Taurus Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

Taurus zodiac sign with colorful bull

Color holds a significant role in human life and culture and has for millennia. In fact, evidence of humans relating to the world around them with color dates back between 70,000 and 100,000 years. These early artistic materials, discovered in the Blombos Cave in South Africa, highlight the significance of color and art even to the earliest humans.

In light of the long-standing use of color, we can see that although the majority of people view a rainbow of color in their everyday lives, individual colors have different impacts for a variety of reasons.

One area where color holds a strong significance is in the realm of the zodiac. Just as different signs have specific personality traits influenced by their sign, color also impacts the various zodiac signs in fascinating ways.

In this post, we’ll specifically look at positive and negative personality traits of the Taurus and how certain colors impact people born under this star sign.

Taurus Zodiac Sign – The Bull (April 20th through May 20th)

When studying the zodiac sign Taurus, you will find personality traits that nearly scream out the names of various colors that have an influence on their lives on several levels.

Typical Taurus Personality Traits

As a fixed Earth sign, the Taurus is stable and steady, sometimes to the point of being obstinate. Like all signs, they have numerous positive and not-so-positive traits. If you are a Taurus or happen to be in a close relationship with one, then you can confirm the validity of our list of hallmarks found in those who are born in the sign of the bull.

Positive Taurus Traits

Strong: This often emerges both physically and emotionally.

Observant: Mentally agile, the Taurus is an excellent listener with strong memory skills and a gift of understanding.

Stable: A Taurus is reliable, diligent, and loyal to a fault.

Hard Working: If something needs to be done, recruit a Taurus. They will give it their all and complete the task to perfection.

Animal and Nature Lovers: Animals and most aspects of nature have a special place in the heart of this Earth sign.

Fond of Luxury and Beauty: The Taurus tends to experience life with all of their senses on high. Being comfortably swaddled in opulence and surrounded by all manner of elegance is where a Taurus is most content.

Negative Taurus Traits

Possessive and Jealous: Their dominant personality leads the Taurus to view relationships and possessions as “mine” regardless of the fact that people have the right to participate in their own lives.

Stubborn and Uncompromising: The fact that the intelligent Taurus is frequently right does little to tame their streak of stubbornness. A Taurus cannot tolerate contradiction and is unlikely to change their mind because of another persons’ opinion.

Leisurely: Sometimes called lazy, a Taurus can be prone to step back into their own beautifully ordered life with little motivation to do anything unless it is vital. This can become problematic for the Taurus, who is a procrastinator.

Slow and Methodical: Taurus is not one to rush through anything. They enjoy their existence and, when prodded to move along, dig in their hooves.

An Analytical Eye: This can sometimes be a positive trait, but when Taurus sees flaws, they tend to deliver the analysis in a typical bull-like fashion.

Dominant: While being dominant is not harmful by definition, it can be problematic, especially in relationships and partnerships. The bull will frequently take charge without a second thought.

Impact of Color

Our brains can perceive the beauty and nuances of color, but color can impact humans on deeper levels. Science is continually learning more about the ways color affects people. Color brings about several visceral responses. Here are half a dozen ways that color can sway humans.

  1. Emotions
  2. Energy level
  3. Libido
  4. Appetite
  5. Creativity
  6. Memory

Zodiac Signs and Color

The connection between the zodiac and color is vital. The two are practically inseparable when learning how and why certain signs experience various energy and emotional changes. Many such variations are based upon color.

Additionally, using color in conjunction with the zodiac assists in achieving optimal health. Not only are colors linked to specific elements, but they are tied to multiple astrological signs as well.

The Taurus Palette

As the ultimate stabilizer in the astrological world, the Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. As such, Taureans do not shift easily but prefer a solid existence based on the here and now.

Taureans arrive in the springtime. At the same time, the Earth is busily reemerging from winter slumber and heralding new life. Chief among the signs of rebirth are the flowers and the greenery that enliven the world.

The paradox we find here is that for the Taurus, their grounded nature ties them to darker colors which do not easily fade into the background. However, at the same time, being the harbinger of spring points towards delicate softness found in spring pastels and whites.

It is fair to say, however, that the same duality is visible in the Taurean personality. The bull is at once strong, dominant, and immovable yet, loving, kind, and enamored with beauty.

Taking into account all of the complexities of the Taurean personality and astrological predisposition, we see a stunning color palette that is true to the bull’s nature and aesthetically pleasing. Always the lover of beauty, a Taurus would not have it any other way.

The palette for Taurus is made up of:

  • Pink
  • Green (typically emerald green, forest green, or similarly deep shades)
  • Black
  • White or light cream

The Meaning Behind the Colors in the Taurus Palette


The color pink taps into the fact that Venus is the planet that rules the bull. Pink points to the true inner nature of a Taurus. Because it is known as a color that symbolizes love and fidelity, pink highlights Taureans’ loving and caring side; the color also correlates to the importance of relationships to a Taurus.

Pink is known as the lucky color for those born under the sign of the bull.


The color green is also associated with the Taurus. As a color that symbolizes life on Earth, it is easy to see why green is on the Taureans’ color palette list. It lends itself to the Fixed Earth sign’s deep attachment to the Earth element.

There are other significant links between Taurus and the color green:

Wealth: Green is often known as the color of money, and the Taurus is fond of money as it is the path to power and the ability to attain the finer things in life that Taureans crave.

Growing: The color green often symbolizes growth and revitalization. Just as fresh greenery in the spring allows for a reemergence of life, the color renews a Taureans’ energy and will enable them to expand into new areas of their life.


The color black fits into the Taurus palette for its no-nonsense professional stand. Much like the bull, black shows strength and resilience that will not change with the wind. Because black shows Taureans’ dominant and powerful nature, especially in their professional lives, it is an accurate representation of Taurus.

White or Cream

Taureans famously revere beautiful things. The colors white and cream are beautiful individually. However, when used with other colors in the bull’s palette, these shades add an aesthetic balance that is particularly attractive to a Taurus.

The sense of serenity found in the colors white and cream also can enrich the sense of peace and ease Taureans with troubled minds. These colors have an inherent ability to relax the mind and purify the thoughts, which helps to eliminate emotions such as anger and negativity.

Colors Taurus Should Avoid

The color that a Taurean should avoid is red. At first glance, this may seem unusual. Red is a potent color, and the Taurus is a naturally dominant member of the zodiac family. When you look a little closer, the main reasons red is not for Taureans become clear.

  • Red is a striking color that elicits a response. In the case of Taurus, the color can be overwhelming and irritate. Consider the fact that bulls are enraged by the color red as a good indicator that the color should not be on the palette.
  • The color red symbolizes passion. While Taureans are motivated, strong-willed, and goal-oriented, the sign is not passionate. Taureans do not let passion and emotion cloud their judgement or rule their lives.
  • As the quintessential fire sign, the color red does not mesh with who a Taurean is on the inside. Even though fire is powerful, it is a power that is hard to control. This opposes the controlled might of the bull.

Final Thoughts on Taurus Colors

When one considers the significant amount of natural beauty that a Taurus exhibits, it makes sense that this sign would feel best when surrounded by its astrological palette. Whether a Taurus incorporates their favored colors as a part of their home décor, their wardrobe, or both, they can expect a boost in their energy as well as an increased sense of strength and well-being.

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