What Does Your Yellow Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with yellow aura color

Do you have a yellow aura? All living things not only possess energy within them but are surrounded by a field of energy framing them as well. This might manifest as ‘vibes’, a sense of someone’s personality and mental and emotional state that can be observed and felt before even interacting with that person. By some enlightened individuals and spiritual guides, or others who just have the natural talent, this surrounding energy can actually be seen.

Auras come in many colors and even in crystal too, and the color reveals quite a bit about the inner person who radiates the energy: personality traits, spiritual sensibilities, ways in which they relate to others, and challenges that may be going on in their lives. Auras are not static but do change throughout the course of a lifetime, whether taking on another color altogether or varying between the shades and intensities of one main color.

Knowing more about your aura may help you gain a better understanding of yourself and point out helpful ways to stay balanced and feeling your best. Consult an aura reader for the most accurate information.

Having a Yellow Aura and What It Means

Smiling woman with arms stretched out to the sides surrounded by a yellow glow illustrating an aura.

If the energy surrounding a person is yellow, built-in associations that come naturally with the color yellow would be the first assumptions of what this aura says about a person, namely a sunny and optimistic outlook. Though rather simplistic, this answer is not wrong but only offers a small part of the whole picture. People with yellow auras do tend to be optimistic, seeking and valuing enjoyment and fun in their activities and relationships. They tend to bounce back easily from trials and seem buoyed up with a natural reserve of positivity and revitalization. This positive attitude of course inspires hope in those around them and attracts friends and colleagues for the easygoing and fruitful environment that such optimism helps to create.

Another trait our minds associate with sunny yellow is an abundance of energy, and this is also on the right track when describing people with yellow auras. It appears as less of an inclination to have quick-to-burn-out bursts of energy and more like a tireless battery, endlessly fueled by positivity and hope sourced from within. These traits allow people with yellow auras to enjoy a healthy self-image and confidence, combining a strong work ethic, optimism, and raw intelligence to encourage them that they can accomplish what they set their minds to.

The sunny and positive temperament of yellow auras often lends itself to playfulness, which usually takes on more of a happy-go-lucky and childlike quality as opposed to being excessively attention-craving or loud. People with a yellow aura are normally easygoing and enjoy bringing fun or at least lightheartedness into even serious tasks, working hard while still keeping a more playful mindset, and perhaps even making a game out of to-do list items.

Combined with this joyous nature, we often see a very cerebral quality in those with a yellow aura, having strong intellectual powers and skills in logic and creativity. Yellow auras often register high on IQ scales, test scores, and measurements of performance involving reasoning and problem-solving. They are willing to work hard and typically set high goals, putting all that energy to productive use and being willing to burn the midnight oil once they set their sights on completing a difficult project.

Pitfalls to watch for if someone has a yellow aura include exhaustion, obsessive work ethic, exclusion of others with different talents or temperaments, and emotional burnout from trying to cheer everyone up. Though the optimism of someone with a yellow aura comes naturally to them, it is not inexhaustible, even if that may seem to be the case. Like everyone else, yellow auras need to occasionally take a quiet moment to recharge in order to stay balanced and invigorated. Their thirst for using their abilities to attain goals may keep them working at all hours, which can easily leave them fried, and other important parts of their lives may suffer. Sometimes yellow auras, despite being characterized as social, might gravitate only toward like-minded people with high intelligence and a happy-go-lucky nature instead of putting in the effort to try to relate to others with differing or opposite personality types. Seeking out friends this way will likely lead to them missing out on a lot of rewarding relationships as well as being seen as conceited.

Auras in Shades of Yellow

Watercolor in different shades of yellow.

Different shades of yellow tend to represent the outward indication of certain personality traits within the yellow aura set that are more dominant.

Pale Yellow

An aura in pale yellow might have to do with being in a particular phase of life, one in which the person is at the outset of an important project, journey, or goal, gathering information and readying themselves. This state of mind comes with the anxiety and slight trepidation that would be expected, but fortunately, being rooted in a yellow color also partners it with optimism.

Dark Yellow

Deeper and darker shades of yellow in an aura show that the person is taking on a copious amount of work or information. This saturated hue brings the effervescent yellow spirit on a course toward its breaking point, signaling an overload of stress soon to come. It’s a challenging characteristic of those with a yellow aura to let their hopeful positivity and willingness to work convince them to take on a little too much. Getting back into spiritual harmony with all facets of life and self is the order of the day to solve this issue.

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow auras highlight a spiritual component in the yellow trait set. Linked to both the intellectual and optimistic elements, these two base yellow traits can relate to a yearning to seek spiritual knowledge and furtherance to help themselves and others. In fact, this shade often points to a desire to teach, using their innate knowledge and constantly gaining new information and perspectives to apply an organic and easygoing method to teaching and helping others. A strong spiritual sensibility will aid someone with a golden yellow aura, renewing their patience and keeping them on an even keel to present a serene example for students to follow.

Bright Yellow

An aura in a bright yellow shade signifies confidence and strength. Positivity here comes from a well-informed place of knowing they have what it takes to reach their goals. This shade of yellow also reflects a particularly happy nature. The only red flag to watch for is being overly reliant on the opinions of others.


Orange-yellow auras bring in more of a creativity element to mix with the yellow’s optimism. A desire for meticulousness and hard work may be amplified here, causing goals to be elevated into the realm of unrealistic. These individuals should try to rein themselves in from becoming too demanding to others and themselves. Striving too hard for perfection may clog their energies.

Understanding Chakras

Chart with the seven chakras and their colors.

In relation to the aura, chakras are points of energy that radiate from different points of the body respective to where each type of spiritual energy comes from.

  1. Starting with the endpoint of your spine, the root chakra provides the foundation, a more fundamental starting place where you devote spiritual energy to career and home life.
  2. In the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra holds powers of emotions and expressing yourself.
  3. The upper abdomen and the solar plexus chakra houses individuality, self-concept, and unique personality traits.
  4. In the heart, the heart chakra is responsible for love, selflessness, sacrifice, kindness, and emotions that stem from these things.
  5. The throat chakra provides a base for powers of communication, being able to relate to others and present your inner self to the world.
  6. In the middle of the forehead, the third eye chakra helps visualize the future, bringing spiritual powers to planning and realizing ambitions.
  7. Just above the top of the head, the crown chakra sees things from on high, naturally seeking out oneness and harmony with all living things, realizing each individual’s need to be interconnected.

Besides one or several main colors of the aura as a whole, each of these chakras can be seen in color by intuitive individuals who possess this power. Colors can indicate specific relationships the person has to each type of spiritual power and their state of mind at that point in time.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow manipura chakra illustration also known as the solar plexus chakra.

The chakra which typically reveals itself as yellow is the solar plexus chakra, where we see one’s connection to their spiritual powers of analysis and knowledge. A predominantly yellow color here shows a focused and driven spirit of intelligence and a healthy willingness to go forward into the world and use it for a good outcome. Seeing speckling in this solar plexus chakra typically indicates a blockage of the flow of energy. A spiritual healer would encourage this person to try to regain balance, thinking about what the inner issues might be in relation to a healthy self-concept and a normal drive to succeed within a balanced life. With time and patience, any blockages can be overcome.

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