Virgo Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

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What is it about Virgos that makes them special? After all, isn’t every person born under every star sign special in their own way? It’s true, they definitely are. That said, people have a tendency to look at the Virgo (born between August 23 to September 22) as if they are the epitome of what a person should be.

If this is the case, then what makes the Virgo so special? For starters, they have a tendency to be about as stable as a person can get, at least as far as their personality is concerned. They’re also very good at being there for other people and they are equally good at dealing with unexpected challenges in their own lives. The Virgo doesn’t really have a tendency to get overly excited about much of anything. Instead, they are much more likely to take things in stride. As such, they have a lot of color combinations that seem to work well for them.

Of course, it’s not all a bed of roses. Just like every other star sign, there are certain personality traits associated with the Virgo that may not be the most attractive. By the same token, there are certain colors that should be avoided. There may not be a lot, but there are definitely a few.

If your interest is piqued, you can rest assured that all of this will be explained in much greater detail throughout the remainder of this text. Keep reading to find out more information about the Virgo and what makes them stand out among so many others. You’ll also learn about the colors that work well for Virgos and the ones that don’t.

Common Personality Traits Associated With Virgos

Virgos are loyal to a fault. In fact, they are so loyal that they will go through practically anything in order to maintain that sense of loyalty, especially if it’s to someone that is genuinely close to them. To go with that loyalty, they also have a rather healthy dose of practicality. The last thing that most Virgos are likely to do is get overly excited about something without a good reason. Truth be told, even when they have a good reason, they still have a tendency to stay calm and roll with the punches, no matter what. Virgos definitely have a penchant for thinking things through, sometimes to the point of frustrating those around them. They always go for the sensible solution and this can prove to be exceedingly frustrating for people that just want them to make a decision and move on.

Virgos are also notorious for their desire to make everything as perfect as possible. Without a doubt, they are huge perfectionists who aren’t happy until they have everything exactly the way they want it. If their name is going to be attached to something, they want to be absolutely certain that there has been no stone left unturned before they finally let go of a particular project. As such, they can sometimes have a tendency to take a very long time to let go of an idea, a project or virtually anything else. This is because they want to make absolutely certain that they haven’t left anything out, forgotten anything or made any mistakes.

Virgos are sort of like the foundation that everything else is built on. If you have one of them in your life, you can bet that they are probably the ones you turn to when you need advice or whenever you try and make a decision. Have you ever wondered why that is? It’s largely because they are the ones that have a tendency to think about every possibility imaginable. Virgos are careful and meticulous in the way they go about doing things. That makes them great people to go to for advice on virtually any topic you can think of. If you’re wondering whether or not something is a good idea and a Virgo tells you that you should go ahead with it, you can rest assured that they have probably thought of every potential outcome before giving you an answer. It may take them a while to do it, but it’s probably worth doing.

There are other positive personality traits of the Virgo, to be sure. In fact, there are a lot of them. For starters, Virgos are kind; they never want to say or do anything that might hurt someone else’s feelings or bring them discomfort, especially if there is a way around it. They’re extremely thoughtful and they are some of the most grounded individuals that you are ever likely to meet. Even if they have experienced great success throughout their lives, they don’t have a tendency to allow their ego to get the best of them. Instead, they’re much more likely to remain just as humble and grounded as they have always been. In some cases, it almost seems like any level of success only serves to make them more humble than ever. Perhaps it is because of their grounded and kind nature that they realize that success can disappear in an instant. Whatever the reason, they have a tendency to stay humble and work hard in order to achieve their goals.

Negative Personality Traits

As you can imagine, there have to be personality traits on both sides of the spectrum. Even for the Virgo who seems to have so much going for them, there are things that they have to work on, just like anyone else. Remember the part about them being able to analyze virtually anything in order to think of practically every eventuality before making a decision? That can be good, but it can also cause them to take an excessively long time to make decisions. This can also be frustrating for the people around them, as most people don’t really like analyzing absolutely everything in depth, even when it’s not necessary to do so.

There are some other personality traits associated with many Virgos that are not so flattering as well. For starters, they can be somewhat critical of others, not to mention being picky. After all, that perfectionism manifests itself in many ways. This is just one manner in which their less desirable qualities can come to the surface. While Virgos have a tendency to be very affectionate in virtually any type of relationship, their tendency to be critical of themselves (and others) can be frustrating. The same thing is true for their desire to overthink things.

A Critical Flaw?

If Virgos have one critical flaw, it is the fact that they can be extremely hard on themselves. In fact, many of them never seem to be truly happy with hardly anything they do. It all goes back to that desire to be a perfectionist. The problem with extreme perfectionism is that nothing is ever good enough, no matter how good it truly is. As such, Virgos can be so difficult on themselves that it interferes with their sense of happiness and well-being. Although they are more likely to be critical of themselves, it can at times also make it difficult to maintain good interpersonal relationships, as they may become as critical of others as they typically are of their own actions.

