The 50 Best Color Combinations for Clothes

Female clothes stylist at her workplace looking at different color combinations

The clothes you wear can communicate a lot about your personality. And if you want to freshen up your look, finding new and exciting combinations of colors can be a great place to start.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are some suggested color combinations ranging from the classic to the avant-garde.

Clothing Color Combinations for Men and Women

Here’s a list of the 50 best color combinations for clothes that work for men and women.

1. Sage Green and Tan

Hat, beige blouse, and turquoise skirt on light background.

Different variations of green and tan are a mainstay in the fashion world. And since tan is a neutral, this combination can work in a number of different ways. Incorporating tan accessories (like the hat shown in the picture) is a smart move, and it’s easy to find tan shoes, pants, bags, etc.

Alternatively, you can add a sage green accent or two to a predominantly tan outfit for an especially memorable look.

2. Light Blue and Navy Blue

Man in navy blue suit.

If you want to create a cool-toned color scheme, incorporating navy blue and light blue into the same outfit is a classic way to do so. Wearing a light blue shirt or blouse under a navy blue blazer is a great choice if you want to balance light and dark. 

Alternatively, you can use one color to accent the other. For example, you could wear a navy tie with a light blue shirt (or do the same but reverse the colors).

3. Red and Yellow

Surprised stylish woman with handbag against bright yellow background.

Red and yellow can be a captivating color combination, but it’s important to create it carefully. If combined haphazardly, red and yellow just might make you look like Ronald McDonald!

To avoid that look, try to ensure that either the red or the yellow piece is part of a pattern. As you can see in the picture, the navy stripes on the red skirt help temper the hot colors of the red/yellow combination.

4. Purple and Charcoal Gray

Young woman wearing simple outfit with oversized burgundy sweatshirt and black jeans isolated on light grey background.

This look is especially nice with shades of plum and other darker shades of purple. If you’re seeking a subdued palette for colder months, it’s a good way to go.

Of course, it’s always fun to experiment. So if you want to lighten up the look, try going for a lighter shade of purple and/or adding some white.

5. Seal Brown and Tan

Man in elegant tailored suit posing.

Outfits made up mostly or entirely of neutrals don’t have to be dull! Seal brown in particular is a great alternative to black if you want something a little lighter and a little warmer.

As you can see in the picture, combining seal brown with tan is a great way to bring out the darker color’s warmth. To lighten the overall look while still keeping a neutral palette, try combining a seal brown and tan outfit with a little white. The white shirt in the picture is a great example of how to do this well.

6. Cerulean and Neon Green

Skier in bright green outfit on sunny day.

This bright, dramatic color combination might not be right for more formal looks, but it’s great for making a statement. Try incorporating these colors into activewear, or add them in small doses to tamer outfits.

If you want something a little less bold, add hints of neon green to a mostly-cerulean outfit. Neon-green shoes can really pop against a cerulean shirt and jeans!

7. Red and Cyan

Colorful portrait of stylish smiling young woman wearing red jacket on green background.

Though red and cyan aren’t complementary colors, they are connected: if you stare at a cyan picture and then shut your eyes, the afterimage will be red. And if you combine them in an outfit, each makes the other pop.

Since red is a lot more common in clothing than cyan is, the easiest way to combine these two is to add cyan accessories to a mostly-red outfit. And if you can find a dress or a shirt with a red and cyan pattern, that’s a great way to stand out, too.

8. Sky Blue and Charcoal Gray

Men's blue shirt, watch, sunglasses, trousers, socks and office shoes isolated on white background.

Regardless of the shade, blue and gray work well together. This is especially true of shades of blue and shades of cool gray. From a practical standpoint, charcoal gray is a great choice to pair with sky blue. This deep and dignified gray is a common color for blazers, suit jackets, and pants.

As you can see in the picture, the charcoal/sky blue combination also looks great with hints of warmer neutrals like tan. When used sparingly, warm neutral accessories can really bring an outfit together.

9. Medium Pink and Red

Woman sitting on bench with a pink shirt and red shoes.

