Capricorn Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

Capricorn zodiac sign with colorful goat with fish tail

Loyal. Reliable. Ambitious. Tenacious. These are all words that aptly describe Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac (December 22 – January 19). Capricorns also have one of the most unusual symbols of the zodiac – the sea goat. This mythical creature has the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. And like a beast ready for land or sea, the Capricorn is eager and ready to take on the world’s challenges through hard work and determination.

But in order to be successful in their endeavors, Capricorns need to have a safe, serene environment they call home. By knowing what colors help your sign thrive, you can choose the most effective color schemes for your home, office, wardrobe, and more.

Understanding the Capricorn

The goat is an intrepid explorer with an impressive ability to scale high mountains. The fish is strong enough to swim through rough currents. Likewise, the Capricorn, represented by the mythical sea goat, is the most ambitious of all zodiac signs. Capricorns are incredibly focused, which makes sense. The sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet that is quite rule-oriented and strict. They also tend to be reliable, loyal, and dependable.

Thanks to its association with Saturn and these personality traits, some might view Capricorn as being uptight or overly serious. However, Capricorn is actually a fairly balanced sign. Since so many of these sea goats have to overcome obstacles in childhood, they tend to get a little more relaxed and fun-loving as they age.

Because Capricorns are so focused and practical, they tend to have a great eye for design. That’s part of what makes selecting colors for this sign so important. Capricorns do best when everything is organized and their future is planned out.

That said, some people end up over-emphasizing Capricorn’s negative personality traits. Partially because of their loyalty and reliability, Capricorns can hold a grudge for a long, long time. Sometimes, these sea goats are read as being too reserved and overly serious. But once you get to know a Capricorn, you’ll see their best personality traits start to shine more brightly.

The Best Color Palettes for the Capricorn

Now that you know a little more about yourself (or the Capricorn in your life), you can start learning about some of the better colors for this sign. And as we’ll see a bit later on, some of these colors work very well in interesting and dynamic palettes.

Best Individual Colors

Here are some of the best individual colors for Capricorns:


Blue is sometimes thought to be a color of good luck. It’s also the color of trustworthiness. Think about how many companies out there have logos prominently featuring blue. At any rate, it’s an excellent color for the Capricorn to include in day-to-day life. Brighter blues are a great choice when you’re dressing casually and in a good mood. For formal occasions, many Capricorns gravitate toward navy blue. This classic, highly professional color looks great on just about anyone, but it manages to do so without looking overly flashy or attention-grabbing.

Blue is also a great color for Capricorns because some research has indicated that people are more productive when working in blue rooms. If you’re a Capricorn designing an office space, you might want to think about blue walls. This color can combine forces with your ambition and tenacity to help you achieve even your highest goals.


Thanks to their understated sensibilities, Capricorns tend to feel at home around neutrals. Ivory is an ideal one. It’s warmer than white and adds a slight vintage flair. Ivory is an especially great choice for wall color, especially if you want something different from white but don’t want an especially noticeable color.

Ivory also works well when it comes to clothing. Try an ivory top or sweater with blue jeans for an easy yet beautiful look.


Tan and beige are two other examples of neutrals that Capricorns might find comforting. Quiet, practical shades of tan work well in any room, whether as a wall color or used in accent pieces. And of course, tan is easy to integrate into your wardrobe. Khaki pants can be a pleasant, slightly more formal alternative to blue jeans. And as a neutral, khaki goes well with just about any color of top, too.


Gray is another highly practical neutral that’s great for Capricorns. In particular, deep slate grays are easy to work into modern color and design schemes. Charcoal grays can add a slightly rugged touch. And as you likely know, gray is especially easy to integrate into your wardrobe. On a day off, a Capricorn will be comfortable lounging in a pair of gray sweatpants.


Along with indigo, green is one of Capricorn’s lucky colors. As an Earth sign, Capricorns appreciate green, and darker shades can be particularly calming and grounding in times of stress. But if you’re a Capricorn who prefers paler shades, there’s still something for you. Try wearing a pretty pastel green for an airy, springlike look.


Black is a color with plenty of negative associations. It’s the color of death and mourning. However, it’s also clear and authoritative, much like most Capricorns. The seriousness of black tends to agree with Capricorn’s nature, and these sea goats tend to enjoy black accents or even all-black outfits.

Best Two-Color and Three-Color Palettes

Now that you know some of the best colors for your sign, you’re likely thinking of how you can incorporate them into day-to-day life. If you already have a knack for design, you may already be mapping out palettes in your head. But if not, it can be tough to figure out which colors go with each other and why.

Capricorn’s colors can be brought together in almost unlimited ways. But to help get you started, here are some suggested two-color and three-color palettes and how to use them.

Two-Color Palettes

Black and Ivory

This is one of the more dramatic combinations, but for Capricorns who want to make a statement, it’s a great choice. In a room, ivory walls and black furniture offer a pleasing contrast. As far as clothing goes, an ivory top and black pants work together. Alternatively, you might like a black and ivory patterned top.

