Magenta Aura Meaning: What Does Your Magenta Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with magenta aura color

If you look at your aura or read someone else’s aura, you may wonder what different color energy fields mean. The color can provide insight into your spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being amongst other vital aspects of your life and energy. You may note a very intriguing aura color at certain times or with particular encounters: magenta. Naturally, you may wonder what a magenta aura color means. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why is aura color important?
  • How do you read an aura?
  • What does a magenta aura color mean?
  • What do magenta aura color anomalies mean?
  • Can you change your magenta aura?

Why Is Aura Color Important?

If you are learning about aura colors, you may not know what an aura is or why an aura color is essential. An aura is a reflection of the energy inside a human being. In essence, people can radiate their energy outwards and create an electromagnetic field around them. Many people can feel each other’s auras without seeing a particular aura or aura color. You may experience this yourself, as with some people you may feel agitated by their presence, and with others, calm and peaceful simply by being around them.

Spiritual sages and gifted individuals can see auras and claim auras have colors. According to their beliefs and practices, the energy inside the body causes vibrations. With enough training, the human eye can read those vibrations as colors.

You may even see the colors emitting from the body in gradual succession; there are seven different layers corresponding to seven different energy centers or chakras of your body. From the closest to your body to the farthest from your body, sensitive souls can view:

  • Physical: The first aura plane represents your physical well-being.
  • Emotional: The second aura plane corresponds with your emotions and mood.
  • Mental: The third aura plane shows your mental state, rational or logical reasoning, and everyday thoughts.
  • Astral: The fourth aura plane displays your spirituality and love.
  • Etheric: The fifth aura plane connects to your entire physical body. It also showcases your identity and your overall energy.
  • Celestial: The sixth aura plane showcases your enlightenment, spirituality, or connection to divinity, intuition, and dreams.
  • Causal: The seventh aura plane represents your entirety. It encompasses your past, present, and future.

How to Read an Aura Color

Close up of woman's face on a black background with magenta color swirling around her face.

Are you excited to find out what your aura color is? You may be able to find an aura reader or an aura photographer in your city. You can also find virtual aura readings online, although most readings should be in-person to be accurate. Typically, aura readers need to feel your energy and view your aura in person, without digital distortion through technology, to be precise.

If you would rather view and analyze your aura, you can learn with careful practice. A precise setting would be natural lighting and white background. By meditating and focusing on certain body parts in a mirror, you may start to see colors radiating from certain areas of your body. You can also try rubbing your hands, arms, or legs to increase visual vibration. It may take more than one session to start to see your colored aura.

Once you can see your aura, you may notice that the aura planes will vary in size, and they will vary in vibrancy. If you are particularly healthy, your aura may extend many feet and be incredibly bright. However, if there is work to do in certain aspects of your life, you may have a small, dull auric field. Keep in mind that your aura color may change depending on many circumstances, such as your current emotional state, health conditions, or relationship struggles.

What Does a Magenta Aura Color Mean?

Magenta watercolor abstract picture.

Is your aura color magenta? Magenta is an interesting color because it is an equal combination of red and blue. Since this is the case, a magenta aura is a mixture of both red and blue auras or energies. Red auras are deeply connected to the physical world. They have strong physical energy and emotions. Blue auras have natural gifts with communication, intuition, and thought. They may also be more in tune with the metaphysical realm.

Accordingly, a magenta aura suggests a strong ability to work with and transform the physical world through artistry and creative thought. Auras can tell you much more about your personality, your physical health, your emotional and mental state, your friendships and romantic relationships, and your spirituality. Follow along below to find out more.

What Does a Magenta Aura Say About Personality?

Creative artwork of a face in different colors.

A magenta aura color shows you have a highly creative spirit. You may have a natural ability to create or you may feel strong creative urges. Correspondingly, your personality may be passionate, eccentric, or highly energetic. If you limit or harness these aspects of your personality, you may find your magenta aura is on the darker or duller side.

A magenta aura is well-balanced between the physical and metaphysical realms. You consider practicality important yet hold spirituality very close to your heart. In this way, you are more likely to exhibit an understanding of a great variety of perspectives, thoughts, and opinions. You are also more likely to have compassion and empathy for others and their situations.

Since you contain both red and blue energy, you may have periods of high energy and passion and periods of relaxation and calm. You may have a particular struggle for you to fluctuate between these two types of energy. Do you often feel restless? Red pulls you to do or to create something even when your physical body tells you to slow down. During these periods, you may alternate between a magenta aura and darker colors.

What Does a Magenta Aura Say About Physical Well-Being?

Happy woman in profile with magenta color surrounding her.

Magenta auras usually occur with naturally optimistic people. Since this is the case, you may feel lows more intently than other people. Lows may occur when you experience frustration, stress, or restlessness in any aspect of your life. They may also occur if you have frequent tensions between practicality and desires or dreams.

You may be at higher risk for hypertension, depression, and addiction. Since this is the case, it is important to take care of your mental and physical well-being appropriately. You may develop healthy strategies for coping methods such as putting your energy into artistic pursuits, talking to a therapist, or channeling your high energy into activities.