You might be surprised to see this combination on the list. After all, pink and red together will often conjure up images of Valentine’s Day. But when used judiciously, this combination can add rosy warmth to an outfit.

As you can see in the picture, one way to combine the two is to separate them with a darker, cooler color like teal. Alternatively, you can temper this high-energy combination by adding black, cool white, or a similar neutral.

If you like this combination but want to use it in a much more subtle manner, try combining red nail polish with a pink dress (or vice versa).

10. Soft Mauve-Gray and Olive

Young stylish woman talking on smartphone.

Pink and green can easily become a garish combination. But if you combine a soft pink with a muted olive, you can take advantage of this pleasing contrast. When it’s soft enough, pale mauve functions almost like a neutral. And when muted enough, olive does the same.

This combination is a good one to choose if you want an outfit that’s a bit brighter than an all-neutral color scheme but a bit more muted than louder color combinations.

11. Hunter Green and Medium Brown

Stylish green sweater and accessories on green background.

This is one of the classic combinations on the list. And one of the best ways to wear it is by pairing medium-brown accessories (especially leather accessories) with a hunter-green dress, sweater, jacket, etc.

A hunter green blazer is also a striking alternative to a navy blazer. And like navy, it pairs well with various shades of brown, tan, gray, and other neutrals. For a casual look that’s just a little dressed up, try wearing a hunter green blazer with jeans and medium-brown shoes. 

12. Teal and Navy Blue

Woman calling on the cell phone in front of car.

Sometimes, pairing similar colors results in a striking look. That’s the case with navy blue and teal. Teal is a very deep blue-green that pairs nicely with the deep blue of navy.

Since both of these colors are dark, it’s a good idea to incorporate lighter colors alongside them to create a balance. Try putting together an outfit that incorporates a gradient of color. You can see this in the picture: the model wears a dark navy blue top, while her scarf includes teal, several shades of lighter blue-green, and white.

13. Electric Purple and Black

Portrait of woman with purple jacket against black background.

If you want a modern look that really draws the eye, try incorporating electric purple into your next outfit! Depending on what you pair it with, electric purple can create dramatically different moods. For instance, it really pops against turquoise.

Most people prefer a more balanced look, though, and black is a great color to temper electric purple’s palpable energy. As you can see in the photo, black pants can make even an electric purple blazer look businesslike. But if you want a look that’s a little quieter, try adding hints of purple to a mostly-black outfit.

14. Soft Neon Green and Soft Neon Yellow

Girl wearing sporty clothes posing isolated over multicolor vivid neon light background.

If you like outfits with multiple shades of neon but want to tone it down just a bit, try something like the outfit in the photo. As you can see, both the yellow and green fall somewhere between a neon and a pastel.

Of course, this isn’t a combination you’ll likely see in formalwear. But if you’re piecing together a high-energy gym outfit, this distinctive combination can help keep you motivated! If you want something higher-contrast, try incorporating these colors into a mostly black or dark gray outfit.

15. Pink and Turquoise

Sneakers and bottle of water on yellow background.

As you can see in the picture, this distinctive color combo is perfect for creating an 80s-inspired workout outfit. But if this look isn’t quite your style, you can pair these colors in a more understated way.

One of the best ways to do that is by pairing genuine turquoise jewelry with a pink top or dress. Even a small turquoise pendant creates a memorable contrast against a pink top. If you can find a pink and turquoise patterned accessory (like a belt or clutch), this combination is stunning against a mostly-black outfit.

16. Black and White

Portrait of young man with black hat and black and white shirt.

No list of color combinations would be complete without a mention of black and white. There are seemingly endless ways to pair these two colors. You can choose a patterned shirt or dress for a flashier look. Or if you prefer something more understated, try a white shirt under a black and white pinstriped blazer.

It can be fun to experiment with black and white combinations, and you can create different moods depending on the exact shades of each. Warm whites and blacks help create a vintage-inspired aesthetic, while cooler shades add a modern edge to any look.

17. Bright Blue and Soft Gray

Man and his dog wearing matching blue hoody sweatshirts outdoors.

