and instinctively trust them to make good decisions. They are enthusiastic, but grounded, and often become role models for others.


The yellow influences in this shade indicate a lively individual with a sunny disposition. They appear to be happy and charming in most cases, but they can also be meticulous and methodical in their work. They have a rich inner life and are often drawn to pursuits of the mind. Academics are likely to include math and science.

Cloudy Orange

Any time an aura appears clouded or muddy, it can mean there is an imbalance somewhere in the emotional or physical body. It could imply that there is a blockage involving the sacral chakra (one of the seven energy centers in the body), which could lead to taking too many risks, becoming too focused on ego and ambition, or operating out of fear or resentment.

Your Orange Aura and the Chakras

Fluid aura in orange and muddy colors.

Anytime the body is experiencing negativity in the form of stress, illness, or any other kind of imbalance, the aura can be affected as well. It may become muddy or dark, and it can influence the alignment of the energy centers in your body, known as chakras. Traditionally, there are seven chakras, and the one most closely associated with an orange aura is the sacral chakra. This energy center is located just below the navel, which is the area responsible for our creative and reproductive vitality.

What to Know About Your Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is open and clear when you are able to fully embrace your sexuality, desires, and creative endeavors. During times when this chakra is blocked or feeling mucked up, you may notice that your confidence is suffering or that your libido is lacking. To help keep this chakra open and fluid, you may benefit from self-care in the form of aromatherapy, journaling, and exploring your creativity.

Self-Care for the Orange Aura

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Sound Healing

Research has shown that sound waves have a physical effect on our world. Air molecules ripple out from the source of a sound in varying vibrations, which then hit our ears. We recognize those ripples as sounds, and certain sound vibrations are more healing to us than others. For instance, yogis chant OM during meditation, which is said to capture the sound of the universe. Sound healers often use tuning forks and frequency meditations to align energies.

For an orange aura, healing tools for the sacral chakra may be beneficial. Often, singing bowls are designed to vibrate at a particular frequency that aligns with a particular chakra. A sacral chakra singing bowl’s musical tones may help restore your creativity, sensuality, and emotional health.

Healing Crystals

For an orange aura, purple shades are excellent balancing colors, known to cleanse and charge the energetic body. Purple crystals such as amethyst and fluorite can transmute negative energy, while amplifying crystals such as carnelian can restore vitality. For a general aura cleansing, clear quartz is a master balancer and healer. Meditate with crystals to harness their most potent benefits.


Pranayama, or breath work, is an ancient technique used in yogic practices to control the breath and center the mind and body. Most of us notice our chest rising and falling when we take deep breaths, but this indicates that we are breathing too high in our bodies. We should really be breathing deeply into our bellies, our most central area. Becoming aware of our breath and witnessing the way our bellies inflate and deflate like a balloon when we breathe deeply will help cleanse our etheric bodies.

The Bright Side of an Orange Aura

Possessing both red and yellow qualities, an orange aura benefits from their combined influences. Having an orange aura means that you are playful and use this as a form of tension release. You are known to be spontaneous and have no reservations about booking a last-minute plane ticket on a whim to some far-off destination. You are in tune with your body and love to dress well, accessorize, and perhaps even take up dancing.

The Shadow Side of an Orange Aura

On the flip side, orange aura individuals are so good at being in tune with their bodies that they may even place too much importance on physical beauty. This groundedness in the material plane may make it difficult for these individuals to connect with their spiritual side. Similarly, their tendency to be very confident, charismatic, and successful may also put them at risk of developing an egotistical outlook.

Can Your Aura Color Change?

Woman doing yoga with many colors surrounding her.

Auras shift and change over time just as your energetic, physical, and emotional bodies do. Take heart if you feel as though your aura may not be shining as brightly as you’d like it to be. Taking the self-care steps outlined above, it’s very possible to clear your energies and remain open and receptive to healing.

The reds and yellows that make up the predominant colors of an orange aura present themselves as a gradient that may oscillate as you learn and grow and heal. Most people who are sensitive to subtle changes in their energetic bodies are often more intuitively aware of how to bring themselves back to center. Groundedness isn’t just an energetic shift; it also relies on taking good care of yourself, making certain that you are eating and drinking healthy foods and beverages, and moving your body every day to clear any stagnation.

When Does Orange Appear in an Aura?

Illustrated man with a bright orange aura coming from the chest area surrounding him.

Orange often appears in your aura when you are feeling social and gregarious, finding that you are in need of spending time with others and developing your relationships. You are likely to be experiencing a renewed sense of drive, ambition, and inspiration. You might be experiencing a new romantic adventure, but remember not to get too caught up in the physical attraction. You are a sensual and intimate person, but remind yourself to be discerning in terms of compatibility and values.

Your aura is an important representation of the connection between your physical and spiritual bodies, but it is not the only one. Your emotional and energetic state affects so many things, including your physical health, so take the time to practice recognizing the subtle effects of your aura. You can do this using aromatherapy, guided meditations, positive affirmations, self-care rituals, and choosing healthy foods and drinks to nourish your body.

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