The Crown Chakra and Its Violet or Purple Color Meaning

Crown Chakra - The Seventh Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh and final chakra in your body. Some people would argue that it is also the most important energy center out of all seven. One of the more interesting things about this chakra is that it isn’t actually located in your body. Technically, it’s above your head, about two inches above it to be exact. That is precisely why it’s called the crown chakra. If you were to put a crown on your head, the top of the crown would sit approximately where this energy center resides.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Sahasrara chakra, also known as “the bridge to the cosmos”, and the violet or purple color energy that is associated with it, keep reading.

The Importance of the Crown Chakra

Why is the crown chakra so important? Does it really hold more weight than the other six energy centers in your body? While each of the seven chakras in your body has a very specific and important job, this particular energy center is the culmination of every chakra in your body. That’s one reason why it’s so important that you make sure that all of your energy centers are open, balanced and working properly. If they’re not, it can have dire consequences on the function of your crown chakra. That in turn can cause a whole host of problems when it comes to truly achieving your best life possible.

The crown chakra is largely responsible for one’s ability to reach true happiness. It’s largely because it is directly connected to matters of a Divine nature. This chakra provides a direct connection to things of a spiritual nature. A person who has a well-balanced crown chakra is likely to see the things that are truly important in life as opposed to allowing themselves to get hung up on the day-to-day things that don’t really matter as much. As such, most people that have worked to develop their crown chakra (and keep it balanced) find themselves worrying less about things like money and material possessions because they realize that true happiness comes from within. They allow their spiritual connection to help them reach true happiness in life as opposed to searching for it through other things that aren’t capable of bringing happiness in the first place.

The Person With a Well-Balanced Crown Chakra

What does a person with a well-balanced crown chakra look like and how do they typically behave? Most often, this person has a deep connection to things of a more spiritual nature. As such, they may relish the opportunity to spend more quiet time alone than other individuals. It isn’t that they don’t enjoy being around people. In fact, they enjoy it very much. However, they also need that alone time so that they can have an opportunity to connect with the spiritual side of things and reconnect with themselves after a long day.

These individuals also tend to find peace in the simplest of things. They enjoy the little things and they don’t tend to take things for granted. People with a well-balanced crown chakra often realize that life can change at a moment’s notice. They have a tendency to fully understand that once a moment is gone, it’s something that can never be enjoyed again. As a direct result, they tend to take things at a slightly slower pace because they have figured out that it doesn’t do any good to rush around in some kind of mad dash to achieve menial things. This is especially true when such an accomplishment would only serve to provide bragging rights. Instead, they have typically figured out what is truly important in life and they make a point to make time for those things instead of missing out on all the things that truly matter in life.

A balanced crown chakra can also manifest as an increased ability to perceive things in the world around you. People who have a balanced crown chakra tend to notice things more readily than others. It is largely believed that they do this because they are not so caught up in the rat race, thus giving them more time to notice what is going on around them. A person with a balanced crown chakra is usually very attentive. They not only notice things right away, but they also pick up on the little things that aren’t always spoken out loud. As such, they often know how people feel, even when someone is trying to hide their feelings. They’re also very good at putting the pieces of life’s puzzle together. In short, they may be able to figure out things that others can’t.

Other Important Factors Associated With the Crown Chakra

Physically, the crown chakra is associated with both the pineal gland and the nervous system. As such, it can have a direct impact on virtually every part of the body. A person with a balanced crown chakra is likely to be in good overall shape. Mentally and emotionally, they typically feel more complete. They may also have a very definitive sense of right and wrong, as the crown chakra connects both the physical body and the mind to the soul.

Sahasrara crown chakra symbols and meanings

What Happens When the Crown Chakra Is Blocked?

What is it like for a person when the crown chakra becomes blocked? Obviously, a person with a blocked crown chakra isn’t likely to be capable of connecting their physical body with their soul and the universe around them, nor are they likely to be capable of connecting to a Higher Power. This can do a real number on the mental and emotional well-being of any person. In a more tangible sense, it can manifest as anxiety and depression, along with an inability to endure trials and tribulations that are a part of life.

Physically, a blocked crown chakra often manifests itself in other ways. A person struggling with this issue may have frequent headaches. There is even some evidence to suggest that more serious issues can be caused as a direct result of a blockage in the crown chakra, such as people that have experienced coma-like episodes.

Emotionally, a person with a blocked crown chakra is likely to be less able to handle the stresses of daily life. They may become irritable at things that don’t normally bother them. This can be complete with emotional outbursts that are uncharacteristic of that particular individual. In addition, they may not be able to think as clearly, especially when it comes to matters of a more spiritual nature.

Can the Crown Chakra Be Too Active?

Having a well-balanced crown chakra is imperative. That said, it’s possible for it to be too active. This can cause a whole host of problems, some of which can be quite serious. For example, a person with an overactive crown chakra may completely lose touch with reality. As a direct result, they may also struggle to connect on a spiritual level, yet they become arrogant to the point that they are incapable of realizing that any of this is actually happening. As such, they don’t tend to listen to others who try to point out a problem. Unfortunately, this often allows the problem to become worse and worse until the individual in question is almost unreachable. This can result in serious spiritual problems but it can also cause mental issues that require specialized treatment in order to be resolved.