If you like the look of very bright colors but want to pair them with something a little quieter, the combination of bright blue and soft gray is ideal. And as you can see in the picture, this is an ideal combination for activewear or athleisure: it’s easy to pair a bright blue hoodie with gray sweatpants. If you’re going for a look that is lighter and brighter overall, you can incorporate white accents or accessories.

18. Pastel Blue and Yellow-Orange

Young man typing on laptop with pastel blue shirt.

Choosing a warm earth tone as a neutral is an ideal way to give business casual a modern edge. And as you can see in the picture, yellow-orange pants pair well with a soft blue shirt.

If you want to take this intriguing combination out of the office, try pairing yellow-orange accessories (belts, shoes, purses, etc.) with a pastel-blue dress or top. And since this yellow-orange shade essentially works as a neutral, it looks nice alongside various shades of brown or tan, too.

19. Medium Green and White

Woman with trendy bright summer dress and red sunglasses posing with watermelon on orange backdrop.

This striking combination often looks almost regal. But it’s also at home in more casual contexts. As you can see in the picture, these two colors make quite a statement when combined in a pattern. 

If you want to keep these two high-contrast colors separate, you can still create a memorable outfit: try combining a green top with white pants or vice versa. You can dress up this look with jewelry, too. Choose silver jewelry for a modern look, or go with gold if you’d prefer a classic aesthetic.

20. Pale Lilac and Medium Lavender

Man with broad smile wears stylish bright outfit.

This unique double-purple combination comes close to being mostly monochromatic. However, lilac and lavender have different undertones. Lilac has a pinkish hue, while lavender has stronger blue undertones. 

At any rate, these colors look nice together, and you can use accessories to shift the mood of the outfit. If you’re going for a more energetic look, try adding a bright green hat (or other accessory) as shown in the picture. If you’re after a more understated look, black or dark gray accessories also go well with lilac and lavender.

21. Orange and White

Girl wearing orange hoodie and glasses posing on white background.

Orange and white is a dynamic combination that can be found in a number of logos and designs. It’s fairly common to see an orange hoodie with white lettering (or a white hoodie with orange lettering). But if you want a unique look, try pairing white pants with an orange top!

Of course, this is a combination you can have a lot of fun with. Try pairing white sunglasses and a white purse with an orange sundress. An orange and white patterned shirt is also a great way to turn heads!

22. Magenta and Yellow

Outdoor full body portrait of young woman wearing colorful clothes.

If you’re looking for a head-turning combination of colors, magenta and yellow is a great one to choose. Like cerulean and neon green, this is a nice combination for beachwear or activewear. But for slightly more formal occasions, wearing a pink dress with a yellow purse (or vice versa) is a great way to stand out.

For a pop of color that’s a bit more subtle, incorporating smaller accessories can work. For example, you could wear magenta shoes with a yellow shirt. To balance out the warmth of this look, you can break up the color scheme with some black or dark gray.

23. Turquoise and Purple

Girl with purple hat and turquoise jacket posing.

While turquoise and purple and both technically cool colors, the combination of the two is a very high-energy one. Try wearing a pattern of the two for a vintage look, or use a purple or turquoise accessory (like the hat shown in the picture) to bring out this striking contrast in a gentler way.

As we mentioned earlier, turquoise jewelry is a great way to use this combination. A turquoise pendant, earrings, or even a ring will pop against a largely purple outfit.

24. Navy Blue and Tan

Model wearing navy blue skirt with orange purse.

Navy blue and tan is one of the classic combinations on the list. Navy blue works nicely with just about any neutral, but the warmth of tan creates an especially balanced look. As you can see in the pictured outfit, tan leather accessories (belts, shoes, and purses) are an easy way to bring this look together. 

And if you’re currently shopping for new looks, this is a fairly easy one to create. Navy blue is a common color for just about every clothing item, and you can also find tan leather accessories quite easily. Plus, navy and tan is a versatile combination that works well with casual outfits and formal wear alike.

25. Golden Yellow and Medium Blue

Young woman in stylish yellow top with blue skirt.

If you like the energy of yellow but prefer something closer to a jewel tone, a golden shade of yellow like the one pictured is a great way to go. It pairs well with medium blue and even denim blue, so this look works well for casual outfits. And of course, if you like patterns, shirts or dresses that use this combination are a nice way to stand out.

