Zodiac Cancer Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

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If you know anything about color theory, you know that color – whether it’s part of a website design, part of an advertisement, or part of your surroundings – has a powerful influence on your mood and well-being. Likewise, if you know anything about astrology, you know that your zodiac sign helps shape your personality.

While color theory holds that many people react in a certain way to a color, it also allows for personality differences. For example, someone who craves excitement and energy might respond positively to a bright neon palette. Someone who is generally anxious and on edge might react negatively due to becoming overstimulated by the colors.

Thus, it follows that different zodiac signs benefit from different color palettes. But why does this matter? If you’re choosing colors for home decor, walls in your home, or even for clothing, it can be helpful to understand the colors that will benefit your sign (as well as colors that you should generally avoid). Today, we’ll be looking at the best and worst colors for the sensitive, complex Cancer (June 21 to July 22).

What’s a Person Born Under the Sign of Cancer Made Of?

Before we jump into the best Cancer colors, it’s important to consider the personality characteristics you’ll commonly see with this sign. Cancers are symbolized by the crab, and this is an apt characterization. On the outside, the crab is prickly and often intimidating, waving its claws at would-be predators.

However, the crab only appears this way in order to protect its soft, delicate insides. Similarly, Cancers may seem cautious and cagey when you first meet them. But once you get to know a Cancer, they’ll open up to reveal their rich inner world.

Cancers can be a little mercurial, but their intense moods can be beneficial. They are often very creative people who have a real interest in connecting with the world. Cancers also connect deeply with others. They are incredibly loyal to their friends and thrive in relationships when each partner loves and supports the other.

Although Cancers have a rich inner life with especially intense emotions, they don’t always voice their opinions. However, they tend to have incredible emotional intelligence and fully understand the power of trusting their own intuition.

If you’re a Cancer, you’re no stranger to feeling things intensely. That’s why most of the colors that are best for Cancers are soothing rather than stimulating. Cancers love the security of home and fulfilling relationships, and soft shades of cooler colors tend to make them feel the safest.

The Best Color Palettes for the Cancer Zodiac Sign

As water signs, Cancers feel an affinity for the ocean. So it’s no surprise that the best color palettes for this sign are those that mirror the colors of the ocean. And as the most sensitive and emotionally connected signs in the zodiac, the water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) need to be surrounded by colors that don’t put a strain on the emotions.

The below individual colors can be incorporated into just about every facet of your daily life. You can choose a soft pastel shirt to carry calm everywhere you go or select a glowing yellow to add some subtle energy to any room. You can even draw some colors into accent pieces. Sea glass green pillows or silvery sculptures can serve as elegant reminders of the quiet that Cancers often crave.

Individual Colors for Cancers

These are colors that can be incorporated separately or together into your life. And as we’ll see later on, these colors work well grouped into palettes of three (or even more).


Yellow might seem like an odd color to associate with Cancers, especially given the fact that this is a sign that does best with colors that are especially calming. But there are shades of yellow that don’t impart the same exciting, electric energy as neon varieties. Cancers do well with soft pastels that are reminiscent of early sunrises or harvest moons. They also may find that mustard yellow and other similarly subdued shades provide the perfect balance of energy and calm.

But why is this? Just about every color that works for Cancers is somehow connected to what you’d find by the sea or by another body of water. Anyone who’s ever spent a day at the beach knows that sun is a crucial part of it, and yellow is the best reminder of sunny days – past, present, and future.


As a cool color, green provides a valuable and relaxing influence for the emotional Cancer. And like yellow, it holds plenty of meaning for the water signs. Seafoam green is reminiscent of the ocean, while a smooth, darker green looks like sea glass or even seaweed. And if you’re picturing a smaller body of water like a lake or a pond, green matches the color of the trees and grasses surrounding it.

Green also has another powerful association for Cancer. Green is the color of new life and creation, and Cancers tend to be especially creative individuals. If you’re a Cancer who writes music or poetry, makes art, or otherwise loves to create, you are likely to find being around green to be both centering and inspiring. Since Cancers appreciate calm and serenity, pastels and other soft greens are most likely to work well for you.


For Cancer and other water signs, blue is an obvious choice. In color theory, it’s viewed as a color of calm. It’s also the color most associated with water. A bright aqua might conjure up pictures of the Caribbean, while a medium blue reminds you of the ocean. Darker blues are a lot like deep pools of water. You’ve probably heard that still waters run deep, and this is especially true of Cancers. Though they may appear quiet to the outside world, they carry incredible emotional richness.


Technically, white isn’t always considered to be a color, and it doesn’t appear on the color wheel. However, others would argue that white is the combination of all colors. One thing is for certain, it does hold a lot of significance for Cancers. White or off-white is the color of sand on pristine beaches, and the whitecaps crowning the waves are one of the most beautiful sights to be seen during a day on the beach.

Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon, and white is the color of both the moon and moonlight. If you’ve ever been on a walk along the beach at night, you know the stunning calm that the white moonlight glittering across the waves can inspire. Plus, white works well with just about any of the colors that are right for Cancer, making it a worthy addition to any color palette.


Like white, silver is a color that’s very connected to the moon and moonlight. It’s also sometimes regarded as an emotional color, making it especially relevant to the sensitive and emotional Cancer.