People that have an overactive crown chakra often feel the need to be in charge of everything and everyone around them. Unfortunately, this often causes them to try to control others, even to the point of destroying relationships. This usually comes from the loss of control they have experienced within their own lives. An overactive crown chakra causes a person to feel less grounded. Eventually, they become overwhelmed by even the most basic of challenges. Unfortunately, they tend to try to make up for this by controlling everyone else instead of focusing on themselves.

From a physical standpoint, an overactive crown chakra can cause headaches in much the same fashion as one that is underactive. They can also cause a person to become extremely irritable. Last but certainly not least, an affected individual may stop thinking about things in a rational sense. Regardless of how many people try to help them, they may refuse that help because they simply can’t think about things in a logical sense.

Healing the Crown Chakra

How do you heal the crown chakra and then ensure that it stays well-balanced from that point forward? The good news is that it’s not as difficult as one might think. However, it does require some effort in order to pull it off. First and foremost, all of the other chakras in the body have to be open and balanced. If they’re not, the crown chakra is not going to be balanced, either. Each of the chakras can be healed and balanced by meditating, visualization, yoga and positive affirmations. By the same token, aromatherapy and wearing certain gemstones can help. It’s also a good idea to incorporate items of specific colors that match each chakra into your daily routine. One of the most important things you can do to ensure that all of your chakras remain open and balanced is to take time for yourself and avoid allowing yourself to become too stressed. This can make all the difference in the world in both your physical and mental state, not to mention your spiritual well-being.

As far as the crown chakra itself is concerned, all of the things that were mentioned in the previous paragraph work here, too. For example, you can take time for yourself each day to meditate while visualizing positive energy going into your crown chakra and then traveling down your spinal cord into the other six chakras in your body. At the same time, visualize all the negativity leaving your body. Make time for physical activity such as yoga that can help you control your breathing while simultaneously helping you to gain physical strength. Last but not least, incorporate gemstones that are purple in color. Consider wearing pieces of clothing that are violet or purple in color. You might even decide to bring purple flowers or something else of that color into your decor, especially if it’s something that you can see every day when you walk into the room. Why does it have to be violet or purple? This is the color associated with the crown chakra. The reason behind it will be explained in the following paragraphs. It’s also worth noting that you might try to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily routine, as it can help you to keep your crown chakra balanced. Try using frankincense, myrrh or camphor. If you’re wondering what kinds of stones you can use, try amethyst, azurite or lavender quartz.

The Crown Chakra Is Associated With the Color Violet or Purple

Violet or purple color Sahasrara chakra illustration

Why is violet or purple the color associated with the crown chakra? Traditionally, purple is the color associated with the path to spirituality. It represents both royalty and in some cases, superiority. A person with a balanced crown chakra has a superior sense of spirituality when compared to someone who has a crown chakra that is completely blocked. Therefore, the color violet or purple makes sense in this particular case.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is the color often associated with choosing one’s path, especially when that path is related to the transition between life, death and a higher spiritual plane. As a result, violet or purple is the color that is connected to the crown chakra. You might even say that the two are intertwined. This is precisely why it’s possible to heal the crown chakra and keep it balanced by visualizing energy that is violet or purple in color coming into the top of your head and then allowing it to go through your entire body, all the way to the root chakra. It’s an excellent way of bringing in positive energy while simultaneously getting rid of the negative energy that can cause blockages in the crown chakra or in any other energy center of your body.

There are a few other points about the color purple that are also worth noting. Many people consider this to be the color that represents reconciling with oneself or with another individual. As such, it is a color of peace. A person with a balanced crown chakra will be at peace with themselves, tranquil in the knowledge that they have gotten past menial things that no longer matter in exchange for more important spiritual enlightenment. Purple is also a color of purity. It represents a certain clarity of the soul that can easily be seen in the actions and attitude of a person with a balanced crown chakra.

Last but certainly not least, purple is often considered to be the color of cosmic energy. When you think about a connection to the Divine and how that relates back to the crown chakra, it makes sense that purple, which is so frequently associated with cosmic energy, would be the color most associated with this particular chakra.

Final Thoughts on the Crown Chakra

While it is virtually impossible for a person to develop a well-balanced crown chakra overnight, it is definitely possible over time. It is like anything else that is worth doing. It requires consistent work and effort on your part. It’s not enough to simply heal all of your chakras and then forget about them. You have to engage in certain practices such as meditation, yoga and association with colors that allows you to keep them well-balanced after they have been healed. Of course, it’s equally important that you deal with life’s challenges in an upfront manner. Doing so will help to ensure that things don’t happen to cause a particular chakra to become blocked in the future.

It is only when all of your chakras are open that your crown chakra can begin to open up. That is why it’s so important to ensure that all of your chakras are balanced. It’s not enough to merely work on your crown chakra while allowing all of the other energy centers in your body to go to pieces. It simply won’t work. Allow all of your chakras to work in concert with each other in order to ensure a more well-balanced crown chakra.

Once your crown chakra begins to open up, don’t be surprised if you start to feel a much deeper spiritual connection with other people, both living and those who have passed on. You may even begin to experience things that other individuals who haven’t yet achieved that particular state of mind may find difficult to believe. It’s important to remain true to yourself, put in the work and then trust that you are developing those deeper connections. Once you get accustomed to it, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised at what a dramatic and positive impact this can have on your overall life, not to mention your physical well-being.

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