If you like the contrast in the picture but want to tone it down a little bit, shades of mustard yellow can be a good substitute for golden yellow. Plus, mustard yellow is a somewhat common color when it comes to leather accessories like purses and belts.

26. Dark Green and Gray

Woman with dark green handbag and gray coat.

Once the weather turns cooler, more people turn to darker, cooler colors. And for a more understated combination, gray and green are a good choice. To create a palette that verges on the monochromatic, pair a very dark green with dark charcoal. For higher contrast, try pairing lighter gray with dark green as shown in the picture.

For slightly more formal occasions, you might consider wearing a dark green tie with a gray suit. To balance out this darker combination, try pairing it with a cool white shirt.

27. Medium Blue and Chocolate Brown

Man with blue tie brown coat.

As we’ve seen so far, blue and brown seem to pair well together regardless of shade. Chocolate brown and lighter blue form a dignified pairing that works well with formal looks. As you can see in the photo, a medium-blue tie looks great with a chocolate brown blazer.

If you want to use this contrast in a subtler way, chocolate brown leather accessories also make a statement alongside blue shirts, dresses, or pants.

28. Rose Pink and Periwinkle

Model posing with fancy coat and long boots.

Sometimes, pairing multiple soft colors is a great choice. Palettes like this create dreamy, modern color schemes that are ideal if you want to stand out while still creating a calming mixture of colors.

If you want a color combination that evokes memories of spring, a combination of periwinkle and rose pink is an excellent choice. If you can find periwinkle boots like those shown in the picture, you can create an unusual and memorable outfit. Of course, you can always incorporate these soft colors into an outfit while sticking to more neutral-colored shoes and other accessories.

29. Yellow-Orange and Burnt Orange

Woman holding knitted scarf with blue background.

The seasons can be a great inspiration when it comes to clothing. And for those seeking a decidedly autumnal palette, the warm combination of yellow-orange and burnt orange is a great one. Burnt orange is a somewhat common color for coats and even tops, so this combination is easier to create than you might think.

Since both yellow-orange and burnt orange pair beautifully with denim, this is a combination that lends itself to casual looks. Try a burnt-orange jacket, a yellow-orange scarf, and blue denim jeans.

30. Red and White

Jeans, plaid shirt and red sneakers captured from above.

For those looking for classic combinations, red and white is a great one! From a practical standpoint, it’s also easy to find. Especially in autumn, red and white flannels are easy to find. And if you like the plaid look but want something a bit dressier, gingham collared shirts like the one shown in the picture are a great alternative.

As you likely already know, red and white also look great with navy blue. If you like this combination but don’t want to look like a 4th of July parade, try incorporating subtle navy blue accents. Even a red and white flannel with a few stripes of navy is a great way to do this.

31. Maroon and Gray

Young man with a maroon and grey sweatshirt isolated on white background.

For a combination that offers plenty of contrast but still remains muted, maroon and gray is a great choice. Many pieces of clothing also offer a bit of a pattern contrast, as you’ll often see heathered gray paired with solid maroon.

You can often find this combination in baseball-style shirts like the one shown in the picture. And like many neutral/non-neutral combinations on the list, this one is also a great choice for formal clothing. Try pairing a gray blazer with a white shirt and maroon tie.

32. Magenta and Charcoal

Bearded guy in magenta suit.

If you like the general idea of maroon and gray but want something brighter, try pairing magenta with charcoal! This is one of the many combinations on the list that’s great for activewear. A charcoal gray hoodie and/or leggings can really pop against bright magenta shoes. And if you can find it, primarily gray activewear with a few magenta accents is also a good choice.

To sprinkle in just a little of this memorable contrast, you can even incorporate something as simple as magenta socks into a mostly-charcoal outfit.

33. Yellow and Warm Gray

Woman with grey t-shirt and yellow headphones.

This color combination is best represented by Pantone’s joint Color of the Year for 2021. The color authority chose Ultimate Gray, a warm gray shade, with Illuminating, an energetic yellow shade.

