What Does Your Red Aura Color Mean?

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When you think about the color red, what pops up in your mind? Passion? Fire? Drive? A red power tie? Exactly! Red is a color that exudes heat, passion, power, and action. So does your red aura.

What Is an Aura?

According to MBG, “all living things have an aura or unseen energy that surrounds them. This energy changes as your mood or vibration changes.” The article, What It Means When You Have a Red Aura explains, “on any given day, your aura will vibrate at a particular frequency, giving off certain color or colors.”

The average person doesn’t see auras, but those that can say there are usually two aura shades that surround somebody’s person. Aura reader and stylist Susanna Merrick explains, “Red is physical energy, passion, and courage. It’s an actionable energy — you’re rooting down and being courageous, calling in actionable change.”

Red isn’t the only aura color, however, it is an interesting one. Each color distinctively has a special energy. Orange is related to creativity and sexual energy, while white is a sign of a very quick mind and a tendency for perfectionism. Others include blue, green, purple, pink, black, and white. There is even a rainbow aura that displays more than two colors as a sign that you’re in the midst of a change, according to an article on MBG, 10 Aura Colors & What They Say About You. The article quotes aura interpreter Rachelle Terry, who shares that you can try to see your aura by gazing softly at somewhere on your body or rubbing your hands together slowly and pulling them apart to see if colors appear.

What Does a Red Aura Say About a Person?

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Learning to read and understand auras is a way to connect to your mind, body, and spirit, but on a deeper level. What does red energy mean? According to the article, Do You Have A Red Aura? What It Says About Your Spirituality, “a red aura is a color of life-force, vitality, and creation.” The article continues to explain that people with red auras are creative, passionate about life, and influential. Red is an extremely dynamic color that brings intense emotions, both positive and negative. People with red auras are doers, leaders who make their ideas and dreams a reality.

Dark red auras can also be associated with anger, strong will, competition, and manipulation. That said, all aura colors have a positive and negative or good and bad side. It also explains that there are many shades of red associated with different meanings. The key to those with red auras is to decide whether to feed their fire with positive energy, like creativity, or negative energy, like manipulation and conflict. In a nutshell, red shows you live in the moment, feel intense emotions, and have a strong sense of self. The bottom line is red auras need to win or be successful to feel good inside and will keep working until they reach their idea of success. Take a look at some careers where red auras are usually found. This will give some perspective and help you relate with people in your life who are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Politicians
  • Attorneys
  • Managers
  • Police Officers
  • CEOs
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Actors
  • Dancers
  • Business Owners
  • Presidents

As mentioned earlier, auras arrive in different shades of a particular color. Red has some amazing variations and each one reflects different energy.

Aura Colors Are Constantly Changing All the Time

Aura colors are dynamic and constantly change. There are many aura colors that have different energy levels and can tell a lot about a person. We have already covered the fiery red aura. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness and optimism. Orange auras are creative and sensual. White auras are spiritual and wise, a sign of a quick mind. Blue auras are great communicators and can easily express their feelings. Green auras take heart-centered action. Purple auras are emotional and intuitive. Pink auras are kind and caring. Black auras are experiencing a dark period in their life.

Different Shades of Red Auras and Their Meanings

Abstract background of different shades of red.

All of the colors mentioned above can be combined to create unique auras. This includes different shades of red auras.

Dark Red Auras Show Someone Is Stuck

Dark red usually includes a touch of black aura. Black auras are sometimes associated with negativity and evil. This is not actually the case. A black aura means that someone is going through a difficult time in their lives. It would be financial, health-related, or relationship-oriented. It can also mean the person is feeling psychological pain and needs to work through it. A dark red aura means that someone is feeling stuck or stifled, making them feel agitated, anxious, or angry. The best thing to do when you want to rid yourself of a dark red aura is to exercise to burn off the negative energy or meditate. Learning to let go of whatever pain or issue is holding them back is “restorative” for dark red auras.

