Aries Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

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Some people don’t put a whole lot into the idea of zodiac or star signs for horoscopes. For others, astrology is a very basic part of daily life. Regardless of where you fall on that particular scale, you might be interested to know about some of the personality traits that are associated with certain star signs, especially when it relates to colors. Even if you don’t really buy into it, you might be surprised at just how accurate this information can be.

With specific regard to those born under the sign of Aries, there are certain colors that seem to work very well for them. By the same token, there are other colors that should be avoided in most cases.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what the Aries colors are and why they are important, keep reading.

Aries Personality Traits

In order to better understand how the colors are associated with the Aries star sign, it’s important to gain a clearer understanding of some of the personality traits that are commonly associated with people born under this sign. If you are born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April, then you are an Aries. What are some of the personality traits that you or someone you know who was born under this star sign might exhibit? In short, you might find yourself having more energy than you know what to do with, even when you don’t really get enough sleep at night. You probably also have a tendency to stand out from the crowd. People born under this star sign are typically unafraid to start something new, even if it means they have to blaze a trail that no one has been on before then. As such, they typically make good business people. Many of them are entrepreneurs. In addition, a lot of individuals born under this star sign are exceptionally creative. In many cases, they find a way to marry their sense of creativity and their entrepreneurial spirit together in order to create businesses that are very much out of the ordinary, yet also very successful.

Of course, there is no star sign that has all positive traits. Like anything else in life, there is a trade-off. As you might have guessed by now, there are some negative aspects of being born under the Aries star sign as well. That excessive energy can lead to impatience and at times, can even cause a person to become abnormally frustrated with situations or even people. By the same token, the spirit that allows them to forge ahead and do things that would probably scare anyone else to death also means that they have a tendency to get bored with things when they don’t see an immediate return on their efforts. Of course, most people don’t exhibit either side of these traits in the extreme. It is much more common for there to be a mixture of traits. This has a tendency to keep things more balanced when it comes to your personality.

Last but not least, a person born under the Aries star sign has a tendency to be extremely supportive of other people. They enjoy nurturing and encouraging other individuals to achieve their dreams. In many cases, they will start something that another person close to them may be too afraid to start, effectively carrying them along until they gain enough confidence to complete the tasks on their own. This makes them good friends and provides some solid parenting skills as well.

How Do Colors Come Into Play?

How do colors affect people born under different star signs? Why are colors even important and how do they relate to the individual traits or characteristics of a person? The truth is, color is almost like a visual representation of music. It’s capable of crossing language barriers, as well as barriers associated with cultural differences. Color can say a lot about a person without forcing that particular individual to say anything at all. Even when the individual in question doesn’t fully realize that they’re being influenced by color, it’s still happening. Think of it this way. Imagine going to a restaurant where the colors are designed to make you feel more comfortable so that you’ll want to stay there for a longer period of time. These are probably warm colors, usually earth tones with a few vibrant splashes of color thrown in. Now imagine walking down the corridor of a hospital with its stark white walls and a ceiling and floor to match. It gives off an entirely different feeling, one that makes you uncomfortable. In fact, many people become so uncomfortable in these types of settings that they flatly refuse to go inside.

Now, imagine how the use of the right colors can help to inspire you when you’re trying to stay productive and get work done, be creative or even get your day started. You can decorate your home with certain colors that inspire you to be your best every day or you could potentially choose a color that just doesn’t resonate with your soul. You obviously wouldn’t decorate your own home in such a color on purpose, but if you don’t know which colors resonate with your star sign, you may find yourself at odds with certain areas of your home without fully understanding why.

Which Colors Are Best For Aries?

For an Aries, one of the most powerful colors that you can be around is red. This is often thought of as your lucky color. Whether you choose to wear it, color your hair red, or incorporate items that are red in color inside your home or office, this is a color that can do wonders for your spirit and your personality if you were born under the Aries star sign. Other colors that can help you be your most creative self and inspire you to get things done include deep, vibrant colors that have some elements of red in them. These colors include orange, eggplant, purple, and even yellow. Of course, yellow works best when it has just a touch of red mixed with it. It doesn’t have to be enough to create something that is orange in color, but it does work well if it has just a hint of red in order to give it a bit more life. On the other hand, you could just as easily coordinate an outfit with red trousers and a yellow top. Play with the colors and have fun. You might be surprised at the results.

Why Are These Colors Best For You?

