Laundry Room Color Ideas: Choosing Paint Colors for Laundry Rooms

Interior of home laundry room with modern washing machine and gray painted walls

Often, we do not give much thought to the paint colors for laundry rooms when painting or redecorating the house. However, come to think of it, the laundry room is a place we need to spend a considerable amount of time in. A well organized and cheerful laundry room can in fact help ease the entire process of doing this important but dreadful chore.

If you are like most people, you probably detest doing laundry work. Naturally, you are also aware of how necessary it is. So, by spending some time looking at laundry room color ideas, you can considerably brighten up this space and ease the rigorous process. Here are a few tips for choosing the right paint colors for the laundry area.

Laundry room color ideas and styles

Home laundry room in green colors

Laundry rooms are generally small and dark places. Use lighter paint colors for such rooms and add a burst of color using vibrant hues for the doors. You can add fire-engine red doors teamed up with muted gray walls for the room. The ceiling trims and the timber/laminate chosen for the closets and cabinets can also be utilized in a creative manner to help enliven the dark and small space.

Another idea involves mixing and matching warm and cool hues. Here is one way to do that: an earthy clay color can be used on the laundry room door, beige or cream hues can be used on the ceiling, while blue-green paint colors for the walls can help add an ‘airier lift’ to the overall ambience.

To update and enlarge small spaces, you can use a deep purple and silver-gray combination as paint colors for your laundry room. The doors can be deep purple or navy blue and the walls can be silvery gray, along with a gray ceiling and trims to make small spaces appear considerably larger.

Some of the more popular laundry room styles include painting murals on the walls. You can paint the walls with a solid base color and add murals in the form of scenes or words. Homeowners with a religious mindset can use verses from the Bible or you can use floral artwork presented at different angles and different heights for the murals. If the laundry room has no windows, then you can paint murals in the form of windows to make the space appear more cheerful.

Tips for choosing paint colors for your laundry room

Washing machine near brown colored wall in laundry room

Here are some more tips that can help you choose the right colors:

  1. Consider the personality of the person using the laundry room when choosing paint colors. White and neutral colors are ideal for people with a no-nonsense personality. These colors also convey cleanliness and order, and are ideal for laundry rooms that are small and crowded.
  2. The amount of light entering the room should also be considered when deciding on a color theme.
  3. For those leading stressful lifestyles, colors like blue, green and dark brown etc. can have a calming effect. Use these paint colors for your laundry room if you really dislike the chore of doing laundry.
  4. The ‘temperature’ of colors is another factor to consider when trying out different laundry room ideas. Blue and green are cool colors that soothe and relax, while orange and yellow are warmer energetic colors that can stimulate and excite.
  5. When testing colors using paint samples, make sure to try them out under different lights and at different times of the day, to get an insight into how the colors actually appear.
Bright and spacious laundry room interior

These are a few ideas and tips to use when choosing paint colors for your laundry room. Here are some colorful ideas for your bathroom.