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  1. Hi Jacob,
    Fantastic site you have developed. I was a nurse for 26 years and worked with many individuals with mental health problems, stress and anxiety, and old age. I used color on many occasions to help them reduce stress, etc. From the green garments, creating a restful but intellectual feeling on surgeons and their nursing staff colleagues, to the pale blue on the walls. Keep up the good work, Jacob. You are doing a grand job. John.

  2. What an exciting and unique website. All the information about different aspects of color is simply incredible. Thank you!

  3. We have been doing art projects in our school, and this is the site our teacher recommended when choosing colors. Good job, Jacob.

  4. Wow, I am truly excited to read your words on colors! Reading the short article that got me here was moving! I am at a very difficult time in life and can definitely use your wisdom and the never-ending beauty of color to help soothe the way. Thank you.

  5. Simply incredible! Thank you for showing me a world of color I hadn’t noticed before. It feels like I’m learning a new language. You are an excellent teacher.

  6. I love the information on colors. I have a favorite childhood color, pink. Light pink or medium. I love it and feel it makes me light up with joy. I read your info on it and other colors, and I’m drawn to the theme of color. It’s so beautiful, and I would even add romantic to love and be in love with color. I’m thankful for your research, and if you have other articles or even if I have questions, I can email. Thanks again.

  7. Wow. I was utterly astounded by the photographs of so many gorgeous pigeon species worldwide. The quality of the images – their resolution and vivid hues – and, of course, the feather colors themselves were an unexpected treat. I thank you deeply for the photos and equally for the erudite descriptions of their ecology and behavior. For nutshell summaries, a lot of solid information was offered.

    I only regret that so many of these gems are endangered. The worst case is that of the Socorro Dove of Mexico. Arguably my favorite possible color, it soon turned out also to face the saddest possible future.

    In any event, this is information of a quality that deserves wide viewership – perhaps on YT with a great narrator? Just a thought. I would also love to repost some of these pictures to IG or FB, crediting you, of course, Jacob.

    Thanks again! The Columbiformes (pigeons and doves) are among the greatest gifts of Nature to our endowment – the legacy Homo sapiens has so cavalierly squandered. The sweet, sublime “Socorro” strengthens my own resolve to leave this planet a better, not lesser, globe of paradise. If we cannot sustain a safe planet for our own symbol of peace and security, how can we regard ourselves as worthy of peace or security?

  8. Teresa Grahnert

    I love it – I have made several notes from your awesome site. I make holiday and birthday greeting cards for mental patients at the VA, and most do not have any living relatives. This year I decided to incorporate calming colors into the cards as I know they look at the cards often and will help with their daily lives.

  9. WHAT!? Jacob, thank you for a truly amazing insight into the world of colors! What amazes me and actually puts a smile on my face is the way you speak of each color with so much respect and enthusiasm. This website oozes with passion! When I was reading each color’s meaning it made me feel like I was being introduced to a person. You sir have made me appreciate ALL the colors so much more now. I will most definitely be using your website with most of my color choices. THANK YOU!!!

  10. Thank you for your truly user-friendly website and really fascinating information. I have always loved colors myself and I am very glad to have found your site.

  11. Hello sir

    I consider your website to be among the very best when it comes to websites dedicated to colors. I find it very helpful and interesting.

    Thank you for your efforts and dedication to helping people learn more about colors and their shades.

  12. I enjoyed your description of teal. I’m in a small group at church. The leader likes teal. Jesus is the light of the world and He created you and color. Maybe we will meet in Heaven some day.
    Much love,

    1. Happy new day!

      Indeed, GOD created the full spectrum of colour!
      I am very grateful for this website! It truly resonates with me. It affirms my mama intuition to foster more colour and therapy time (free play with water colour painting, Sarah’s Play silks, and time in our magical garden abundant in birds, flowers, food, bees, butterflies, and creation). Also, choosing vibrant fruits and veggies and the colour they wear each new day.
      I’ve always known and honoured the importance of colour. All my children are sacred and unique. They all thrive on different colour choices, but they all love taking time to grow and be in their heart centres with colour!
      Outdoor play in the forest or parks is essential for a healthy lifestyle for any human! Colour is key, I completely agree!

      All beings be well and brightest blessings to all.

  13. Jacob, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you’re a god among color aficionados. I love your fantastic work, so please continue doing that and I’ll keep coming back.

  14. Thank you for creating this! I visited several questionable color sites for my school project. My teacher said that you are the only trustworthy source. Take care Jacob

  15. Hi Jacob! Your website is delightful. I am so pleased to have been led to you. I often get impatient with reading online materials but not here! I could spend lots of time just reading and reading, and exploring and exploring; more time than I actually “should” take for sake of “lack o time”…haha. Continue delighting us my friend, I’m thankful that you have the job that you have ;-)

  16. Tonny Aburachman

    Hi Jacob,

    I love your quote, “Color doesn’t exist without light, so in order to see color, we need to see the light.” – Jacob Olesen, I hope it also makes you appreciate the Creator of light and color.

    This website is simply amazing, discusses color comprehensively and viewed from various angles and aspects, the work that I admire. In the future I will quote some of this great information in my Instagram account, of course I will mention you as the source.

    Thank you!

  17. Hi Jacob,
    Every December, I place an Advent wreath on my dinner table, and I was curious about the third candle, the “shepherd’s candle,” or candle of joy; and why it was pink when the other candles are either purple or blue. This led me to your website.

    Then I got hooked and started reading about the other colors. I got a lot of insight into the Advent candles and why the church uses different colors for the different liturgical seasons.

  18. Esther Sonneveld

    Terrific research and inspiring information. The first full and complete package of data on colour without having to cross reference and check multiple different websites! You should publish a book with your works! I’d buy it right away.

  19. Thank you for the most amazing perspective on color and for furthering my connection to color Jacob! Your graphic visuals on the site are outstanding and captured me immediately as a designer and lover of color.

    The emotion of color is very seldom conveyed and you did an excellent job in doing so! I appreciate you! Many thanks!

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