As you can see in the photo, the gray/yellow combination is one you can easily create with accessories. You can easily add yellow headphones, shoes, socks, scarves, purses, etc. to a largely gray outfit and capitalize on this dynamic color trend!

34. Orange and Black

Man with orange athletic top and black pants next to ocean.

This combination probably makes you think of Halloween. But when used carefully, it has plenty of applications outside of the spooky holiday. As you can see in the photo, this combo is great for activewear, as an orange jacket is easy enough to pair with black pants. Plus, bright orange has the advantage of offering ample visibility. 

For a subtler look, you might consider pairing orange hats or socks with an otherwise-black outfit.

35. Charcoal Gray and White

Woman outdoors near the beach doing yoga.

Charcoal gray has popped up several times in our list, but it’s no coincidence: this rich and memorable color pairs well with bright colors, neutrals, and just about everything in between. If you like the contrast of black and white but want something a little less stark, consider piecing together an outfit of mostly charcoal and white.

As you can see in the photo, this makes a great contrast for activewear, but it’s also versatile enough for formal and casual outfits, too.

36. Pale Coral and Tan

Two guys at a wedding, one wearing a tan suit.

Coral is a great color for spring and summer looks, and a paler shade of coral is a great choice if you want to tone down the intensity a bit. Like many summery colors, coral pairs nicely with tan. Combining it with a tan blazer as shown in the photo is a great way to go.

For less formal occasions, a coral shirt also goes well with tan or khaki pants. A pale coral sundress will also look great with tan or light brown shoes and accessories!

37. Yellow and White

Woman in yellow jacket with white shirt.

If you want a light, cheerful color combination, try incorporating yellow and white into your next outfit! Pairing a yellow jacket with a white shirt as shown in the picture is a good choice. But if you prefer patterns, yellow and white is an easy one to find. From stripes to polka dots, yellow and white shirts and blouses can be found in abundance.

Like many looks on the list, this one can be used in a subtler way too. You can combine yellow accessories with a mostly-white outfit or white accessories with a mostly-yellow outfit for a memorable, summer-inspired look.

38. Sherbet Orange and Cool Gray

Woman with grey tank top and sherbert orange shorts playing with a beach ball.

We’ve mentioned burnt orange and bright orange thus far, but the pastel energy of sherbet orange can be an asset to your wardrobe when used well. It has a high-energy, summery vibe when paired with white, but mixing it with cool gray grounds it to create a more balanced look.

As you can see in the picture, gray and sherbet orange make a great activewear combination. Cool shades of gray provide the ideal counterbalance to orange’s vibrant energy. 

39. Clay Red and Cerulean

Man in custom tailored suit and trench coat posing indoors.

Red and blue are always striking. But if bright red and cerulean form a combination that’s a little loud for your taste, the muted nature of clay red just might work. Since clay red is close to being a neutral, you might be able to find clay-red coats like the one in the picture.

There are plenty of different ways to make use of this color combination, though. Try pairing a clay-red shirt with a cerulean tie for a pop of color!

40. Pink and Warm Black

Woman in pink dress posing in grass.

Pink and black is a classic color combination. And while hot pink and stark black can look a little harsh (though it’s a common choice in activewear!), soft pink and warm black is often a little easier on the eyes.

Outfits like the one in the picture (where one of these colors makes up most of the outfit and the other is an accessory) are a great way to wear this combination. But if you like patterns, a pink and black patterned top is also a great way to go.

41. Sky Blue and Royal Blue

Woman in light blue shirt with royal blue sun hat.

Earlier, we mentioned a combination of light blue and navy. If you like the blue-on-blue look but want something a little brighter, you might want to try out royal blue and sky blue. This is a great look for beachwear and casual summer outfits.

For more formal occasions, a sky blue shirt with a royal blue bow tie or necktie is a great high-energy look. It’s a good way to add a burst of color against neutral-colored pants or a blazer.

42. Taupe and White

Stylish man wearing brown knitted cardigan, and sunglasses on city street.

