Pisces Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

Pisces zodiac sign with colorful koi fish

Pisces is easily the dreamiest sign in the zodiac. Thanks to that, finding the right colors for yourself or the Pisces in your life can be a soothing journey in and of itself. Here, we’ll take a look at the best color palettes to incorporate into your wardrobe, home and office. We’ll also examine which colors every Pisces should avoid.

Getting to Know the Pisces

Before we launch into the right colors for Pisces, it’s important to understand some of this sign’s key traits. The Greek myth behind this sign is an interesting one, too. The story starts with the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. These two were walking along a river when they were attacked by Typhon, a massive and deadly monster. One version of the story has Zeus turn Aphrodite and Eros into fish so they can escape. Another version has two fish appear and carry Aphrodite and Eros to safety.

Thus, the symbol for Pisces is two swimming fish. People born under this sign (February 19 – March 20) tend to be highly empathetic, imaginative, and contemplative. They tend to be highly sensitive and to have rich inner worlds, so it’s no surprise that many are heavily involved in creative pursuits like music, painting, or dance. Most Pisces individuals are also self-sacrificing and care a good bit about others. They tend to see the good in people, and they make excellent counselors.

However, many Pisces tend to have some trouble creating concrete plans in order to achieve their dreams. They also tend to have escapist tendencies. A Pisces is much more likely to try and escape a difficult situation than they are likely to try to fix it. And because of their empathy and sensitivity, Pisceans are often moody and over-sensitive. But for the Pisces who wants to work on their moodiness or escapist tendencies, a calm and safe environment is a must. That’s where the essential colors for Pisces come in.

The Best Colors for Pisces

Now that you have a general sense of the dreamy, romantic Pisces, you may already have an idea of what colors work best with this sign. Most are meant to echo the introspective, almost escapist moods that Pisces individuals find themselves in. But some are meant to help these sensitive fish lighten their moods when they’ve internalized too much of the world’s pain.

Peach or Coral

Peach and coral are both ideal colors for Pisces. Though they’re soft enough to not be overstimulating, they also have a hopeful quality about them. They also pair well with a wealth of other colors (as we’ll see in a minute), making them easy to integrate into many Pisces-friendly palettes. Many Pisces-friendly colors are pastels of cool colors, so the warmth of peach or coral becomes a welcome counterweight.

Sky Blue

A pastel sky blue, as with peach, almost always pairs well with most colors on the Pisces palette. And since Pisceans tend to be dreamy people, the color of the sky seems like a relatively important one to include on almost any palette. And since blue is associated with productivity while still being calming, it’s a great addition to an office or even an outfit. For the Pisces craving more energy, deepening the blue from a pastel to a more intense sky blue is a good choice, too.


Throughout history, lavender has been used as a medicinal herb, and ancient Hebrews even believed it to be holy. Thus, lavender is often associated with healing, making it an ideal color to add to the Pisces palette. Of course, aside from those associations, lavender just tends to be a soothing color on its own. But like peach, lavender is a hopeful kind of soothing. It has traditionally been a symbol of spring and Easter. It’s soft yet strong, making it especially suitable for Pisceans.

Seafoam Green

Pisces is a water sign, so the inclusion of beautiful seafoam green on this palette seems appropriate. When incorporated into surroundings, seafoam green is a reminder of the ocean. And since Pisces individuals frequently need some extra downtime to decompress and rejuvenate themselves, a reminder of the ocean is helpful. There’s a reason so many people go to the beach to recharge. As a bonus, seafoam green pairs well with many other Pisces colors, so it’s a good choice when you’re making a palette.


White is technically the presence of all color. This seems fitting for Pisces. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces has long been associated with wise, old souls. It is commonly associated with peace. Pisces individuals are constantly striving to create peace within themselves and in the world around them. And since pastels are created by adding white to an existing color, white is a great addition to any Pisces palette.


Yellow might seem to be the odd color out on this list. But that’s by design. An occasional burst of cheery yellow can do wonders for the mood of a Pisces. In color theory, yellow is the color of energy, optimism, and joy. And since empathetic Pisceans can find themselves overwhelmed easily, having some yellow around can help them cultivate the restoration they need.

There’s no singular shade of yellow that works best for Pisces. For those who prefer soft optimism, a pretty pastel yellow is a good choice. For those who just want the occasional high-energy boost, very bright or neon yellow (in small doses) may be helpful. And of course, if you just want something middle-of-the-road, a classic medium yellow can be energizing without becoming all-consuming.

The Best Color Palettes for Pisces

Three-Color Palettes

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Pisces might be the one most sensitive to different energies. Thus, choosing the right color palette is absolutely crucial. Here are some three-color palettes that most Pisceans will love.

Peach, Seafoam Green, and Lavender

This springlike combination might be a little too whimsical for some. But if you like pastel palettes that have a little more warmth than most, this high-energy combination is an excellent choice. When used in an outfit, these colors communicate a quiet confidence. You might try pairing a peach and seafoam green patterned shirt with lavender accessories.

Similarly, this non-traditional palette can turn any room into an oasis. A lavender couch with seafoam green pillows in a peach-painted room offers the perfect mix of peace and optimism – ideal for the Pisces who needs to relax and recharge.

