The Throat Chakra and Its Blue Color Meaning

Throat Chakra - The Fifth Chakra

What is your fifth chakra, also known as the throat chakra, responsible for? How does it affect your well-being when energy flows through it freely as opposed to having a throat chakra that is either overactive or underactive? These are things that you need to know in order to truly live your best life.

You might also be interested to know that blue is the color associated with your throat chakra. Provided you’ve done a little reading on chakras, you probably already know that this is the color for your fifth chakra. However, you may not be as clear as to why this is the case.

Fortunately, you can learn all about the throat chakra and its blue color energy here, so sit back, relax and take it all in.

What Should You Know About Your Throat Chakra?

The first important thing to understand about the fifth chakra, located in the area of your throat near your thyroid, is that it is essentially responsible for bridging the gap between your heart chakra and your crown chakra. You might think of it as the energy center that allows you to marry your thoughts and feelings together in a way that allows you to convey important information to other people.

Typically, the throat chakra is thought of as an energy center that is greatly responsible for your spiritual enlightenment. While it does have some physical characteristics, it’s often more commonly associated with your sense of self-awareness as well as your spiritual well-being. Of course, you can still have physical symptoms associated with your throat chakra. That information will be covered later. For now, it’s important to know that this is often considered the first of your spiritual chakras, with the other two being your third eye chakra and your crown chakra.

The Throat Chakra Defined

You already know that the throat chakra helps you convey thoughts and feelings effectively. What is it like when your throat chakra is working perfectly? It allows you to speak your mind without becoming overly emotional and it gives you an opportunity to convey even your deepest thoughts and most intense emotions in a calm and collective manner. When energy flows freely through the throat chakra, you are likely to find that you can stay calm and communicate effectively, even when you are in the midst of an extremely difficult conversation. As opposed to becoming overly emotional and yelling, you can simply state how you feel and what you think in a way that effectively conveys that information to other people without losing your cool. By the same token, you don’t have a tendency to swallow your feelings as you refrain from saying anything, even when you’re bursting at the seams to do so.

As you can see, an open throat chakra is extremely important. In order to reach spiritual enlightenment and to be physically well, you have to find an effective way to communicate your thoughts. It’s just as important to tell other people how you feel about things as opposed to simply allowing someone else to make all of your decisions for you without speaking up, even when you’re unhappy with the situation. When it’s all said and done, your throat chakra connects your ability to marry the process of ensuring that your basic needs are met with all of your higher spiritual activity. If it’s too active, various problems can arise. The same thing is true of a throat chakra that is blocked.

What Happens if Your Throat Chakra Is Blocked?

If your throat chakra is blocked, you might start to notice that you have a hard time conveying your thoughts and feelings to other people. In fact, you may find it almost impossible to tell other people how you feel about even the most typical of situations, much less something that is far more serious. In addition, people who have a blocked throat chakra often find the idea of speaking publicly to be so terrifying that they will go to almost any lengths to avoid it.

Unfortunately, some people who have a blocked throat chakra eventually resort to dishonesty. It’s not so much because they have a desire to lie to other people or even because they typically have problems telling the truth. Instead, it is based much more on the fear that if they actually tell someone how they really feel about something, they will be judged harshly, yelled at or completely rejected. This often causes them so much anxiety that they end up refraining from telling people things that they think will upset them. In some cases, the fear can become so severe that a person who has been asked a direct question feels cornered. They literally feel like they can’t tell the truth because they can’t find the power within them to do so. As a direct result, they end up telling lies in order to try and prevent any type of confrontation because they don’t want to be at the center of an argument.

One of the most severe consequences of allowing things to get to this point is that a person can often lose themselves when they stop speaking up. It may not happen right away, but a person who refrains from telling other people the truth and never conveys their own thoughts and feelings about a particular situation may eventually feel like they’ve simply faded into the background. Obviously, a person with a blocked throat chakra doesn’t want to fade away and become an afterthought. That said, they may be so consumed with anxiety over the idea of speaking up that this is precisely what happens. Moreover, the individual in question might not fully realize what is happening until it’s already occurred. By that time, it’s much more difficult to correct the problem because there is so much damage that must be undone in order to get things back on an even keel.

Vishuddha throat chakra symbols and meanings

Could Your Throat Chakra Be Too Active?

If it’s possible for your throat chakra to be underactive, it’s also possible for it to be too active. What happens to the person who has an overactive throat chakra? As you might have already imagined, it results in that person’s inability to stop talking. Unfortunately, it can manifest in a number of unhealthy ways such as gossiping about another person or interrupting someone while they’re talking. For a person who has an overactive throat chakra, these behaviors may be very difficult to correct. In fact, that person may not even be consciously aware that they’re doing it. More often than not, it is necessary to heal the throat chakra and balance it out in order to correct these issues.

Clearly, it’s better to do that sooner as opposed to later. The behavioral issues that manifest as a direct result of an overactive throat chakra can do a real number on personal relationships, especially when someone with an overactive throat chakra repeatedly tells stories or gossips about another person. The same is true for the individual who constantly interrupts another person without ever letting them finish their sentence. People may decide that they don’t want to be around an individual who displays these types of characteristics. Therefore, it’s crucial to address the issue right away.

Physical Characteristics of an Unbalanced Throat Chakra

As previously mentioned, people who have an unbalanced throat chakra often display certain physical symptoms. More often than not, these symptoms include a frequent sore throat, hoarseness and even ear pain. In some cases, a person with an unbalanced throat chakra may develop frequent cases of laryngitis. It’s even possible for some individuals to display problems with their thyroid, since the throat chakra is located in this area.