In addition to being exceptionally critical, Virgos have a tendency to overthink practically everything, as previously mentioned. Thinking about things critically is fine when the situation warrants such thinking. However, the Virgo has a tendency to overthink almost everything. Even the most basic of decisions can become something that takes hours to decide. Have you ever been with a Virgo who couldn’t decide what they wanted to have for dinner? It can be frustrating beyond words to have someone take three or four times as long as they should to make a simple decision that most people can make in a matter of minutes. Worse yet, Virgo sometimes have a tendency to make a decision and then go back on it because they continue to think about it after the fact. Being the perfectionists that they are, they’re not afraid to go back on their decisions multiple times, provided they believe that it will lead to a better outcome. They think they’re simply doing the best they can possibly do for the situation at hand. However, it has a tendency to drive the people around them absolutely mad. Trying to reason with them about it is almost impossible, too. On top of being perfectionists and critical over-thinkers, Virgos also have a tendency to be stubborn. Therefore, they’re not likely to come around to your way of thinking, no matter how hard you try to convince them.

What Else Should You Know About The Virgo In Your Life?

Obviously, Virgos have a lot of personality traits, both good and bad. However, there is still one or two that might surprise you. Thankfully, a lot of Virgos are balanced enough that you don’t see these two traits in their extreme on a regular basis, at least not with most people. Perhaps one of the most potentially frustrating qualities associated with Virgos is that they don’t tend to believe anything at all unless they’ve experienced it for themselves. If you are trying to give them advice or explain something that only you’ve seen, they’re not likely to believe a word you say unless they’ve seen it with their own eyes. Even if they’ve known you for years and they trust you, they’re still not likely to believe you. Clearly, this can lead to some trust issues in relationships of all kinds.

In some cases, Virgos also have a tendency to be very shy. As you might have already imagined, a person who is excessively shy, who just happens to also be a chronic over-thinker and a perfectionist in the extreme, can be a difficult combination to deal with. When those factors are coupled with their penchant for stubbornness, it can make it seem like you’re in one world and the Virgo in your life is in another. As such, it can sometimes be difficult to truly get to know a Virgo. The good news is that once you do, you’re likely to find it to be well worth the effort. You’ll also have a friend for life.

Virgos And Color

As evidenced from all of the information you’ve already read, Virgos are complicated individuals. They have a lot of different personality traits and sometimes, it almost seems like all of them are on display at once. Therefore, it only stands to reason that a lot of colors would be associated with someone born under this particular star sign. Where so many people born under different star signs have just a few colors that work well for them and then one or two colors that they should avoid, Virgos practically run the gamut. Therefore, it’s easier to start with their best colors and work your way forward from that point.

Colors That Work Well For Virgos

The best colors for any Virgo are earthy greens and browns.


Before you roll your eyes, think about the reasons that brown works so well for Virgos in the first place. It doesn’t really have anything to do with being mundane or anything of the sort. In fact, quite the opposite is true. It is genuinely about staying grounded and being true to yourself. Remember, Virgos are traditionally humble individuals that are very sensible and practical in the way they think. That requires a person to be very grounded. It also doesn’t hurt that the element associated with Virgos is Earth. Even if brown isn’t your favorite color, you can do a lot to bring out your best qualities by simply choosing wardrobe colors that have various shades of brown in them and then mixing them with other colors. It’s also a good idea to incorporate some Earth colors into the spaces you decorate. It may not sound like the most exciting option at first, but it is probably one that you will be glad you made when it’s all said and done.


Green is the color of growth. It represents new life, and as with brown, it has strong ties to the earth.

Other Colors

Of course, there are some other colors that are also associated with Virgos that can work well. It only stands to reason that if brown works exceptionally well for you, you will also do well with black and gray. In most cases, brown is definitely considered your lucky color, but you can also work wonders with a combination that involves brown and black with a touch of light gray thrown in. Don’t worry, it isn’t all about Earth tones. If you want a splash of color that doesn’t involve these colors, two of the big ones for Virgos are blue and peach. However, you should use a little bit of caution with blue. Light blue really works best. It can get a little bit dicey if you start to opt for some of the livelier shades of blue, especially if they end up on that side of the color spectrum that could get your attention from a block away. Keep things a bit more centered, involving more Earth tones and a few lighter shades of other colors thrown in for excitement. In short, try to keep your surroundings and your wardrobe more natural by choosing colors that you would find in nature.

What Colors Should You Avoid?

The colors that Virgos should avoid are the ones that are simply too bold to match their personality, like a bright yellow for instance. Bold colors work better with star signs that typically have bold personalities. Virgos aren’t necessarily the boldest individuals, at least not traditionally. Therefore, it’s really best to stick with colors that match your personality. If you’re like most Virgos, that personality can be perfectly described as solid, down-to-earth and reliable. Since Virgos have a tendency to be more well-rounded individuals who are traditionally shy and very calculated in everything they do, it just doesn’t fit their personality to go with colors that stick out like a sore thumb. For that reason, chartreuse is another color that really should be avoided. It’s very difficult for most Virgos to be comfortable anywhere near colors that are very bright and chartreuse definitely fits that description.

Final Thoughts on Virgo Colors

Is it possible to be a Virgo and have a favorite color that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the colors mentioned here? Yes, it is. That said, most Virgos find that they can be true to themselves by adapting these colors into their clothing, the surroundings at their home and office, and even the jewelry that they wear. If you’ve never tried it before, it is definitely something that you might want to think about doing. If you’re like most Virgos, you’ll do a great deal of research and give it a lot of long, hard thought. After that, you’ll probably start incorporating these colors into your life and then find that it’s something you wish you would have done a long time ago.

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