Lavender, Seafoam Green, and Sky Blue

This similar palette is great for those who like pastels but would rather be surrounded by an all-cool-color palette. And while it looks great with all pastels, people who want some more color intensity might consider a deeper sky blue with touches of pastel lavender and pastel seafoam green. In an outfit, a lavender/seafoam green/sky blue paisley top is an eye-catching choice.

For a room, this cool-color combination would work well in an office. Sky blue walls can help promote focus, while a seafoam green office chair and lavender accents can add just enough visual interest.

Yellow, White, and Sky Blue

This palette is a little different than many on the list. And you might have noticed that this palette covers all of the typical colors you’d see in the sky. It’s ideal for the Pisces who wants a higher-energy, cheerful palette. It’s also fairly easy to integrate into an outfit. You might consider a light blue/yellow patterned top with white shorts.

This palette can be easily worked into a room, too. To match Pisces energy, try to emphasize blue and white while incorporating small bursts of yellow. For example, you might consider a living room with white furniture, blue walls, and yellow lamps and/or accent pillows.

Peach, White, and Lavender

Like the first palette we took a look at, this combination is a little higher-energy than most. It’s also a very uplifting combination. Peach brings a warm energy, while lavender’s many positive historical connections make it more upbeat than most purple shades. This combination can work well in an outfit. Consider a peach-and-white top or dress with lavender accessories.

This is a nice combination to bring into a room, too. Soft peach walls with white moulding and baseboards add a quiet warmth, while lavender rugs add a touch of cool color to balance everything out. This is another example of a palette best suited to the Pisces who wants a little extra energy infused into their everyday life.

White, Seafoam Green, and Sky Blue

This pretty, cool-color palette is an outstanding choice for the Pisces who has a special affinity for the beach and for water. It’s also a combination that you frequently see in clothing. It looks good on a wide variety of complexions, and it’s dynamic without being overly loud. Seafoam green and sky blue help support a feeling of tranquility, and white adds a cloud-like space between them.

If you want to arrange this soft palette into an outfit, try a seafoam green/sky blue patterned top paired with white accessories. For a room, the possibilities are endless. You could have walls painted seafoam green or sky blue with white moulding and then add seafoam green or sky blue furniture. If you’re decorating a beach house, this is a classic color combination to choose.

Two-Color Palettes

The best colors for Pisces really lend themselves to being used in two-color palettes, too. Here are a few two-color combinations that can work well together.

Peach and White

This classic peaches-and-cream color palette will work just about anywhere. It looks especially nice as a peach-and-white patterned top. Because a very light peach color can look very soft, this combination works well as a backdrop, too.

Sky Blue and Seafoam Green

This is a beachy combination that’s ideal for Pisceans who like to be surrounded by cool colors. If you’re wearing layers, this combination looks especially nice as a seafoam green top with a sky blue jacket.

Lavender and Yellow

This combination is a little bit bolder. After all, yellow and purple are complementary colors, so this mix is ideal for Pisces individuals who love a good contrast.

Lavender and White

If lavender with yellow is too much for you, you might like this color combination. It looks especially nice as a lavender and white gingham shirt. And since it’s easy on the eyes, it looks great as a website backdrop, too.

Colors to Avoid for Pisces

While they’re typically gentle souls, Pisces individuals often have a flair for the dramatic. So when thinking of colors to avoid, it’s wise to stay away from colors that might exacerbate dramatic tendencies or spiraling moods. Here’s what to avoid as a Pisces.


Color theory teaches us that red evokes the strongest emotions of any color. And since Pisces is already sensitive and moody, they don’t necessarily need help in the emotions department. The color red is especially connected to love and passion – two things that Pisces experiences in abundance. For a Pisces who wants something close to red, a pale pink would work much better.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a deep, bold, intense color. And while it’s much cooler than red, its depth makes it very emotionally intense. Navy blue is a classic color, but it’s also fairly dramatic. And like black, it can easily overwhelm Pisces, who is already prone to depression and becoming discouraged. However, as we saw above, a very pale blue (as opposed to an intense one) is a great choice for Pisces.

Bright Green

You might be surprised to see bright green on the list, but the springlike energy, while it’s positive, can prove to be too much for Pisces. Of course, pale greens like the seafoam green mentioned above tend to be a good fit. But a bright green tends to be overexciting. A deep hunter green, much like navy, is too dark and too intense for most Pisces individuals.


We mentioned earlier that the energy of yellow can be uplifting for Pisces. And since orange is also a very energetic color, it might seem like a great addition to any Pisces color palette. However, because orange is a combination of yellow and red, its intensity will feed into the Pisces tendency toward drama and will often prove to be distracting. However, peach is a great orange-like alternative that’s more in line with the Pisces mindset.

Final Thoughts on Pisces Colors

So there you have them – the colors that work in harmony with the nature of Pisces, as well as the colors that you’ll find at odds with their sensitive, caring natures. Whether you want to create a calming oasis or lighten your mood (or both!), using these shades to color your world can have major positive impact on your well-being.

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