What Does Your White Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with white aura color

The color white represents purity, authority, peace, and goodness. It’s also the color of the crown chakra, which is the chakra that links everyone to the energy of the universe. A white aura is also the rarest aura of all, even though everyone starts out in life with a white aura. Life experience and influences cause the color of the aura to change and settle into a dominant color that’s representative of an individual’s personality.

Someone who has a white aura has a personality and internal strengths that enable them to maintain purity throughout their life. Their definition of purity may change as they age, but they maintain their drive to do right by the world throughout their life.

Even though the white aura is associated with purity and goodness, it doesn’t mean that the individual with a white aura will live a charmed life. Instead, they’re more likely to face internal challenges that are difficult to overcome, put themselves into situations that others would avoid, and be more rigid in their outlook on life. But they will always be willing to help others in their time of need and deliver that help with compassion.

A white aura is an indicator of someone who seeks to help others through authority but prefers to maintain their independence. They’ll gravitate towards jobs that enable them to work without constant oversight as they work to enforce laws, help those in need, and have an underlying goal of making the world a better place. People with a white aura respect the authority they’re working under and are just and honest.

Relationships for people with a white aura can be difficult due to their need to put their life’s work first. Finding a suitable partner isn’t easy for the white aura, but not impossible. Many find themselves becoming lone wolves because they don’t have time for a relationship, can’t find a partner that works with them, or satisfy their emotional needs through their work.

What Is an Aura?

An aura is a visual manifestation of someone’s overall personality. It’s generated by your own internal energy, and it picks up a dominating color that represents your overall personality. Your aura can be photographed, and sensitive types can see it in their internal or physical vision.

What Is a White Aura and What Does It Mean?

Woman meditating in an open field in the long autumn grass with a white aura surrounding her.

A white aura is an aura that’s pure white or white with a gold cast. It gives the appearance of a halo commonly associated with paintings of religious figures. The white aura lies on top of other auric colors, but you can’t see through the white to view the other colors. Other colors of the aura can and do present themselves when the individual is in another state of mind or expressing another part of their personality, but the white aura eventually reasserts itself and becomes dominant again.

The white aura represents a personality that is bold, strong, thoughtful, compassionate, and honest. You’ll find that someone with a white aura is more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt as well as give a helping hand. They don’t jump to conclusions when they listen to someone’s story, are more likely to be a champion for the underserved, and are honest in their assessments and opinions. You will always know where you stand with someone who has a white aura.

A White Aura Is Also a Backdrop for Other Aura Colors

Human silhouette surrounded by bright white aura.

Everyone starts out from birth with a blue-white aura, although few manage to stay completely white throughout their life. The white aura can become stained with other colors as the personality develops through the influences of life. Certain careers, such as law enforcement and emergency services, draw in people who want to do good deeds for others but are exposed to the underbelly of humanity on a regular basis.

A white aura can become stained with colors that are associated with negativity, but this doesn’t drag down the aura or the individual. Stains on a white aura make it easier for the individual to interact with others who are living a negative lifestyle and find empathy with them. Personality is also unaffected as a general rule, but you may notice a tendency to dark humor or a dark side that’s unexplainable.

Other colors can be present and lie on top of the aura, or lie underneath and only become visible when needed. Once the emotional state has passed, the white aura becomes dominant again, and the individual reverts to their normal state.

The White Aura Features Different Tones and Intensities

Close up of feet of a newborn baby wrapped in a white wool blanket.

Babies have blue-white auras that eventually settle down and change color with age. A white aura does the same and mellows into white with a yellow tone with time. Part of this is due to age, and part of it is due to the fact the aura is generated by one’s own energy. Energy levels decline with age, causing the aura to lose intensity, but it won’t become diminished. Rather, the energy from a white aura levels off, allowing the individual to have more stamina and the ability to sustain their desire to do good in the world.

Personality Traits of a White Aura

Someone who has a white aura has a distinct personality that’s commonly associated with someone who’s in a position of authority and has to make judgment calls as part of their job duties. They tend to be more rigid but not inflexible and are strong listeners. They may not be the fastest on their feet when it comes to thought and consideration, however, this is in their favor because they’re taking the time to look at both sides of the story. A person with a white aura seeks to find a middle ground whenever possible, letting someone off the hook when making a judgment won’t be of benefit, and enforcing the rules or law when necessary.

The white aura personality can sometimes present as someone who seemingly doesn’t have a sense of humor. The reality is that the white aura has a deep love of humor, but it’s set aside in favor of keeping their mind on the present situation. Once the need for their judgment has passed, they let more of their personality show through and show that they’re more than who they seem.

Job and Career Prospects for White Auras

Close up of a judge gavel hammer on a bright background.

The best types of careers and jobs for someone with a white aura are ones where they can help communities and organizations find solutions to their problems. Their career goals vary, with some seeking higher levels of authority while others prefer to stay in the lower ranks to better help others. Others prefer to stay at the lower ranks because they want to work independently and answer to as few people as possible.

The types of careers that a person with a white aura tends to prefer include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Religious leader
  • Social worker
  • Firefighter

These roles are positions where authority and independent thinking are needed to respond to a situation, and these are traits that a person with a white aura naturally possesses.

The need to help others who would otherwise be lost to society in one form or another is a strong one for those with a white aura. They find these types of careers to be a natural fit and gain a lot of satisfaction from their chosen occupation. That’s not to say that they can’t find satisfaction in other careers, just that the concept of serving others to help them improve their lives or help communities in need is a highly gratifying one.

What Are Love and Relationships Like for People With White Auras?

Close up of two white hearts made of wood on a brown wooden surface.

Relationships can be tough for those with a white aura. The passion to serve the greater good for humanity can get in the way of finding happiness in a relationship. A person with a white aura has a lot of love to give, but they feel that their love is best delivered to as many people as possible, as opposed to another individual or a family. They often find it difficult to reconcile their need to serve the greater good with the desire to have a relationship and start a family.

That’s not to say someone with a white aura should avoid forming intimate relationships at all. Rather, they should be honest with themselves and a potential partner about the difficulties that they have with relationships and find compromises.

The ideal partner for someone with a white aura is someone who also has a calling to serve others, but they don’t necessarily need to have a white aura of their own. When both partners share a similar outlook towards their role in life, they can combine their efforts and work together in the form of supporting each other’s career along with volunteering and/or donating to a cause both strongly believe in.

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