People have a tendency to do their best when they feel their best. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. When a person feels confident and comfortable, they have a tendency to become the best version of themselves. That is precisely why some people have a tendency to surround themselves with the things that mean the most to them. Whether that involves having a pet, getting a few plants or surrounding yourself with your favorite music collection, it’s all about helping you find your comfort level by immersing yourself in something that resonates with your very soul. The same is true of colors. If you were born under the Aries star sign, there’s every chance that you probably have a natural tendency to gravitate toward things that are red in color or that have elements of red in them. By the same token, you might also find yourself deeply attracted to other vibrant colors that show a great deal of life. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run out and buy something that is green in color just because green is associated with living things. It’s more accurate to say that you are naturally attracted to colors that are naturally vibrant, something that reflects your energy and your desire to be involved with life to the fullest extent possible. As such, you probably want to surround yourself with deep yet vibrant colors that express the same intensity that you feel in your soul.

Are There Colors That You Should Avoid and Why?

Of course, there are also some colors that you should avoid wearing or having in your home. If you are an Aries, it’s best to avoid more bland, basic colors such as black and white. It just doesn’t work with who you are as a person. Imagine only being able to watch black and white television or only seeing photographs in black and white. It is much more difficult to get a genuine sense of what is going on in those instances, not to mention the types of emotions that people are feeling. For you, emotional intensity and color is everything. Therefore, it just doesn’t make sense that you would choose anything that is black or white. There are other colors that should be avoided as well. Even though red is your color, it doesn’t really work well when you dilute the color so much that you end up with something that is pink. You might think that you can get away with it. After all, if the color of that pink dress were intensified, it would end up being red. However, it just doesn’t work. It’s much the same thing as wearing something that’s black and white or even decorating your home in those colors. It’s too diluted to work for your personality. It’s like trying to water down the intensity of the colors and that makes you feel like your energy and zest for life needs to be watered down as well. That goes against everything that you know deep in your soul, so you find yourself at odds with virtually anything that is pink in color.

What About Color Combinations or Color Palettes?

So, if red is your color, does that mean that you always have to wear something that’s red? What about your home? Are you supposed to paint the walls red or buy a bunch of red furniture? That really isn’t necessary unless it’s something that you want to do. (By the way, if it is something you want to do, then you should go right ahead and do it). However, for the individual that doesn’t want to see bright red everywhere they look, you should know that it’s okay to use certain color combinations in order to create a more varied color palette. It’s also worth noting that even though black and white don’t really work for you, you can get creative with certain versions of these colors. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a red top with a nice gray blazer, even if the gray color is quite deep in nature. By the same token, you can get away with wearing off-white as long as you pair it with something that is a bit more vibrant. For instance, you might decide to use an off-white paint in your living room and then choose one wall that can be painted eggplant or berry as an accent wall. As long as you’re not immersing yourself in a colorless world, it works just fine.

What Does All of This Do for You on a Personal Level?

If you’re sitting here reading this and thinking that there is no way that a color can empower you to be the best version of yourself, think again. Have you ever been in an environment that makes you feel so comfortable you feel like you could stay there all day, even letting your guard down in order to reveal your most intimate personality traits? That is a perfect example of the use of color along with lighting to create an atmosphere that allows you to become your true self. The same is true when you wear certain colors. If you feel good in a particular outfit, you’re likely to be more confident. This in turn means that you’re probably going to be more creative in those moments. You might even be more willing to take chances that you would not take if you were wearing something that made you feel less confident about your own personal features. In this manner, you have the opportunity to customize everything around you so that you can create a safe haven for yourself, even during the more stressful moments that life tends to throw at you. Even if you’re not at home and you can’t immerse yourself in your comfort zone, you can still utilize clothing of a particular color to create something on a smaller scale throughout the day.

Learn to Listen to Your Soul

It’s all about becoming more in tune with your true self. These days, so many people spend so much of their time trying to focus on what other people expect them to be that they often lose touch with who they truly are. Obviously, this is going to cause a lot of discomfort in your life. You might even end up feeling like you are at odds with yourself, not to mention virtually everyone else you run into. By learning to honor who you truly are, both the positive and negative aspects of your personality, you can become more creative, more excited about life and even more energetic. For an Aries, these things are crucial. That is precisely why it is just as crucial to immerse yourself in the colors that speak to you in a way that calls to your very soul. Even when you have to acknowledge the less pleasant aspects of your personality, it gives you the power to change those aspects. At the same time, acknowledging the positive aspects of your personality gives you hope for both today and the future. When you put these things together, it helps you cope with more difficult times and enjoy the times that are more pleasant. Color plays a role in every aspect of this and it ties directly into your star sign.

Final Thoughts on Aries Colors

When it’s all said and done, it may be easy to think that colors aren’t necessarily related to your star sign. However, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not willing to at least entertain the idea that it could make a very big difference in the way that you feel every day. If you’ve never tried it before, gather some of the colors that work well for you such as red, orange and purple. Include them in your wardrobe, give your house a fresh coat paint and incorporate some accent colors into your daily life that utilize these hues. Before you know it, you might be feeling a lot more engaged with what you’re doing and who you are at your core. If you are already doing this, then you probably have an innate understanding of the link between your star sign and color. Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding about why these colors matter.

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