November Birthstone Color and Meaning: Topaz and Citrine

November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: November
  • Birthstones: Topaz, Citrine
  • Color: Orange
  • Meanings: Energy, Joy

The Growing Popularity of Citrine

Contrary to common belief, topaz is not the only stone for this month. Citrine is another of November’s birthstones, and since its discovery, it’s been beloved by thousands. At first, many were fond of citrine because it was so rare. As more citrine was introduced to the market, it lost its unique edge. However, it maintained its appeal. During the Art Deco period, citrine was especially sought-after. To showcase its golden wonder, citrine was set in many prized pieces.

Symbolized Opulence

When citrine was a rarity, only the wealthy could acquire it. Such names included Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo. In other words, citrine was primarily reserved for Hollywood elites. With that said, many associated citrines with luxury and decadence. If you were well-off enough to own citrine, you were revered as a success.

A Change in Reputation

With miners producing more and more citrine, the gem became more affordable. Before too long, no one regarded citrine as a superior stone. The price of the gem dropped significantly, making it more accessible to the public. Notable figures no longer had an interest in purchasing citrine because they didn’t want to be thought of as poor. However, bargain shoppers were keen to take advantage of the budget-friendly price.

Enhancing Its Allure

In the hopes of bolstering citrine’s image, jewelers would create flashy jewelry that contained this gem. While some were fooled by this tactic, others knew that it was misleading. Though the jewelry looked impressive, the price of citrine made it inexpensive to make. As a result, jewelers were presenting otherwise cheap jewelry as ritzy items.

Purifies the Body

When it comes to physical health, citrine is thought to improve the immune system. What’s more, this majestic gem is said to enhance kidney and liver function. Citrine should even help with digestive diseases. As a holistic medicine, citrine is said to remedy the adverse symptoms that pharmaceutical medicines produce. From cleansing the blood to regulating the nervous system, citrine is applauded for its many health benefits.

Citrine gems in rock isolated on white background

Boosts Energy

Since it has such a strong impact on physical well-being, it comes as no surprise that citrine increases energy levels. Many believe that citrine has the power to invigorate us. If you’re prone to fatigue, citrine may help you. If you want a slight boost in energy, citrine can also assist with that. By awakening our spirits, citrine gives us the vigor we need to carry out a fulfilling life.

Releases Toxins From the Body

Most impressively, citrine removes impurities. When soaked in pure water, this stone becomes exceptionally potent. If you’re looking to rid your body of toxins, place a citrine in water before the detoxification process begins. Moreover, pregnant and menstruating women can use citrine to eradicate the physical discomfort caused by hormonal imbalances.

Cleanses the Soul

Citrine is believed to provide unmatched spiritual healing. When our mind and body are out of sorts, citrine helps regenerate them. As a result, we reach emotional clarity, which purifies the soul. Similarly, citrine is said to cure depression and ease anxiety. Best of all, phobias diminish in the face of citrine. These mental health disorders can be debilitating, making citrine a healthy outlet for those who struggle with persistent worry and fear.

Promotes Confidence

Optimism and citrine go hand in hand. This gem encourages us to love ourselves. By doing so, we become more aware of our strength and beauty. When self-doubt creeps in, citrine banishes it. If you’re looking to go with the flow while maintaining a positive image of yourself, allow citrine to help. This enlightening stone will shed light on how unproductive your negative self-perceptions are.

Reduces Stress

Citrine reminds us of the importance of quietude. The hustle and bustle of life can weigh us down. When this happens, stress inevitably follows. In the hopes of reducing stress levels, many turn to citrine. With guidance from this positive stone, inner peace can be achieved. In essence, citrine has the power to help you overcome the strain that comes with daily responsibilities.

Topaz: November’s Second Birthstone

Symbolic of love and affection, topaz is November’s second birthstone and is renowned for its dazzling blue hue. Deriving from the Greek word topazion, topaz translates to fire. While this is the most widely accepted origin of the word, some believe that topaz got its name from an Egyptian island. This is where the majority of topaz was originally found, but Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and Australia produced this gem as well.

Topaz on volcanic rhyolite matrix isolated on white background

Slowly Gained Traction

When topaz was first discovered, Greeks and Romans treasured this gem, but it took a while for others to appreciate its splendor. During the Middle Ages, more and more people grew fond of this stone. These days, topaz is revered as one of the loveliest and most affordable jewels. With its reasonable price and undeniable beauty, topaz is preferred by many.

Beloved by Hindus

Hindus regard topaz as a holy vessel. In fact, it’s a stone on their Kalpa Tree. When worn, Hindus believe that topaz can quench thirst and sharpen intelligence. With its healing powers, it can even lengthen a person’s life. According to Hindus, the stone is most powerful when worn as a pendant.

Stimulates Creative Energies

Inspiration comes easy when topaz is near. This gem ignites innovative thoughts and, in turn, brings creativity to the forefront. From developing concepts to bringing them to life, topaz lends a helping hand in the entire creative process. Artists should rely on this stone when their creative juices fail to flow.

Controls Lust

While passion is a good thing, too much lust can lead to addictive tendencies. Topaz keeps these temptations at bay. Those who struggle with this kind of self-control can rein in their sexual desires with topaz. With its powerful presence, topaz excels at bringing these thoughts to a halt. It’s for this reason why people with sex addictions use topaz to influence these feelings.

Protects Against Danger

Uncertainty surrounds us. If you feel like you’re in imminent danger, find comfort in topaz. This stone wards off evil and keeps people safe. Your fears will rapidly begin to lessen. Even if you feel like you’re in a safe space, you’ll feel more secure wearing topaz around your neck or wrist.

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