What Does Your Rainbow Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with rainbow aura color

The image of a rainbow conjures up thoughts of light, beauty, infinity, and positivity. These traits translate directly to individuals who have a rainbow aura and deepen their personality traits of compassion, healing, understanding, and vibrancy. Someone with a rainbow aura is most likely to be a healer, a leader, or someone who is in touch with their sensitivity.

In general, the aura is the visual representation of personality and mood. People tend to lead with a solid color in their aura, and their “inactive” colors tend to fall into the background. Someone who has a rainbow aura appears as a shifting medley of colors that look like puddles of color floating on top of an oil slick. When they need to use their authority, skills, or handle a tough situation, the color associated with that personality trait strengthens and becomes most prominent.

Someone with a rainbow aura is a bit of a personality chameleon in that they can shift their auric color almost immediately. This enables them to be quick on their feet in terms of responding to a given situation and draw upon their personal authority to make their will known. This is a valuable trait in healers and leaders, and it’s why they feature a rainbow aura. Sensitives, such as psychic mediums, also have rainbow auras that help them connect with the living and non-living. A sensitive person can pick up on someone’s mood or emotions because the rainbow aura enables alignment with someone who is presenting with a solid color aura.

What is an Aura?

Young woman doing yoga by a river with rainbow energy surrounding her.

An aura is a field of color that everyone emits. Most people present an aura with a solid color, but certain personality types present a rainbow aura. The aura color is typically representative of your current mood but also reflects your overall personality. No scientific theory has arisen to prove or disprove the presence of auras. However, people have been photographed with colors surrounding their bodies that weren’t there when the image was taken. Sensitives can also detect the color of a person’s aura through their internal sight.

Auras are generated through internal energy. A good example is someone saying they see red when they are angry. That means they’re burning so hot that they see the color red in their aura and are presenting with a red aura at that moment. However, in general, your aura leads with the color that best expresses your mental state when resting or active.

How a Rainbow Aura Differs From Solid Colored Auras

Closeup of a woman sitting outside with image of a rainbow aura surrounding her.

Having a rainbow aura is like being a color wheel in front of a light bulb. Your mood or emotional need pulls up the related color more rapidly than someone who displays a solid color at any given time. Mood changes may be more frequent or easier to make as a result, but it’s not necessarily a sign of emotional instability such as bipolar disorder. Rather, it’s simply easier to draw upon the emotional energy needed at the moment.

The major difference between someone who has a rainbow aura is that the entire aura doesn’t always change to a solid color. Instead, the color that’s dominant at the time is visible in a certain part of the body or from the head, while the rest of the colors of the rainbow aura swirl with the person’s physical energy. Someone with a solid colored aura shows up as a single color, with the rest of the colors falling into the background.

Why Someone Would Have a Rainbow Aura

Watercolor abstract with rainbow colors.

The rainbow aura is the rarest aura of its type due to the amount of physical energy required for its presentation. In other words, someone who has a rainbow aura is someone with a lot of internal strength they can draw upon when they least expect to. People who work as healers have a lot of internal strength, as do those who are in positions of leadership. Sensitives, such as empaths and mediums, have to be able to interface with people in different states of their physical existence.

Does a Rainbow Aura Sync With the Chakra?

It’s a natural question to ask as the colors of the chakra are also the colors of the rainbow. Yes, a rainbow aura can and will sync/align with the colors of the chakra, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. There’s no direct relation between the rainbow aura and the colors of the chakra. Someone who has a rainbow aura and focuses on aligning their chakras can find themselves enjoying the harmony of chakra alignment with an aligned aura.

Rainbow Aura Personality Traits

Someone with a rainbow aura tends to be confident, personable, and positive. They have a charm about them that’s natural and unforced and makes you feel like you want to get to them on a deeper level. Everyone likes them, and they like everyone in turn. While a person with a rainbow aura isn’t perfect, and they do experience misfortunes in life, their internal strength helps them navigate the rough patches in life. They seem to resolve their issues with ease and emerge relatively unscathed.

Can I Develop a Rainbow Aura?

Silhouette of a woman with raised arms at the ocean with rainbow colors

Yes, it is possible to develop a rainbow aura, although it’s not something that is done on the conscious level. Everyone has a base aura of white that they start with when they enter their life. Over time, the aura develops a dominant color with others underneath as the personality develops and experiences are had. As previously mentioned, most people present with one color due to that color being most representative of their dominant personality trait.

A rainbow aura develops because an individual has developed a calling to help others through fields such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Mediumship
  • Management
  • Volunteer

These are some examples of why someone would have a rainbow aura. Someone who works in these fields and similar can start out with a solid colored aura but develop a rainbow aura over time, especially if they go through changes in personality and/or perception as they gain experience. Religious leaders at all levels won’t have a rainbow aura, even though you might expect them to. Their devotion to their calling helps them maintain a white aura instead.

A rainbow aura isn’t superior to the other types of auras so much as it’s representative of a personality type and strength. It’s up to you if you want to put in the work to develop your aura into a rainbow, but it’s not especially impactful on your overall state of being.

Sometimes a rainbow aura develops all on its own. This is most likely to happen when someone’s about to undergo a big change or shift in their life and open up new possibilities. The aura opens up to all colors and goes rainbow because you’re about to do something that impacts your life in a positive way.

Career Prospects for Someone With a Rainbow Aura

An individual with a rainbow aura is someone who’s willing to take risks and push forward through uncertainties. They’re more likely to take advantage of an opportunity to further their career, but they’re also generous with their coworkers and help them find good fortune with employment as well.

Having a rainbow aura means you’re more likely to advance up the career ladder more quickly than others because you’re quick on your feet, have the ability to work well with others, and your natural leadership traits draw attention from superiors for promotion opportunities.

Relationship and Love Prospects for a Rainbow Aura

Shadows of hands forming a heart on rainbow painted wood planks.

A rainbow aura doesn’t provide an advantage in terms of finding and maintaining a relationship. However, it’s easier for someone with a rainbow aura to attract people to them, and people tend to find them attractive as mates. A rainbow aura personality is one that’s interested in others and makes their object of attention feel good about the interaction.

Relationships with a rainbow aura can be exciting and fun, but they can also have deep downturns because of the strength of personality and sense of independence. The rainbow aura personality loves intensely and likes to be reasonable, but they are rarely willing to become co-dependent or give up on their goals to accommodate someone else.

A person with a rainbow aura is willing to partner with someone who’s a strong personality themselves and is also willing to compromise, as long as the other partner will do the same. A relationship with a rainbow aura involves a lot of negotiating and working with one another while respecting the emotional needs of each partner.

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