What Does Your Teal Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with teal aura color

Do you have a teal aura? Discovering your aura color is an exciting and intuitive process in which you are able to take a deep dive into your understanding of who you are and how to tap into your strengths and abilities. This aura, or unseen (by the naked eye) energy field surrounding each one of us, tells a story about your physical, mental, and spiritual health. The color of your aura reveals not only the energetic state of your body, but also what you can do to enhance the positives and minimize the negatives.

A teal aura indicates that you are intuitive and empathetic, possibly even sensitive to things beyond the normal realm of human senses. You might be able to read people better than others or discern the energy of a room as soon as you walk in. You might even be able to sense upcoming issues or potential conflicts for yourself or between individuals around you. This can have its pros and cons, of course, but understanding your teal aura will only give you greater insight into your higher self.

What Color Is Teal, Anyway?

Teal marble ink abstract art with different shades of teal.

Teal is generally considered to be a blend of cyan and green. Because cyan is halfway between blue and green on the color spectrum, teal is a blue-green color with varying shades. However, no matter the consistency of blue versus green, teal always reflects characteristics of both.

Blue-green auras tend to project a very grounded, calm energy, and often reflect a strong sense of presence in any given moment. There is very little dwelling in the past or future. People with this color aura are often described as having and knowing their purpose, trusting their inner wisdom wholeheartedly. They value tranquility and comfort, and are energized by activities that involve change and transformation.

What Does Your Teal Aura Mean?

Close up of woman's face with teal light swirling around her, illustrating the teal aura.

Possessing both green and blue qualities, a teal aura combines some of the best (and not-so-great) traits of both. Benefits of being an individual with a teal aura include having a kind, loving heart, and having the ability to sustain relationships that keep you balanced.

Likewise, you are of great help to others in helping them sort out their own relationships, and you might even find yourself drawn to professions in counseling and teaching. You would make an excellent nurse or caregiver as well, considering your propensity for self-love and for sharing that calming, loving kindness with others.

Self-Care Tips for the Teal Aura Individual

Bathtub with flowers, candles, and a wooden tray in the middle with oils and towels.

On a less positive note, muddier shades of teal can reflect a sense of shyness or jealousy. Most individuals with a teal aura thrive on self-expression, but the shadow side of this aura color might include a fear of being rejected or unloved. If you find yourself lacking the social support that is so important to those with a teal aura, you could experience loneliness, jealousy, or even possessiveness. In these cases, amping up your self-care routine can help.

Carry Crystals

People have long turned to crystals as a way to realign their energetic vibration and cleanse their aura. Carrying crystals is not only a good way to balance your energy field, but it also serves as a gentle reminder of your intentions. When you tuck a crystal into your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry, each time you touch it or catch a glimpse of it in your reflection, you are periodically reminded of its meaning and why you chose it to begin with. This frequent interaction between you and your crystal will support your self-care efforts in both a physical and emotional way.

For your teal aura, some good crystal choices might include those that aid in communication and expression, such as lapis lazuli, blue agate, and aquamarine. Similarly, your aura’s green hues will appreciate some downtime with crystals that promote harmony and learning, such as green aventurine, jade, and emerald. If your intention is merely to cleanse and renew, the best crystals to choose from are amethyst, moonstone, and lepidolite.

Get Outside

The blue-green aura is healed by the great outdoors. Aside from the well-researched benefits of increased Vitamin D, soaking up the sun does wonders for individuals of any aura color, but especially for the sensitive teal folks. Being outside neutralizes negative or self-limiting thoughts while supporting the intuitive connection you have with nature.

Cleanse With Water

While taking a plunge in the ocean or even a nearby lake isn’t always a convenient option for many of us, the blessings of indoor plumbing offer most of us at least a shower stall or bathtub. Even the most mundane bath can be turned into a cleansing self-care ritual for those with teal auras. All you need are a few soothing elements like candles, incense, or essential oils to revitalize your energetic body. Good balancing essential oils for the teal aura include blue chamomile and frankincense.

Your Teal Aura and the Chakras

Silhouette of meditating figure with glowing teal aura and the seven chakras.

Chakras and auras are closely aligned as they both function at the energetic level. Chakras are areas within the body that act as energy centers, but can get blocked or sludged up with heavier energies stemming from stress, negative emotions, or a mind/body imbalance. To keep these energy centers open and spinning, it is important to recognize how they are influenced by your aura, especially if it happens to be somewhat murky or dark.

For individuals with a teal aura, the blue-green shades symbolize both the heart and throat chakras. As we have already seen, this aura color reflects an intuitive, empathetic nature along with a strong presence and capacity for learning and teaching. Considering that the domains of the heart and throat are love and self-expression, respectively, it’s no wonder that these areas align energetically with a teal aura.

What to Know About Your Heart Chakra

Situated at the center of your breastbone, your heart chakra radiates life force energy and unconditional love. Those with teal auras emphasized by green shades will find that they have a sense of responsibility toward others and the environment. They might also find that they are natural healers and are drawn to animals and nature. If you are a teal-aura individual, spend some time outdoors when your heart chakra feels off-kilter; this will help bring everything back into alignment.

What to Know About Your Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located exactly where you’d expect it to be: in the center of your neck, at the apex of your thyroid gland. Unsurprisingly, this chakra influences your self-expression, clarity, and verbalization of your truth. Those with teal auras emphasized by blue shades may find themselves drawn to careers as teachers or orators, placing high importance on honesty in communication. When the throat chakra feels unbalanced, consider journaling to practice your self-expression and combat any reticence you may have about sharing your truth.

Can Your Aura Change Colors?

Abstract rainbow watercolor painting to illustrate the changing aura colors.

It is believed that just as your physical body changes over time, your energetic body changes as well. This is good news for those who feel like their teal aura might be shining a little dimmer than usual. Your emotions and experiences impact your aura color, so it’s very possible to clear your energy with some self-care and shine a little differently.

While your predominant aura color may remain in the teal color range, there’s a gradient of colors in between that may shift and change as you grow and learn throughout your life. If you are reading this article, chances are you are the type of person who picks up on subtle shifts and changes in your aura. With this awareness, you will likely already know in your subconscious what your energetic body needs.

When Does Teal Appear in an Aura?

Profile portrait of a woman with teal colored smoke illustrating the aura.

Teal may appear in your aura when you are feeling particularly open and receptive to your own creative expression. You are likely to be seeking artistic outlets such as music and writing, or even gardening. You might be experiencing the power of your mind, but be cautious not to let your thoughts wander into the clouds too much. Also note that a teal aura may appear when you are particularly vulnerable to influences from others or your environment, so be sure to practice setting boundaries.

The aura is just one representation of the connection between your spiritual body and your physical body. It can take time and practice to recognize the subtle effects of your aura on your emotional state, but there are tools you can use to help your teal aura shine more brightly and clearly. Affirmations, guided meditations, and self-care rituals are all important aspects of staying emotionally aligned with your energetic body.

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