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136 thoughts on “What Readers Are Saying”

  1. Teresa Grahnert

    I love it – I have made several notes from your awesome site. I make holiday and birthday greeting cards for mental patients at the VA, and most do not have any living relatives. This year I decided to incorporate calming colors into the cards as I know they look at the cards often and will help with their daily lives.

  2. WHAT!? Jacob, thank you for a truly amazing insight into the world of colors! What amazes me and actually puts a smile on my face is the way you speak of each color with so much respect and enthusiasm. This website oozes with passion! When I was reading each color’s meaning it made me feel like I was being introduced to a person. You sir have made me appreciate ALL the colors so much more now. I will most definitely be using your website with most of my color choices. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thank you for your truly user-friendly website and really fascinating information. I have always loved colors myself and I am very glad to have found your site.

  4. Hello sir

    I consider your website to be among the very best when it comes to websites dedicated to colors. I find it very helpful and interesting.

    Thank you for your efforts and dedication to helping people learn more about colors and their shades.

  5. I enjoyed your description of teal. I’m in a small group at church. The leader likes teal. Jesus is the light of the world and He created you and color. Maybe we will meet in Heaven some day.
    Much love,

    1. Happy new day!

      Indeed, GOD created the full spectrum of colour!
      I am very grateful for this website! It truly resonates with me. It affirms my mama intuition to foster more colour and therapy time (free play with water colour painting, Sarah’s Play silks, and time in our magical garden abundant in birds, flowers, food, bees, butterflies, and creation). Also, choosing vibrant fruits and veggies and the colour they wear each new day.
      I’ve always known and honoured the importance of colour. All my children are sacred and unique. They all thrive on different colour choices, but they all love taking time to grow and be in their heart centres with colour!
      Outdoor play in the forest or parks is essential for a healthy lifestyle for any human! Colour is key, I completely agree!

      All beings be well and brightest blessings to all.

  6. Jacob, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you’re a god among color aficionados. I love your fantastic work, so please continue doing that and I’ll keep coming back.

  7. Thank you for creating this! I visited several questionable color sites for my school project. My teacher said that you are the only trustworthy source. Take care Jacob

  8. Hi Jacob! Your website is delightful. I am so pleased to have been led to you. I often get impatient with reading online materials but not here! I could spend lots of time just reading and reading, and exploring and exploring; more time than I actually “should” take for sake of “lack o time”…haha. Continue delighting us my friend, I’m thankful that you have the job that you have ;-)

  9. Tonny Aburachman

    Hi Jacob,

    I love your quote, “Color doesn’t exist without light, so in order to see color, we need to see the light.” – Jacob Olesen, I hope it also makes you appreciate the Creator of light and color.

    This website is simply amazing, discusses color comprehensively and viewed from various angles and aspects, the work that I admire. In the future I will quote some of this great information in my Instagram account, of course I will mention you as the source.

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Jacob,
    Every December, I place an Advent wreath on my dinner table, and I was curious about the third candle, the “shepherd’s candle,” or candle of joy; and why it was pink when the other candles are either purple or blue. This led me to your website.

    Then I got hooked and started reading about the other colors. I got a lot of insight into the Advent candles and why the church uses different colors for the different liturgical seasons.

  11. Esther Sonneveld

    Terrific research and inspiring information. The first full and complete package of data on colour without having to cross reference and check multiple different websites! You should publish a book with your works! I’d buy it right away.

  12. Thank you for the most amazing perspective on color and for furthering my connection to color Jacob! Your graphic visuals on the site are outstanding and captured me immediately as a designer and lover of color.

    The emotion of color is very seldom conveyed and you did an excellent job in doing so! I appreciate you! Many thanks!

  13. Thank you SO MUCH for this tremendous website! The colors of my characters gave me insights into whom I really am, confirming some things I already knew. Looking up my specific shade (purple) validated who I am and why I look at life as I do.

  14. Diane Plattner

    Hi Jacob, it’s wonderful to explore your website. I feel your fascination that I share totally. I am so happy that I discovered you on Pinterest. Whenever I would need a specialist – what you are without any doubt – I recommend you to my clients. I work as Potential-coach and Colour- and Art Therapist.

  15. This is indeed great. I love this.
    I will love to be receiving a newsletter from you, if it’s possible.

  16. Thank you for your work and detail – truly helpful and impressive! I had a wonderful dream that God blessed me with many unique nail polishes and the one I chose to wear was pure white at the base with beautiful teal glitter at the top half. I awoke curious about teal. As I read your content regarding teal, I was surprised. It was as if it was written about me. This actually helped me understand myself a bit better. Thank God and thank you, Jacob. Many Blessings!!!

