What Does Your Silver Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with silver aura color

Are you interested in learning about auras and what your silver aura means? Auras are defined as invisible fields of energy surrounding a person’s body, which are represented by different colors. With a trained eye, or through the use of a reading or other means, you can determine your aura color. Each color is associated with different personality traits, qualities, and emotions.

Auras can be affected by a variety of internal and external influences, including your mood, emotional state, and the emotional states of those around you. While there is little available research on aura colors and what they mean, there is scientific proof that every living thing has a vibrational energy. As human beings, we radiate what’s known as an electromagnetic field, as our cells are living, breathing forms of energy. Studies have shown that when laboratory participants are exposed to certain vibrational frequencies, their bodies react by stimulating areas of bone growth, endocrine function, blood composition, and overall mood.

The concept of auras has been around for a long time, dating back to ancient cave paintings depicting people with light radiating from their bodies. Portraits of religious figures with auras, such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, or various Catholic saints, can be seen in historical artwork. Descriptions of auras can also be found in Hindu scriptures, such as the Sanskrit Vedas, which date back to nearly 1500 BC. Traditional Chinese medicine encourages the idea that health is part of the physical and the invisible, and to fully treat a human being, we must analyze both realms.

Silhouette of Jesus Christ with a cloudy background and an aura surrounding him.

Ancient systems of medicine believed that energy is expressed in seven layers:

  • Etheric Body: Connected to the root chakra, this layer is closest to your physical body. It is the most dense of the layers and bridges the connection between your material body to your higher body.
  • Emotional Body: Your emotional layer sits directly outside the etheric body and is connected to the sacral chakra. It holds all your emotions and feelings.
  • Mental Body: Next, you have the mental layer connected to the solar plexus chakra, which is often represented by the color yellow. It contains formulaic energy, such as your rules, routines, judgment, and discipline.
  • Astral Body: Represented by a beautiful rainbow color, the astral layer connects the physical plane to the spiritual. It is connected to the heart chakra.
  • Etheric Template: This layer looks a lot like the negative of a photograph. It is connected to the throat chakra and represents the blueprint of the physical body.
  • Celestial Body: Connected to the third eye chakra, this layer is where your higher consciousness begins. Here, you can begin the process of enlightenment.
  • Causal Body: This layer vibrates at the highest frequency and extends up to three feet from the body. It is essentially protecting all the previous layers, and appears as purple or brilliant white light. It’s connected to the crown chakra.

Auras can exist in any one of these layers, or multiple layers. People typically have a combination of colors, but one is usually more prominent than the other.

Silver Aura Color Meaning

Abstract fluid silver texture.

The silver aura, along with other metallic auras, is one of the most rare colors to be seen. Common colors include red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and pink. However, the silver aura is rarely witnessed. Those with a silver aura are thought to be blessed and spiritually enlightened, meaning they have a deep connection to a higher power and wisdom. The silver aura is known for growth, abundance, mystery, opulence, confidence, spiritual awakening, and cosmic power.

Stability and Groundedness

Those with a silver aura emanate a sense of stillness and groundedness. They are not swayed by emotional tides, and are rooted in faith and spiritual understanding. While they experience the ups and downs of life as we all do, they are sharp-minded, disciplined, and pay attention to details.

Nurturing Qualities

Nurse comforting senior woman.

The silver aura also represents the ability to care deeply for other human beings. This is why individuals with silver auras commonly have professions in teaching, counseling, mentoring, nursing, and healthcare. Because those with a silver aura are rooted in values and not easily swayed, they have a unique ability to handle the emotions of others.

Mystery of the Untold

A silver aura also symbolizes a mysterious nature, but not in a negative way. Rather, this mystery is about potential and secrets that have not yet been revealed. This mysterious quality makes those with a silver aura very attractive to others and incites curiosity.

The Ability to Communicate with Spirits

As the most rare aura color, the silver aura is reserved for those who have the ability to communicate with a higher power, ancestors, or spirits. They have a heightened sensitivity and awareness, which makes them very in tune with their spiritual surroundings. This may be manifested in the form of psychic abilities or dreams, or something more simple, like being able to make intuitive decisions.

Associated With the Earth and Ether

Planet Earth from space at night over the European continent.

The silver aura is associated with elements of the Earth and Ether. Earth symbolizes groundedness and a connection to the natural world. Ether is the most subtle element, and symbolizes lightness, airiness, and space that other elements fill.

Growth, Abundance, and Creativity

A silver aura means you are experiencing growth and overflowing with creativity and imagination. Imagine it as an outpouring of energy from your root and crown chakras. Your body carries a vibrant energy that seeks to learn, take action, and experience new feelings.

Ruled by the Properties of the Sun and the Moon

Both the sun and moon create halos of light around them. They represent the full spectrum of creation, from dawn to dusk, and between them is the center of the earth. These luminescent celestial beings are the most vibrant in the sky and represent the highest enlightenment.

Unique Properties of Silver Auras for Women

The silver aura is especially powerful for women. It can symbolize strong feminine power, which may be indicative of pregnancy, fertility, and arousal. If you experience a silver aura, it’s a good time for conception. Women tend to have an innate wisdom meant for nurturing, caring, and sensitivity. The silver aura means these properties are enhanced, signifying a female intuitive wisdom. People are especially drawn to women with a silver aura, as she radiates positive energy, success, and kindness. At the same time, this makes women seductive and curious.

How to Determine Your Aura

Light painting close up of a woman illustrating the silver aura.

There are a few ways to know your aura color. Here is how you can determine your aura yourself or with help from others.

Go to an Aura Reader

You can find aura readers all over, but you’ll have a better chance near the city. Aura readers have unique abilities to read other people’s energies. When you see an aura reader, they’ll examine your energy in the moment and give you a summary. This can help you check your feelings and intuition. If you are visiting an aura reader, be sure to go to a trusted source or a recommendation from a friend, versus a gimmicky ploy.

Aura Photography

Aura photography is a beautiful way to capture your aura. Typically, you will sit still for a specific amount of time, and the camera has the ability to see your aura color. Christina Lonsdale, an artist based in Portland who runs a photography practice called Radiant Human, says that “As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field.” Lonsdale uses a special camera with hand sensors that pick up the energy field and use a proprietary algorithm to match the energy to a color.

Learn How to Read Your Own Aura

Palm of a hand with swirls and the colors red, orange, purple, yellow, gold, silver, blue, and green.

You can also learn to see your own aura. By squinting or softly gazing at yourself in the mirror, you can meditate and start to visualize the color around you. This takes practice and patience, and is often better seen with peripheral vision. You may see your aura when you look away and colors arise. You can also try rubbing your hands together rapidly to create fiction, then slowly pulling them apart and moving them back and forth. You can look to see if colors come and go.

Try an Aura App

Although perhaps not as accurate, there are aura-reading apps that use algorithms to read biodynamic feedback from your phone camera. These photos are then processed on your phone to reveal your aura. It’s a more modern way to read your aura, but the results may still be questionable.

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