Silver also is a magical color, which makes it great for Cancers. This sign often sees the magic in other people and the world around them, and silver encapsulates their subtle sparkle.

Specific Three-Color Palettes for Cancers

When it comes to choosing a three-color palette for yourself or for another Cancer, there are seemingly endless options. There are infinite shades of blue, green, and yellow. Add in white and silver and you have quite a pool of colors to choose from. The palettes you can choose aren’t limited to the ones listed below, but this should be enough to get you started. Of course, the best way to finalize your palette decision is to choose three colors that you think look great together.

Silver, Deep Blue, and White

This gentle, serene combination is ideal for Cancers who find peace and comfort in the night. Silver connects to the moon, white to the moon and stars, and deep blue to both the ocean itself and the night sky. If you’re planning an outfit, you might choose the classic navy and white color combination accented with silver jewelry. For home decor, you might find that deep blue and silver pillows look especially nice against a white couch.

Pastel Blue, Seafoam Green, and Soft Yellow

This is an interesting combination that strikes a brilliant balance between calm and energy. The pastel blue looks a bit like slightly cloudy skies, while seafoam green mimics the ocean on a sunny day. The soft yellow looks like the sunlight itself. For an outfit, you might choose pale blue jeans, a seafoam green shirt, and a light yellow belt or headband.

Medium Blue, Seafoam Green, and White

This is another Cancer color palette that does well when it comes to using both soft and strong colors. Medium blue and seafoam green are both reminiscent of water, and adding the freshness of white creates a light, airy feel. When put together in an outfit, these colors work very well if you combine white accessories with a seafoam green/medium blue patterned dress or blouse.

Aqua Blue, Medium Green, and White

This palette is a little bolder than many suggested Cancer palettes, and it’s ideal if you prefer the distinctive energy of a Caribbean beach. The aqua blue is an exciting homage to the bright, clear waters above a coral reef, and the medium green looks like freshly-found sea glass. White mimics the soft, pale sand. This green-heavy palette works well for inspiring creativity and focused energy. You might consider creating a room with very soft aqua walls, white furniture, and a medium-green rug.

Soft Yellow, Deep Blue, and White

Blue and yellow is a classic color combination, but you often see a golden yellow with either a bright blue or a classic navy. This interesting palette balances the watery feel of deep blue with the colors of soft sun. For an outfit using these colors, you might choose a shirt or dress that combines the boldness of deep blue with the delicate touch of soft yellow, and then add in white pants or white shoes. For a room, you might consider white walls, deep blue furniture, and soft yellow accent pillows.

Colors to Avoid for the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Just as cancers find colors of the sea to be soothing, they also will find some other colors to be off-putting or even harmful. Generally speaking, cancers should avoid darker, gloomier colors. After all, these sensitive crabs are often subject to moodiness, and being surrounded by darkness can keep them trapped in lower moods. Here are some specific colors to avoid for cancers who wish to maintain optimal harmony.


When it comes to symbolism, black can mean a lot of things. On one hand, it can represent power and authority. It can look mysterious and sophisticated, which generally are good things.

However, black also has strong negative connotations. It’s commonly used to represent darkness and evil, and it’s also the color of mourning. After all, in many countries, it’s customary to wear all black to a funeral. And there’s a reason you practically never see walls or ceilings painted black. Too much of this stately color can start to feel suffocating.

You already know that Cancers are prone to moods, and too much black can encourage them to wallow in despair or give in to depressive episodes. While it’s wise for these crabs to avoid overly bright, overstimulating colors, black takes it too far in the other direction. The ultimate goal when it comes to selecting colors for Cancers is to cultivate peace. Too-bright colors direct their moods too far up, and black pushes moods too far down.


Cancers are generally advised to avoid red. This makes sense, as color theory asserts that red is the color that’s most strongly connected to emotions. In nature, red usually symbolizes danger. In art, it tends to represent love, passion, and excitement. When used as a kitchen or dining room color, it’s even been shown to stimulate appetite.

You already know that Cancers are highly emotional beings. This sign is ruled by emotion, so it’s best for them to avoid colors that inspire their emotions to be even stronger. A soft pink color is generally calming enough for a Cancer, but an energetic red is very likely to be overwhelming.


As a color that’s effectively a mix of red and black, burgundy is another color for Cancers to avoid. Since it combines the energy of red with the elegance of black, burgundy is often used to represent intensity and sophistication. It’s often described as being an “indulgent” color, and that’s precisely why Cancers should avoid it. These crabs already tend to indulge in their rich inner worlds and in connection with others. Neither of these indulgences is necessarily a bad thing. But because Cancers are intense in everything they do, they need to be surrounded by colors that inspire calm. Burgundy doesn’t necessarily do that.

Final Thoughts on Zodiac Cancer Colors

When a Cancer has a supportive, serene, and secure home life and sense of self, they will be best able to use their considerable intuitive and emotional gifts to help others and themselves. Of course, while colors aren’t the only important thing when it comes to doing what’s best for your zodiac sign, choosing the right colors can help shape your mood. When you choose the best colors for a Cancer, you’re choosing the same soft, sunny serenity you’ll find during a day at the beach.

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