  17. Thank you SO MUCH for this tremendous website! Looking up the eye colors of my characters gave me insights on who they really are, confirming some things I already knew. Looking up my specific shade (purple), it validated who I am and why I look at life as I do. Combined properly with Numerology and astrology, this is a vivid picture of making the complex simple. Keep up the fantastic work!

  18. Your page on Periwinkle?! I’m hooked – EXACTLY what I needed. About to go read another article. Thanks so much for following your passion!!!

  19. Thanks so much for your post “Pink Color Meaning.” I needed good information for the symbolism associated with the color pink. Your site helped tremendously!

  20. Thank you so much for enlightening us on colours, I really found it useful in branding my business. Your website is cool too, mobile friendly and easy to navigate.
    Please, what’s your Instagram handle or that of your website? I’d like to tag you as I used some graphics from your page. Thank you.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased to hear you find my website useful.

      Unfortunately I can’t give you my Instagram handle as I don’t have any :)
      Please mention my website if you cite any of my work. Thanks.

      1. I think this website is great and might help a lot of people who have trouble in their life. It might make them remember their memories even if they are young like me. This helped me. I believe so and I hope this gives me a brighter mood. I’m trying to be bright already. You remind me of my childhood and my drawings. Some were funny! You make me want to try and perhaps start coloring even more bright and maybe even dark drawings. I understand how awesome it is to know you have color in your everyday life. I hope I have lots of light in my future and inside of me. You have been an inspiration to many and may your existence live on. You must be quite bright in the heart, mind, and outside your body and your life. Take care and stay happy, live your dreams and have the best darn time of your life! 😇

  21. George C. O'Connor

    Your site has opened a vast new world to me, a world of wonders that I was hitherto unaware of and more than ecstatic to find! I can only express my deepest gratitude to you.

    1. Hello. I wanted to write to you and may still write personally; however, I happened upon your site looking for a color for a small writing on purple I was doing. I came across Purpureus and fell in love. I study colors as well. My area is on personal color choices for personal Color Stories. I get the intuitive side of the colors. I did want to publicly say that I have looked around the internet for color meanings and messages without any good information in truth. Happening across your website is a delight and joy. I will be back often. Seeing someone else present colors in a very good light for others to discover was refreshing.

  22. Thank you so much for this. I started studying about biblical color symbolism on the web and read your whole site including comments. I suffer from extreme depression and ptsd. I would love to end the condemnation I live with and be free. Learning colors would be a start. Thank you! I am old, and my favorite color has varied in my lifetime. It currently is green/blue. In any hue of that. It used to be blue/green hues. As a child it was blue, then purple. And various colors of magenta, fuscia, and wine have popped up here and there for like my 20’s- 40’s. It is green/blue now and has been for years. Especially in moving water – it really recharges me.

    1. Francesca anzalone

      Hi Jacob!
      I’m simply fascinated by your website and the meaning you tried to find behind Colors! I was just now trying to find a proper website in such regards. And your simple explanation just got my mind!
      Moreover I don’t know why – but since the beginning I felt you were originally danish – without reading your BIO, then guess what, I’ve got known your origins. I still remember the magnificent Color of the sky in Copenhagen.
      Thanks for such website!

    2. Robert VanDyke

      I’ve gone through the same color closeness and feel as you have and roughly about the same times. There is so much more to this existence than I ever thought possible and I’m nowhere near done, Van

  23. Jacob,
    Your content and writing style have commandeered my attention this morning! I will need to bookmark you so I can get on with what I thought would be my day. ;)

    Lately, I’ve been into pink. A casual photographer, I found myself drawn repeatedly to my own photos featuring all varieties of the color. The practice became a little addictive because it generated a consistent feeling close to euphoria.. certainly JOY! My next step was researching a bit on Color Psychology and Chromotherapy. This is how I arrived at your site today.

    It occurs to me that with world natives so very restless as evidenced by current events, the color pink’s connotations of unconditional love and self-acceptance provide me respite and even hope. Thinking it could do that for others, in the last two weeks I put together a website inthepinkphotodigitaldownloadgallery.com which will at the least keep ME ‘in the pink’ and may have positive effect upon viewers. Then there is that ‘ripple effect’ – who knows what might just pacify those restless world natives! I will place a link to your site on my Color Effects Links page.

    I am so impressed with your offering, and know you are changing lives for the better.

    A suggestion: The About Me material placed atop your Menu, for easiest locating.

    1. Hi Annette

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m happy you enjoy reading my site and find it useful. I definitely do believe colors can make the world a better place.

