What Does Your Black Aura Color Mean?

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To understand what a black aura means, let’s first take a look at what an aura actually is. An aura is a term that refers to an unseen subtle spiritual energy that surrounds all living things. Auras are said to surround your body in this fascinating energy. Your personal aura is a direct reflection of your mind, body, and spirit at any given time. It changes as you change, and to anything that causes your energy to shift. For example, have you ever felt like someone is draining you or felt uneasy if someone enters your space? Do bad memories pop into your mind, make you sad, and hold you back from moving into the future? These are examples of how aura affects you.

According to the article, Your Guide To Auras: What They Are & What To Expect During a Reading, founder of Aura Shop, Kathryn Grace explains, “Anything alive has an aura. The different colors of your aura are thought to provide insight into your emotional and spiritual well-being.” She continues to explain that the different aura colors correspond to one of several chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. The black aura is associated with the first chakra, root, and is associated with stability, support, family, survival, and roots to the Earth. Understanding which colors correspond to which chakra is key to interpreting what the aura is telling you.

Science and the Reality of Auras

Illustrated woman's face with different hues symbolizing the colors of the aura.

Do auras sound mystical and magical to you? If you are not sure if this could be true, take a look at this research. There is actually scientific evidence that proves that auras exist. Psychics and those with the sixth sense are blessed or cursed, however you view it, with being able to see auras. But now, scientists are taking this gift more seriously. Back in 2000, ABC’s Good Morning America reported a story, Auras Gain Recognition, that shared how scientists were taking a closer look at auras that were previously dismissed by the scientific community. The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, funded a study surrounding a newer science referred to as “bio-electro-magnetics,” which found humans exude energy, similar to the sun that emits a whole spectrum of energy, from visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, etc. “The human body is emitting this whole range of signals.” the story stated. In addition, an article found in NewScientist, Is There Proof that Spooky Auras are Real? stated that research suggests those who see auras may have a form of synesthesia, a cross-sensory condition in which, for example, given letters evoke colors. There are connections to actual science and auras, creating a whole list of reasons we should pay attention to them.

What Does a Black Aura Mean?

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Is a black aura bad? Is it evil? Does it mean someone is being haunted? No, no, and no! Keep in mind that everyone goes through difficult times in their lives, whether it be health, financial, relationships, loss, etc. That said, the infamous black aura is mostly all about negative energy. Some people associate black auras with evil and those with dark souls, but this is not the case at all. Black auras are really naturally occurring when bad things or feelings enter our lives. They are associated with negative emotions and feelings that are causing the dark aura to appear. If someone is going through a difficult time, grief, loss, fear, regret, inadequacy, doubt, anger, worry, and other negative emotions, a black aura is present. Sometimes, a person experiencing a black aura has lost their way or could have extreme emotional and psychological pain. Some people with psychological health issues may have a black aura. More common causes for black auras are depression, loneliness, anger, and holding grudges. Another reason for a black aura to appear is that someone is unwilling to forgive either themselves or others in their lives. An ongoing health illness can also cause a black aura. A black aura also means someone may not be true to themselves and allowing someone to control their world instead of standing up and controlling it themselves. Bad relationships, dysfunctional friendships, self-hate, etc., require a serious dose of self-love and attention to get to the root of the black aura.

Will Black Auras Stay With Someone Forever?

Color portrait of a young woman overlayed by abstract dark watercolor to illustrate the black aura.

Even though the darkest times seem like they will last forever, this is not the case. The amazing thing about auras, including the black ones, is they constantly change. Thankfully black auras are not forever and only temporary. An article found on Keen titled Black Aura Meaning and Personality shares that black auras are like a masking aura or a symptom of something else going on. “Natural auras radiate energy outwards, while negative ones draw energy into themselves, sucking things in like a black hole.” The article breaks it down like this. “The black aura consumes your natural aura and suppresses it making it easier to feel hopeless and trapped. This feeling will only stay with you if you allow it,” the article added. Black auras are similar to the statement, “misery loves company,” and the longer they stay around, the more difficult they are to leave.

It is important to note that the longer a black aura stays with someone, the stronger it gets as time marches on. A short-term black aura may occur during short periods of stress, loss, and other uneasy times. But they go away and are replaced with more positive ones as a person deals with these issues. That is normal and totally ok. People learn how to deal with negative emotions and grow emotionally from them. However, if these issues are not dealt with and put on the subconscious back burner, they get stronger and may begin to affect someone’s personality, life, and health.

How Can One Confront Black Auras and Remove Them?

Bringing the negative feelings mentioned above to the forefront and confronting them head on is the key to removing black auras. This may be forgiving, whether it be themselves or others. The two words, “I’m sorry,” are sometimes hard to say but extremely necessary for health and happiness. Learning to forgive will release the black aura and provide a new lease on life and the future. The black aura will transform into a more positive one when the negativity is dealt with. Many times a life coach, therapist, or other medical professional is needed to help someone see their role in the black aura. They will provide different tools to help them understand the feelings and provide coping exercises for each one. It’s mentally hard work, but the only person who can remove the black aura is the person experiencing them.

Introduce Other Aura Colors to Replace Black

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There are many ways a person who recognizes they are experiencing a black aura can introduce more positive auras into their life. According to an article in MindBodyGreen, Can You Really Have A Black Aura? We Asked The Experts To Find Out, Susanna Merrick, founder of Aura Wear, explains nine main aura colors can be added to one’s life. “Yellow auras symbolize brightness and cheer, white are incredibly spiritual and wise, green represent heart-centered action,” and so forth. She continues to explain that when someone selects an aura color, they should visually add it to their everyday life. This daily activity will begin replacing and removing the black aura. She suggests that you pick a color that you like, for example, yellow, and add that color to your life. Wear yellow clothing, add yellow flowers and home accents to your home, paint a piece of furniture yellow, and other things that help you visually connect with the color that gives you happiness and joy.

Other ideas to change your aura from black to bright include:

Pray, Meditate, and Breathe: Focusing on your mind, body, and spirit is a key to happiness, self-respect, and self-love. Start practicing Yoga, Reiki, meditation, and deep breathing exercises on a daily basis to soothe your mind and feed your soul.

Quit a Bad Habit: Identify things that are causing negativity in your life. Smoking, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, spending time with negative people, and going down a dark road could cause black auras. Replace these activities with a balanced diet, physical activity, volunteering, and other good for your aura activities.

Change Your Environment: If you are living with people who are bringing you down, you feel drained when in a particular room, your job is draining your spirit, change your environment and remove these stresses from your life.

Bring Joy Back to Your Life: Take an art class, go for a walk, join a fitness center, start cooking, read a new book, or spend time with a lifelong friend. Add things to your routine that bring joy to your life. Take time to get to know who you are again, remove negative energy from your world, and your aura colors will shift as you become happier, healthier, and more positive.

It’s important to state again that a negative black aura is not forever. It is an awesome opportunity to focus on the negative emotions and influences in your life and take action for a more happy, joyful lifestyle and future.

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