It’s worth noting that thyroid issues can cause a whole host of other symptoms. Just like the chakra in question, your thyroid can be underactive or overactive. Many of the symptoms are the same in either case. If you are experiencing excessive tiredness, you feel cold all the time, or you’re losing or gaining weight unintentionally, it could very well be due to a thyroid issue. This is something that you should always have checked right away by a medical professional, just as you would any other medical issue. However, it is quite possible that the issue could be occurring as a direct result of a problem with your throat chakra. Therefore, it’s important to consider this possibility and make sure you go through the steps to heal and balance that chakra as well.

Healing Your Throat Chakra

What should you do in order to heal your throat chakra? There are some techniques that work very well which you can also use to heal and balance the other chakras in your body. There are also some things that you can do that are very specific to the throat chakra. All of them will be explained below.

First and foremost, you can practice good techniques on a daily basis in order to heal your throat chakra and then keep it balanced. This can be accomplished through practicing daily meditation and yoga as well as taking some time for yourself each day for relaxation. It’s also important to surround yourself with the color blue, as this is the color that is directly connected to your throat chakra. More information about the color blue and its association with the throat chakra will be provided shortly. For the moment, know that you can wear blue or bring the color into your surroundings in order to help you open up your throat chakra. These things will also help keep the chakra balanced in the future.

If you’re so inclined, you can also use stones to help heal and balance your throat chakra. As you might have guessed, these often include stones that are blue in color such as aquamarine or blue topaz. In order to use the stones to help heal your throat chakra, all you need to do is lie on your back and then put the stones on the front of your throat. Relax for a few minutes and allow the stones to do their work. You’re likely to feel the energy working. In most cases, it manifests as a gentle warmth that bathes you in the area where the stones are located. Some people also feel a tingling sensation. You can make this a part of your daily meditation. If you’re having a bit of trouble with communication, be sure to allow yourself a little more time on that particular day.

Other things you can do to help balance your throat chakra include reading out loud or singing. You would be surprised how effective singing can really be. It doesn’t have to be in front of an audience. Simply singing while you’re in the car or the shower can help you balance your throat chakra and keep it that way. Last but not least, make an effort to communicate effectively with other people. If you struggle with that type of communication, take a breath before responding to a question or making a statement, especially if you’re emotional. Think about what you truly want to say. Allow yourself to take the time necessary to say what you genuinely mean without forcing yourself to rush through the conversation. It’s not easy, especially at first. The good news is that it does tend to get easier with time as your throat chakra heals.

What Does the Color Blue Represent and How Is It Connected to Your Throat Chakra?

Blue color Vishuddha chakra illustration

There are many reasons why the color blue is associated with the throat chakra. For starters, it is the color most predominantly associated with things of a Divine nature. In fact, many people consider the color blue to be directly associated with Heaven. As such, it only makes sense that it would be connected to your throat chakra, especially when you consider the fact that this is the chakra that helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings in order to reach a higher spiritual vibration.

It’s worth noting that blue is also one of the three primary colors, effectively denoting its importance. It’s just as important when discussing its connection to your throat chakra. You might choose to think of it in terms of its frequency. Since all colors have a particular frequency at which they vibrate, you can connect the dots between the color blue and the throat chakra by looking at the frequency of the color itself and that of this particular energy center. As it turns out, the two have a tendency to vibrate at almost the same rate. Moreover, the color blue vibrates at a very unique frequency which automatically slows everything down. That is precisely what you need to do when you have a blockage in your throat chakra. By slowing down and consciously thinking about what you want to say, it becomes easier to effectively convey your thoughts and feelings. As you do so, it allows you to reach a higher level of spiritual enlightenment because you are now speaking your truth.

In reality, it is virtually impossible to bridge that gap between your physical body and your spiritual self without learning to speak your own truth. It requires you to be honest with yourself and with others. Once you drop all of the facades associated with a blocked throat chakra, it becomes much easier to be your authentic self. This in turn dissolves the barriers that often get in the way of reaching a higher level of spiritual enlightenment.

The same is true for those who have an overactive throat chakra. When the fifth chakra is too active, your focus ends up being on making sure that you’re always heard above everyone else. You can’t learn from anyone else’s experiences because you’re too busy talking about your own. You might even take things as far as gossiping about another person. It’s virtually impossible to reach spiritual enlightenment when you’re in this state, as your focus is on competing with other people in an extremely unhealthy manner. All of that noise has to be eliminated before you can truly begin to work on the things that genuinely matter.

Final Thoughts on the Throat Chakra

The next time you find yourself having a hard time conveying your feelings about a particular situation, consider doing some work on your throat chakra in order to make sure that it’s balanced. As mentioned earlier, you can use yoga, meditation with stones and other techniques to balance this particular chakra. Surrounding yourself with the color blue is an excellent way to ensure that it’s open and that it remains balanced. If nothing else, allow yourself to step outside and enjoy looking at the blue sky. It can do wonders for your sense of well-being and it helps to put your thoughts in perspective at the same time.

When it’s all said and done, it only makes sense that blue would be the color associated with your throat chakra, as it is a vitally important color in the color spectrum. Your throat chakra is equally important in helping you increase your level of spirituality. At the same time, you can enhance the relationships that you have with other people by communicating honestly and effectively.

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