Blue and Green

Blue and green go well together, especially in the classic combination of navy and hunter green. For Capricorns who like patterns that aren’t overly bright, black watch plaid is a pleasing navy/hunter plaid. You can easily find black watch plaid flannels or shirts, and the pattern appears somewhat frequently on scarves, too. For a room, a dark blue couch with deep green pillows (or vice versa) looks great.

Gray and Black

This might seem like a dull combination, but if you like the look of newspapers or old black-and-white photos, being surrounded by gray and black can be a centering experience. Pale gray walls with black furniture is a sleek look. And as far as clothing, a gray top with black pants or even a gray outfit with black accessories is an understated way to make an impression. Much like a Capricorn, it asserts itself without being overbearing.

Green and Tan

Green and tan is a color palette you’ll probably see more of in clothing than in decor. But if you’re looking for a pairing of a cool color and a neutral – a combination that will sit well with Capricorns – deep green and medium tan make an excellent combination. Green accents work well on tan or light brown furniture, and the pairing of tan pants and a green shirt is a well-balanced, classic look.

Blue and Ivory

This cool, beachy combination is ideal for Capricorns who want a sense of calm that doesn’t become too dreamy. For a more heightened contrast, navy and ivory make a striking pair. If you’d prefer a softer look, a pastel or baby blue looks nice against ivory, too.

Three-Color Palettes

Ivory, Blue, and Gray

This is a great pairing of neutrals and cool colors – a winning combination for any Capricorn. It’s also a good choice if you want something that doesn’t contain the harshness that black sometimes adds. For a smoother transition, you might incorporate a grayish blue alongside gray. If you’re designing the exterior of a home, a slate roof, ivory siding, and blue shutters look especially quaint. For clothing, try pairing deep blue pants, an ivory blazer, and gray accessories.

Blue, Green, and Tan

This combination looks especially striking when you combine deep, jewel-toned greens and blues with a rich, medium tan. In a room, tan floors and/or furniture with deep blue and green accents offer just enough of a pop. If you’re planning an outfit, a combination of tan pants, a green shirt, and a blue blazer works well.

Tan, Gray, and Black

If you’re one of those Capricorns who prefers an all-neutral palette, the combination of tan, gray and black might be just right for you. This combination works especially well in a home decor setting. You might combine tan wood floors, gray furniture, and black accents. In terms of clothing, a gray and black outfit paired with pale tan accessories provides a pleasing contrast.

Green, Blue, and Ivory

This unusual combination looks especially nice when you combine ivory with deep blue and green. This way, you get a pleasant contrast that isn’t quite as jarring as black against ivory. You might try an ivory and green top with deep blue accessories. Or, depending on the outfit, you may want to add another neutral like beige or tan. In a room, deep green and blue couches or chairs with ivory accent pillows creates a unique palette.

Colors to Avoid

You likely have already gathered that Capricorns are sensible individuals who avoid anything overly showy. In order to stay in harmony with the Capricorn personality, the colors they choose should be calm, grounded colors. After all, Capricorn is an Earth sign, and many of their best colors support that.

That said, here are some colors that Capricorns should definitely avoid:


Though yellow is a cheerful, high-energy color, its brightness tends to be too much for Capricorn. Color theory describes yellow as being symbolic of energy and optimism.

Additionally, some people assert that yellow can reflect a carefree and irresponsible nature, which is something that doesn’t describe Capricorn at all. Yellow essentially is broadcasting positivity, while many of Capricorn’s best colors could be described as reflecting a quiet confidence.


Red is one of the most easily noticed colors out there. Fire engines are often red to draw attention to themselves, while a red-colored animal can often warn predators of danger. Likewise, red stop signs reflect importance and urgency.

But red also is the color of passion and love. In Asian countries, it represents good luck.

While red is a popular color for good reason, it isn’t a great fit for Capricorns in terms of either clothing or surroundings. Like yellow, red is a highly intense color overflowing with emotion. And while Capricorns are certainly capable of feeling intense emotions, they tend to take pride in their coolheadedness and consistency. Thus, since red is at odds with the very nature of Capricorn, it’s a good color to avoid.


You already know that Capricorns should avoid emotionally charged colors like red and yellow. So it follows that other high-energy colors might not be a great fit for the levelheaded sea goat. Neons are some of the most high-energy colors out there. They are certainly attention-grabbing, which makes them a good fit for signage and advertising. And while Capricorns are motivated and more than willing to put in steady work to achieve their goals, they don’t relish drawing attention to themselves. Neons are best left to the louder, showier signs.


Like neons, metallics are effectively the exact opposite of the more subdued shades that Capricorn tends to prefer. Glittery colors and the shimmer of silver and gold might be pleasing to the eye, but they do draw more attention. Metallic colors can often appear gaudy, and Capricorn is much more at home with classic, understated elegance.

Final Thoughts on Capricorn Colors

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the colors that best express the Capricorn’s ideals and mesh with their personality. If you’re a Capricorn, you’ll likely find that surrounding yourself with subdued colors like blues and neutrals makes a difference in your state of mind. And of course, by avoiding the colors most detrimental to your sign, you won’t run the risk of disturbing the focused peace you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

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