      Excellent advice about the menu – I actually changed it recently and forgot to include my about and contact page, but now they’re back!

      1. And so am I (back)! ;) There’s so much of interest to read. Please keep writing, and I’ll keep reading! Annette

  24. Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for the insight. Recently, I heard God speak to me about colors but wasn’t certain of what the colors stood for. I’m so glad you shared this content.

    Warm regards,

  25. Georgene Hensel

    I just found this site, amazing, my very first read, in that my cell phone let me on the internet this morning. I have been looking for these answers for a long time, wondering if I choose a specific cod, when I try to personalize one of my Dreamcatchers for a person. Do you mind if I ask what your favorite color is, and it would be nice to hear back from you. You gave me more answers than I’ve ever gotten. PS. I could never decide whether green or blue was my favorite color. Thank You! Georgene Hensel – Yreka, California. Age: 70.

  26. Markus Olofsson

    Hi, Jacob!

    What an interesting webpage you got! I too have worked with colors for a long time, both from a spiritual side, and from a scientific! I and my father (retired psychologist) ran the Swedish Max Lüscher-Institute between 2006 – 2014.

    We trained therapists and psychologists in the Max Lüscher color test, and we are the only two people allowed (by Max Lüscher) to train and inform in Sweden about this magnificant, psychosomatic test!

    The Lüscher color test gives you a fast and precise insight on your emotional balance, and what to do if you have an imbalance! The test is based on more than 80 years of research, and is the most widespread test of it´s kind.

    I would be happy to do the test on you if you are interested!

    Best regards/
    Markus Olofsson

  27. Hey Jacob, I was searching for yellow color meaning and google sent me to your website. I love your content and I used a bit of the yellow color meaning from your blog as a resource to write a blog post. I hope you don’t mind, also I shared a link of your website on my page.

    Thank you for sharing your passion for colors, you just got me so interested in color meanings. xoxo

  28. Hi jacob, I read your article on chakra and I loved it the way you explained. I am building my gemstone sterling silver e commerce website and on my website I am creating a page which gives user information about gemstone and chakra. Will it be ok if I copy your chakra content and put it on my website chakra page?

    1. Hi Cindy

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article :)

      Just a little friendly advice: The best approach to online publishing is to write unique content and then include a link to your source. This will benefit both you and your readers.

  29. Hi
    Have you ever heard of anyone who “sees” a certain color for a person’s name? For as long as she remembers, my friend Carole, who is 65 now, “sees” a certain color in her mind for almost every first name she hears. Until she was around 7 she thought everyone did!
    Example: Cindy is silver. Arthur and Denny are both olive green. ALL Cindys, not just a certain Cindy. A color doesnt come into her mind when its in a foreign language or when the name is a modern, very unique name.
    I really enjoy your sight and have enjoyed learning so many new things! Thank you and i hope you continue to write about colors!
    Cindy Clayton

    1. Hi Cindy,

      The condition is Synesthesia. This is a broad term for about 80 different forms of automatically associating colors with words, numbers, letters, music etc.

  30. Hey Jacob
    I read your article “how colour affects memory”, it was awesome and I liked it. I have a similar post on psychology of colours.

  31. Francisca Fitzgerald

    Hello! I’m a journalist and future cinema student from Latin America, your article about colors helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing :-)

  32. Hello Jacob!

    Thank you so much for your pages. Personally I am really interested in colors and the effect of them on us in every day basis. I use a lot of colors in my designs, and think that colors can surely bring happiness to our lives. I think we could use a lot more colorful patterns in senior homes, mental hospitals etc.
    Right now I found especially interesting the color use in Japan, since I am working on a project to Japan. Thank you!

  33. Hi Jacob, thanks for the meaning of colours in Japan. We’re planning on gifts for our Japanese flat renters and that was the information needed.
    Best regards

  34. Literal answer to my prayers. I have just decided to start writing in my Bible (scary for me). I have been praying about what type of color scheme to use for highlights, underlining etc. There are so many Bible markings systems that are inconsistent color-scheme wise. For example, whereas I now know that red represents “Blood of Jesus, love of God, blood of lamb, atonement, salvation” many systems use red to represent STOP, sin, Satan, bad things, etc. Completely different! I started underlining last night and was really uncomfortable with my decisions on topic colors. I found this site in the nick of time! It has completely changed the way I was going to go using colors in my Bible and I now feel completely at peace. Thank you so much! Site is beautiful as well!

  35. Many years ago I was taken over in the spirit and spoke in Tongues and then interpreted it. The message was to remember the foliage and the fauna and the colors. I have always wondered about the colors. You have given me more insight. Thank you.

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