Green Aura Meaning: What Does Your Green Aura Color Mean?

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Someone who has a green aura is an individual that loves the world, and the world loves them in turn. The green aura represents a deep love of nature, a need to nurture and see things grow, a strong affection for other people they like, and a need for roots and structure, but isn’t averse to having fun. Someone who has a green aura tends to be happy most of the time, sees the glass as half full instead of half empty, and is always willing to help when others won’t.

Having a green aura, while not a hard indicator of how someone lives their life in terms of work and relationships, is indicative of a generous nature that’s expansive and warm. They’re problem solvers, supportive, innovative, and bring people together during times of strife. Someone with a green aura has a passionate nature that can get them into trouble in relationships if they’re not careful, but ultimately, they bring joy to all who are around them.

What is an Aura?

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Everyone generates an aura, whether they realize it or not. The aura is a visual representation of one’s own energy field, personality traits, and inherent mindset. It’s something that’s developed with age and experience, and most people have a dominant color in their aura. Some people have a rainbow aura and others can have two or three visible colors, but the majority of people have a single color aura that’s representative of their personality.

Auras aren’t typically visible to the naked eye, but those with second sight can see them in their internal vision. You can also get your aura photographed by those who are skilled in the art of bringing it out through the lens of the camera. And sometimes you can see an aura when you’re looking at something indirectly, or your vision isn’t focused.

The aura is created by your own physical energy, the same energy that enables you to power your body through each day. The dominant hue or color comes from your personal energy frequency, with each color representing a different frequency. Think of the tuner on a radio dial – it has multiple frequencies for radio stations to broadcast from. The same goes for an aura, with the exception being that once your aura color develops, it tends to stay that way.

What is a Green Aura?

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A green aura usually appears as a grass, emerald, or Kelly green color. It’s a rich green that is vibrant, lush, and trends towards warmth. This tone of green is also associated with springtime, warmth, happiness, pleasure, and the ability to yield without bending. When viewed in an auric state, the green is bright and opaque and is evenly distributed around the edge of the body.

How Someone Develops Their Aura Color

In general, the color of an aura is driven by how the personality develops over time. Everyone is born with a blue-white aura that settles down as the body and mind begin their journey. A dominant color won’t develop until somewhere around three or four years old, when firm personality traits start to become apparent. It’s around this age that the aura color becomes more permanent. Your personality doesn’t deviate much from your core traits throughout your life, and neither does the color of your aura.

Does the Green Aura Align With the Heart Chakra?

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Yes, the green aura can and does align with the heart chakra, although they’re not dependent on each other in terms of how you feel or harmonize on a daily basis. The green chakra is also known as the heart chakra, and a person with a green aura has a lot of heart. The alignment is more symbolic than actual, but the green chakra can be developed into the strongest chakra by someone who has a green aura. The energy of the green chakra helps power the green aura and gives the individual the ability to draw upon that strength when necessary.

Personality Traits of Someone Who Has a Green Aura

It’s easy to associate a green aura with personality traits such as jealousy, passion, nature, or competitiveness. While it’s true that someone who has a green aura can have these as dominant traits, they’re not the whole story of the green aura. Someone with a green aura is someone who seeks harmony and has a harmonious nature with the world around them. They’re most likely to be the person in the room who’s looking for a reasonable solution to a problem that has been causing arguments.

Another personality trait is a lust for life, but not excessively so. A person with a green aura isn’t an adrenaline junky, but they do enjoy having a good time and won’t turn down an opportunity to enjoy themselves and others. They’re willing to take mild risks but won’t take ones that put themselves and others in danger of injury. In short, they’re the person who will go on all the scary roller coasters with you because there’s a safety belt to keep them in place.

When it comes to love, the owner of a green aura loves deeply and generously, almost to a fault. They feel as if they have an unending fountain of love within themselves and are always showering those close to them with their affections. Sometimes a person with a green aura can go too far with their generosity and burn themselves out.

The core of an individual with a green aura is someone who is deeply rooted and connected to the earth and the world around them. In this area, the green aura shares a trait with that of the mythical Green Man, a traditional symbol of spring and rebirth. The Green Man is also strongly tied to nature and has the job of waking up the earth to make flowers bloom, persuade trees to put out their leaves, and encourage plants to grow. Someone who has a green aura has a sense of being connected to the earth in all seasons but tends to feel most alive during the spring.

Jobs for People With a Green Aura

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The congenial nature and deep rootedness of someone with a green aura mean they’re well-disposed to jobs that require someone with a well-grounded nature and a bit of imagination. This leads to working in jobs that need flexible thinking, the ability to create while maintaining standards, and the ability to find new ways of doing old things. Someone with a green aura is best suited to jobs such as:

  • Mediator
  • Architect
  • Medical professional
  • Politics
  • Veterinarian
  • Chef
  • Teacher
  • Clergy

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of roles that are suitable for a person with a green aura. Jobs that have a reliable and predictable structure are where they thrive the best. Anything that has a strong foundation from which to build from and expand upon is the best type of role for the green aura. However, this type of auric personality needs to be careful that they don’t wear themselves out by trying to do too much all the time.

Relationship Prospects for Someone With a Green Aura

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The green aura is strongly associated with loving and the giving of oneself to help others prosper and thrive. On the surface, this is a wonderful trait because it’s positive and helpful in a world where negativity seems to lead the way. At issue is the fact that someone with a green aura can be too giving of themselves, and that includes relationships.

People with a green aura tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to relationships, and can find it difficult to find someone who reciprocates with the same intensity. During a relationship, the partner with a green aura can go too far in terms of trying to please the other partner. This can lead to an unbalanced relationship, codependency issues, and smothering. The person with the green aura may not recognize that they’re engaging in these behaviors and can’t understand why the relationship is going poorly. In the meantime, the partner may seek to take a break from the relationship or end it entirely because they can’t tolerate the behaviors.

However, that’s not to say that a person with a green aura won’t find success in love. The key to a successful relationship is to set boundaries, don’t overdo affection, and pay attention to when a partner has had enough through verbal and physical cues. Being self-aware and being able to stop before the behaviors get too excessive help carry the relationship over the long term and enable both partners to enjoy each other’s company without feeling overwhelmed.

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