What Does a Magenta Aura Say About Your Emotional and Mental State?

Typically, magenta is a positive color. If you have a large magenta aura color, you are probably in prime health. You may be optimistic, outgoing, energetic, artistic, and passionate. If so, you probably see the silver lining in most situations.

If you find your magenta color is dark or dim, you may experience the negative associations of either red or blue energies. Respectively, you may harness the anger, impulsivity, or impatience of red, or you may be taking on too many burdens, thoughts, or emotions as blues can do. In either case, you have to beware of depressive emotions and thoughts.

What Does a Magenta Aura Say About Your Relationships?

Close up of magenta glitter with two small red hearts standing beside each other.

Red auras are incredibly social while blue auras tend to enjoy time alone. If you have a magenta aura, you may have a particularly hard time with friendships and romantic relationships. However, this is not due to a poor demeanor or inability to interact with others. You have a magnetic and charming personality that people naturally gravitate to. You also have the exceptional communication skills of a blue aura.

Your struggle with relationships may lie in your fierce desire to be independent and your internal need to be understood. The lack of the latter may drive your primary desire even further. In general, people may have a difficult time figuring you out because you are so unique. Yet, you can find amazing friendships and romantic relationships with those who never desire to control others. Rather, they can deal with your ebbs and flows easily because they admire your freedom.

What Does a Magenta Aura Say About Spirituality?

Magenta auras gravitate to religions and spiritualities that talk about universal love and compassion. Since you have a deep respect for many different types of people and their beliefs, you are more likely to engage with groups that accept or preach that ideology. You also may like philosophies or studies that bring the metaphysical world into the physical world and vice-versa.

Furthermore, you are very in touch with your intuition and dreams. Since you are highly creative, you can use your interpretations and thoughts to your advantage. In this way, you can bring your spirituality into physical works. This may help you achieve a harmonious mental and emotional state within yourself.

What Do Magenta Aura Color Anomalies Mean?

Profile of a woman's face with magenta aura color surrounding her.

In some cases, an aura is not a solid color. If you experience this while viewing an aura, you may wonder if that means anything special. The answer? It all depends on what you are seeing! Read more below to find out some of the most common aura color anomalies and what they could mean for you.

What Does an Aura with Different Colors Mean?

If your aura is multiple colors, you are most likely viewing different aura planes and they are signaling various things are going on inside your body. After all, you are a complex human being!

A magenta color along a certain aura plane shows you a certain chakra emitting a magenta vibration. Depending on which aura plane it is, you can find out unique insights into that aspect of your life.

You may also find that your body is radiating different colors from various areas of your body. Depending on which area the color is incoming from, it can mean different things:

  • Left Side: Energy coming into your body. You may have a highly energetic or creative period shortly.
  • Right Side: Energy leaving your body. You may have recently carried out a passionate project or you may have missed an opportunity.
  • Above Your Head: Energy in your present state. Depending on the aura plane, it may showcase your current physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual thoughts and feelings.
  • Throat: Energy in communication. A magenta color indicates you are in a highly expressive state.
  • Heart: Energy in love, friendships, or family. Vibrant magenta may indicate incredibly strong and in-sync relationships. Dark magenta may display trouble in this area.

What Does a Magenta Aura with White Streaks Mean?

A magenta aura with white streaks or beams of light may be incredibly rare. White indicates transcendence, spirituality, or divinity. When you see beams of white throughout magenta, a well-balanced color, it indicates you are in a fully healthy state of being. You may be on the right path in your life and feel open to the opportunities before you.

On the other hand, a muted magenta with cloudy white may indicate you are going through a difficult struggle at the moment. You may feel a tug between the two realms, launching you into a state of questioning and waiting.

What Do Magenta Orbs Mean?

Close up of magenta color with white orbs in it.

Many believe that orbs appearing in your aura or aura photograph means you have spiritual or protective energy around you. Some believe orbs are angels or ghosts. While the typical orb color is white light, you may also see different colors. A red orb represents wisdom and guidance, while a blue orb indicates healing and protection. Since this is the case, you can learn that a magenta orb is a protective and guiding force. It may also indicate positivity and optimism along that guided journey.

Can a Magenta Aura Color Change?

When you have a particular aura, it may change over time. It may change color, vibrancy, and distance. Additionally, the depth of the aura planes may grow larger or smaller. As life and aspects of life change quite frequently, your aura can reflect those changes.

Since this is the case, your magenta aura color can change. You can also compel your aura color to change by focusing on elements of your lifestyle. For instance, you may notice that your magenta aura becomes dim and dark as it grows bigger. If you focus on your connection with your identity and spirituality, you may notice your magenta grows brighter over time and practice. You may also notice that your aura changes color altogether when you heal, repair, or elevate yourself.

Moving Forward with Aura Colors

Auras and aura colors are fascinating. A magenta aura color is even more exciting. Now that you have an in-depth understanding of why your aura color is magenta, you can take advantage of your newfound knowledge. You can use it to improve certain aspects of your life or explore certain traits more deeply.

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