Light Red Auras Show Compassion and Intuitivism

On the other hand, a light red aura is a sign the person has unconditional love to give someone. This is a compassionate color displaying the person is supposed to teach others about love. Light red auras are intuitive, sensitive, and affectionate. The red is this person’s positive interests and passion about leading and influencing others to join them. This results in others liking to be around this person because they feel connected to something bigger than themselves and belong.

Dull Red Auras Are Associated With Anxiety and Anger

When gray hues are mixed with red auras, it is considered more negative. According to an article on Keen, Red Aura Meaning and Personality, dull or muddy red auras could mean anything from feeling anger to true trauma. “Deep, muddy red is associated with violence and anger, while dark, muddy pink is associated with anxiety or dishonesty.”

How Do Red Auras Effect Relationships Personally and Professionally?

Red heart shaped sky at sunset with a road leading to the heart.

As one can imagine, love, sex, and passion are areas that red auras love. Physical sex, desire, and lust drive extreme passion and physicality. Those with red auras should be careful not to hurt their partner who may misconstrue their passion for love. They should enter a relationship slowly so they understand their feelings for their partner, as it could simply be an impulsive reaction to the moment.

Friendships with red auras are exciting, long-lasting, and powerful. They enjoy adventure after adventure and enjoy taking their friends along for their wonderful journey. Red auras should be leery of jealousy and envy, especially if their friends don’t agree with the path they are taking or if they are spending time with someone else. A direct and constant line of communication is important with friends with red auras, so there are no gray areas or assumptions.

Colleagues and business partners with red auras can be challenging. They are not afraid to take risks and try new things. They also expect those working around them to be as passionate and fast-paced as they are. They don’t like their ideas challenged and when they are challenged will fight to the finish to be right, whether they are or not. On the other hand, red auras are fun to work with because they take the lead and get the job done. They are exciting and exhausting at the same time. Just like friendships with red auras, keep the open line of communication strong so everyone stays on the same page for a successful outcome and happy work environment.

Can You Change the Color of an Aura?

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As mentioned earlier, auras are like energy and change as your emotions change, as you experience life’s good and bad times, and as you grow and balance your mind, body, and spirit. According to an article on Healthline, What is an Aura? And 15 Other Questions Answered, “Your emotions and experiences are said to have a real-time impact on your aura. Everyone’s energy changes, it is different for everyone, and there is no set formula.” The article also shares some doable techniques to cleanse and repair your aura, including:

Meditation: Calming one’s mind and focusing on emotions and mental health can improve an aura.

Positive Affirmations: Positive self-talk can do amazing things to aura colors and vibrancy. Thinking optimistically and constantly saying positive things to yourself can rid the negative energy.

Visualization: Deep breathing and visualizing positive energy going inside and negative energy leaving can cleanse your aura.

Smudging: Sage is a herb that is traditionally associated with clearing rooms or people of their negativity. Burn sage just like incense to bring light into dark auras.

Energy Balancing: Life coaches, spiritual teachers, and other advisors can help locate the energy balance within a person and provide input to balance or improve an aura.

Vintage Photography Process Can Distinguish Aura Colors

Polaroid photos on a creative board.

Pictures of auras are far out, well, at least they were back in the 1970s. Is it a hippie thing, or is it real? There is actually technology out there that can take pictures that capture auras. According to an article on Goop, Radiant Human & Aura Photography, Guy Coggins built a camera back in 1970 to capture an electromagnetic field surrounding the body. The camera uses Polaroid film to take absolutely “stunning, strange and cool” photos, thanks to a double exposure process that takes a portrait first and then captures the aura. Sound too far out there? It’s true. There are only a handful of these amazing cameras left in the world. One is owned by Christina Lonsdale, who still takes these aura-inspired photos today. She has a studio but also travels the world sharing her love for photography and energetic auras. She explained that she left the corporate world to come full circle with her passion for reading auras. Her mother actually can see auras and paints them on canvas. Together they are using their gifts to inspire others to understand how auras can improve one’s quality of life.

Get To Know Your Aura and Improve Every Relationship

Now that you know what an aura is and the basics of a red aura, take time to understand your aura color. This will help you understand more about yourself, your life experience, and how you can better relate to friends, family, colleagues, and lovers.

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