Neutral-on-neutral looks might be a bit subdued compared to some other combinations on the list, but they don’t have to be boring! Taupe is a quintessential autumn color with just enough warmth. And while it looks nice with jewel tones, it’s versatile enough to look great with white, too.

Combining a taupe cardigan with a white shirt like the model in the picture is a great way to wear this look. And thanks to the all-neutral nature of this color scheme, you can add a bright accessory for a pop of color if you wish!

43. Blue-Green and Coral

Blonde young woman in floral spring summer dress posing on a blue background.

For a look that’s perfect for spring and summer, try combining blue-green and coral! As you can see in the photo, adding a small burst of coral to a mostly-cool color scheme is a great way to balance out an outfit.

Like some other combinations on the list, this one works well when there’s a color gradient involved. Coral looks nice in an outfit that incorporates blue, green, and the spectrum of colors between. And of course, incorporating white is a fairly simple way to lighten up the look.

44. Red and Taupe

Man wearing warm sweater, winter coat, and hat posing behind mountains with snow.

Earlier, we mentioned the versatility of taupe when it comes to wardrobe. And while this color pairs well with other neutrals, you can create a decidedly lively look by pairing it with red.

Depending on your individual preferences, you can tweak this combination in a number of ways. Try warm taupe and clay red for a more autumnal look, or create some contrast by combining cool taupe with fiery red.

45. Blush Pink and White

Portrait of girl in casual outfit holding shopping bags isolated on pink background.

The combination of blush pink and white is perfect for creating a delicate, flowery aesthetic. As you can see in the photo, this combination works beautifully when combined in layers.

You also might want to try a blush pink top combined with white shorts, pants, or a skirt. If you wish, you can ground this combination with gray or black, or you can just keep the dreamy look as-is.

46. Yellow and Deep Sky Blue

Young woman holding stylish yellow handbag and wearing a trendy blue coat.

The combination of yellow and blue can create a variety of different energies depending on the shade of each. And as you can see in the photo, combining a few shades of yellow with deep sky blue is certainly an option.

Try using intense sunny yellow for a bold contrast or soft yellow for an airier look. It also works to combine various shades of sky blue with a single shade of yellow. If you like to get creative with combining colors, this is a great place to start!

47. Burnt Orange and Hunter Green

Woman outside wearing burnt orange coat and black pants.

If you’re in search of more autumn-inspired combinations, this is a great one to choose. This fashion-forward combination looks great with burnt orange leather as shown in the picture, but any material works.

Try pairing a burnt orange top with hunter-green pants. Or if you prefer, mix burnt-orange accessories with an outfit that’s mostly hunter green.

48. Slate Blue and Warm White

Blue midi pleated skirt, beige knitted sweater, and small black cross body bag.

Navy blue and charcoal gray are staples in the fashion world. And if you can’t choose between the two, you can always go for the happy medium: slate blue. This gray-tinged blue looks outstanding alongside warm, vintage-inspired whites. 

But you don’t have to stop here! Often, slate blue functions like a neutral, so it will work alongside a whole host of other colors as well. For a higher-energy look, try mixing it with high-energy shades like red or orange.

49. Red and Mint Green

Woman sitting cross legged on the floor with striped red shirt and mint green pants.

If you haven’t seen it in action before, this color combination probably sounds weird. But as you can see in the picture, a thoughtful combination and red and mint green can really create a memorable outfit.

Of course, depending on the exact shades used, this juxtaposition may prove a little jarring. Try incorporating different shades of white to balance out the overall look. Or for a muted aesthetic, go for dusty or clay-like reds instead of bright reds.

50. Black and Gray

Happy young business man using phone walking with bag on city street.

Last on our list is another classic: gray and black. This wintery combo is great for colder months. It’s also pretty easy to accomplish, as most of us have both black and gray in our closets. Pairing a gray coat with black pants is a great option. So is pairing black accessories with a largely gray outfit. And of course, if you want a more memorable look, go for a shirt with an interesting pattern of black and gray.

An Endless Number of Color Combinations for Clothes

We hope that you’ve found a few new clothing combinations to incorporate into your day-to-day life. And remember that this list is just a starting point. As your sense of style evolves, you’ll likely come up with even more memorable outfits!