July Birthstone Color and Meaning: Ruby

July Birthstone: Ruby Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: July
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Color: Red
  • Meanings: Strength, Good Fortune

Discovered in India

Hallmarked for their sparkling red hue and captivating sheen, rubies are a treasured gem. Discovered in India 2,000 years ago, this beloved stone has stood the test of time. The name ruby derives from the Latin word ruber. Ruber translates to red, which is wholly fitting for ruby. From Dorothy’s slippers to Queen Elizabeth’s tiara, ruby was popularized by some prominent figures.

Ancient Beliefs

Having unearthed rubies, Indians were keen to give this gem meaning. They dubbed it the “lord of the gemstones,” and being in the presence of ruby was a coveted honor. In the hopes of being reborn as an emperor, Indians would donate rubies to honor Krishna. This sacred gesture ensured future prosperity.

Held in High Regard by Hindus

Much like Indians, Hindus revered rubies as the gem of all gems. In fact, they referred to it as the leader of gems. Rubies played such a significant role in their culture that they were divided into classes. The more luxurious the ruby, the more prestige it boasted. They took this practice so seriously that inferior rubies weren’t allowed near superior ones. Otherwise, the second-class one could potentially sully the higher-ranking ruby. This was their way of personifying the gem.

China’s Stance

The Chinese held similar convictions to the ones mentioned above. If you wanted to know the rank of a Chinese soldier, looking at his ring would tell you. The redder the stone, the higher the rank. China maintained that rubies were reserved for the bold and powerful. An ordinary person donning ruby jewelry was considered a fraud. Simply put, a red jewel was indicative of prominence and grit, and faking these attributes would earn you an unfavorable reputation.

Where Did They Come From?

Since the history of rubies is somewhat shrouded in mystery, many fabricated their own stories. Some ancient cultures believed that rubies grew on trees. They were taught that rubies began as small white gems, eventually blossoming into precious red stones. When they were ripe enough, they would glow in the sun. Only rubies that glowed were ready to be plucked.

A Welcoming Gift

Rubies were so sought-after that they were used as gifts. In India, new royals were presented with this gem upon arrival. Not only did this demonstrate their respect, but it also signified the country’s wealth. When a new ruby crystal was discovered, it was set aside for these welcoming ceremonies. If you were gifted one of these gems, you were held in high esteem by those around you.

Protects Mental Health

For centuries, rubies have been associated with the sun. Much like the positive impact that sunlight has on the psyche, rubies were thought to promote positivity. Many believed that rubies were effective in safeguarding the heart, mind, and brain. In other words, rubies were used to preserve mental well-being. If a ruby turned dark in your presence, it meant that your energy levels were running dangerously low.

Restores Youth

In the Middle Ages, rubbing ruby on the skin was a surefire way to remain young. This simple action guaranteed optimal vitality. Rubies were their version of the fountain of youth. For those who feared old age, rubies were a godsend. However, people soon realized that this custom promised no real results. Fortunately, the optimistic outlook that ruby encouraged inspired people to make peace with their elderliness.

Triggers Intense Feelings

From rage to lust, rubies arouse a wealth of strong emotions. Its red color is said to enkindle passion and anger. Some people see red as an intimidating and fierce color, which explains why it gives rise to such mighty feelings. For those who like to remain in control of their emotions, ruby may do more harm than good.

Natural mineral crystal red ruby isolated on white background

A Sign of Courage

Fear doesn’t stand a chance in the face of rubies. When courage is needed, many turn to ruby. Legend has it that rubies allow us to walk through life without worry. A person possessing ruby is a force to be reckoned with. With the strength that ruby offers, leading a fulfilling life is made possible. Ruby cancels out all evil, making room for nothing but good fortune.

Balances the Heart and Mind

It’s not uncommon for the hustle and bustle of life to throw us off balance. When it does, ruby promises to get us back on track. This stunning gem helps us find calm in otherwise chaotic phases of life. When exhaustion rears its ugly head, ruby gives us the energy we need to push forward. It stimulates the heart chakra and, in turn, uncovers a zest for life.


Impurities run rampant in our bodies. These toxins wreak havoc on both our mental and physical states. Rubies seek to eradicate these contaminants. Rubies are said to treat fevers, diseases, and inflammation. What’s more, they help stabilize the circulatory system by improving restricted blood flow. According to ancient beliefs, kidney, spleen, and liver problems can also be remedied with ruby.

Ignites Passion

If you feel like you’re growing apathetic, ruby can cure your disinterest. Rubies fuel our drive, which enables us to find pleasure in the little things. Rubies shape a positive and encouraging mind. As a result, we reap the benefits of leading with optimism. Rubies remind us that negativity is senseless and doesn’t bode well for a rewarding life.

Fortifies Emotional Strength

Emotional endurance is perhaps the most difficult ability to master. Ruby helps us realize that we’re strong enough to overcome life’s toughest challenges. By removing doubt, ruby enables us to conquer anything that comes our way. With a dose of hope and resilience, ruby believes that we can overpower our demons. Ruby understands the importance of putting up a good fight. It’s for this reason why this gem serves as our cheerleader.

Settles Disputes

As a naturally calming stone, ruby resolves conflict with ease. Ruby honors the power of reconciliation and assists in mending broken relationships. If an argument seems too big to work out, consult with ruby. Ruby will show you how trivial quarrels are. In essence, ruby is a lover, and it wants nothing more than to see us find happiness in our relationships.

A Symbol of Love

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, ruby jewelry represents affection and commitment. Many attribute ruby’s passionate qualities to its red hue. If you’re looking to show your sweetheart how much they mean to you, ruby is the perfect avenue to pursue. It also makes for an excellent anniversary present. More specifically, couples who have been together for 15 or 40 years often use rubies to express their love.

A Joyful Gem

Ruby urges us to embrace joy as often as we can. By doing so, we’ll know true happiness. According to ruby, we should abandon any misgivings we have about life. Being driven by cynicism will not only discourage us, but it’ll also precipitate distorted thinking. Ruby’s uplifting nature is the antidote to sadness.

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