Blue Aura Meaning: What Does Your Blue Aura Color Mean?

Silhouette with blue aura color

Blue is an awesome color that is associated with calmness and creativity. Think of a beautiful blue sky, the crystal blue ocean, or someone with stunning blue eyes. But what does it mean when you have a blue aura? Auras, some refer to as auric fields, are energy forces that surround living things. If you are alive, you have an aura. One of the easiest ways to explain what an aura is, is to refer to the way someone makes you feel. Do they make you relaxed or uncomfortable and a bit nervous? Do you feel exhausted or revived when they are around you? Their energy or aura is causing these feelings. Latin singer Ozuna sums it up by saying, “Aura is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.”

Auras Change as Life Changes

Close up of woman with blue and pink aura around her.

It is important to note that an aura is an extension of a personality and how someone is feeling emotionally, physically, and personally at a moment in time. Auras change as life changes. Some people’s aura will change all the time, while others will remain the same for the majority of their lives. For example, when something bad happens in someone’s life, like a death or loss, their aura will be dimmer than in other happier times. As they go through the healing process, their aura will get brighter.

There are seven auric layers, each with its own exclusive color. It’s interesting to note that they are in the same order as the rainbow:

  1. Red: Strong-willed, healthy ego, passionate and confident
  2. Orange: Creative, enthusiastic, reproductivity and vitality
  3. Yellow: Life energy, optimism, intelligence, and awakening
  4. Green: Nature, growth, balance, healing, and love for others
  5. Blue: Communicator, intuitive, cool, calm, and collected
  6. Indigo: Intuitive, sensitive, and kind, yet misunderstood
  7. Violet: The most sensitive, artistic, visionary, and magical

Other aura colors include turquoise, silver, gold, black, white, brown, and a multi-colored rainbow.

What Does Having a Blue Aura Mean?

Profile silhouette of a woman with blue smoke surrounding her illustrating the blue aura.

Now that we have discussed aura colors briefly, let’s focus on the beautiful, calming blue aura and what it means. A blue aura symbolizes calm, peace, and tranquility.

Every single aura color is directly linked to a part of the body. The blue aura type is associated with the fifth chakra, located at the base of the throat, an important energy center that is responsible for clearing the body and mind. If the blue in an aura is bright and clear, this means the person is balanced and in a good place. If the blue looks washed out or muddy, it may mean they are having difficulty expressing their feelings and communicating their truth. People with a blue aura typically are wonderful communicators, deep-thinking individuals who speak their minds and are passionate about their beliefs. They can be intuitive themselves and receptive to what others are feeling. Thanks to these personal characteristics, they enjoy jobs that involve creativity and artistry. Other professions include counselors, nurses, teachers, and other careers that require helping others. Professionally these folks are usually very reliable, meet deadlines and will always get the job done, whatever it takes. They have a wonderful work ethic, are loyal, trusting, and devoted in their careers. They also make great team players, so you want a blue aura on your team! Blue auras have a tendency to be calm, thoughtful, intelligent, and spiritual.

Blue auras can also tend to be complicated individuals because there are many shades of blue. Blue aura individuals do have some common personality traits. Because they are excellent communicators, have intuitive tendencies, and are wise, intelligent and persuasive. They are also excellent listeners and empathic to others in need. Not everyone is gifted with an empathic nature, so those fortunate enough to be gifted with a blue aura should recognize and understand how important and special this quality is.

Blue Auras Can Connect Things Bigger Than We Are

Woman's silhouette with her arms raised over her head, by the ocean, surrounded by different shades of blue.

Blue auras come and go in many energy shades and can provide clues to what is going on in someone’s life. Every beautiful shade of blue, from dark navy blue to light baby blue, has a unique meaning. Someone could even have multiple shades of blue at the same time mixed with other colors and shades. According to an article, Blue Aura Meaning: Understanding the Blue Aura Meaning & Personality on Auranet, “like a slowly breaking wave or the endless sky above a mountaintop, the color blue envelops us in serenity and calmness. It connects us to things that are bigger than ourselves.” The article continues to explain that this is the reason why the color blue is so admired and is used in many things, from social media graphics to clothing. Some blue auras and what they mean are:

Royal Blue Aura

Royal blue is the truest blue. You may be familiar with the term “true blue,” which, according to the dictionary, means “unwavering in one’s commitment; extremely loyal.” Others consider this slang for “the real thing.” This perfectly describes a royal blue aura. Royal blue auras are not afraid of challenges and never let a negative person stop them from reaching for the big picture. Get this, if royal blue blends with a yellow aura, it could indicate that they have clairvoyant abilities. They usually don’t even realize they have this ability and wonder where their instincts originate. Royal blue auras are compared to having the sixth sense.

Light Blue Aura

Good communicators are associated with light, baby blue, and sky blue auras. They are positive, poised in difficult situations, and very empathetic to others’ needs. They are positive and others find them inspiring and comforting. They are also open to listening to their intuition on a metaphysical level. Light blue auras have a deep appreciation for the arts and love drama, writing, crafts, music, and dance.

Turquoise Aura

Turquoise auras include green shades and are expressive and aligned with their emotions. They have the ability to find solutions to any issues or problems facing them. Turquoise blues are considered children of nature and are the most peaceful when they are outside.

Indigo Aura

This is a complicated aura color surrounded by mystery due to the dark purple tones. When a person has an indigo aura, they could be considered mysterious and untrustworthy. Usually, those with blue auras can be trusted, so indigos are simply misunderstood because they have difficulty opening up to others. Indigos can lighten their auras and move away from their mysterious personality with meditation and practice.

Muddy Blue Aura

If there are negative emotions rolling around inside someone, their aura is muddy blue. Think of a pretty blue with some shades of black. Black auras are usually signs that someone has negative emotions at the moment or is feeling depressed and blocked from moving into the future. Dark blue is a sign of being overworked and burned out. Those experiencing muddy blue auras should take a break, go on vacation or talk to someone about their feelings. This will help the healing process, so lighter blue energy can return.

Blue Auras, Relationships and Love

Young couple in love holding each other with direct eye contact on a light blue background.

Those gifted with a blue aura should look for relationships and friendships that are as deeply committed as they are. This includes loyalty, faithfulness, dedication and communication. They seek long-lasting relationships and “true blue” intimacy. They aren’t comfortable with change, so this can become an issue in their desires and expectations. According to an article, Feeling Expressive? You Just Might Have A Blue Aura, “someone with a blue aura is trustworthy and will be by your side through the ups and the downs.” As everyone knows, life and circumstances change every moment, and since those with blue auras are sensitive, their hearts and feelings are at risk. They don’t want to be hurt and especially don’t want to hurt others. This is where their intuition and communication skills will help them. During arguments, they are respectful and thoughtful in how they express themselves. They should find a partner or friend that is also a good communicator and who is risking committing to the relationship. According to an article, How A Blue Aura Affects Your Relationships, Career, and Health, “Blue auras partner well with yellow aura people.”

Balance Exercises and Ideas for Blue Auras

Woman sitting in the sand on the beach meditating, surrounded by different shades of blue.

Since blue auras are associated with the throat chakra, there are exercises that can help them gain more confidence to share their truths with others. It will take time and practice, but before long, blue auras will say what they feel out loud without reservation. According to an article explaining blue auras on MBG, helpful exercises include:

  • Meditate daily using blue stones and crystals like aquamarine or lapis
  • Join a singing group or theater to express inner creativity
  • Spend time outdoors where there is plenty of open space and nature
  • Eat blueberries and plums or other blue foods
  • Stay hydrated and drink enough water
  • Say to yourself, “I trust in the truth of my words.”

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