Sagittarius Color Meanings: Best Palettes and Colors to Avoid

Sagittarius zodiac sign with colorful centaur holding bow and arrow

The mid-20th-century population was so thrilled with black-and-white television; think about just how excited they must have been when television shows became colorized for the first time. Color affects every aspect of our lives. It can sway our emotions, calm us, excite us and even evoke anger. Color is so important that it was one of the first things you learned about in primary school. You were likely taught about Mr. ROY G. BIV as the acronym for the colors of the rainbow.

To take this topic even further, there is much data that studies how our astrological sign affects which colors might work best for us. Conversely, the zodiac also plays a large role in which colors we should avoid. This is not the same as which colors we simply like the best. In fact, this discord might prove why that unique color you adore and therefore wore to that job interview did not serve in your best interest.

If you or someone close to you is born between November 22 and December 21, you may find this post interesting. We are going to take a closer look at the Sagittarius and the colors that specifically affect this zodiac sign.

What is the Nature of Sagittarius?

Sagittarius truly is one of the most colorful of the twelve astrological signs. Sagittarians are much like the color wheel itself: they roll with life and they roll through life. Like the flame that they represent, the path they blaze is rarely straight and narrow. This fire sign is known as the “traveler,” and is often perceived as quite the nomad who does not settle easily, although they are abundantly affable and friendly. This paradox can leave those born under this sign (and those who love them) with a life that’s quite a conundrum: they are easy to love, fun to spend time with, and great physical partners, but they can tire easily and desire to continue their journey through the universe. This is not to say that a Sagittarian never makes a great marital partner, however, because they also have an enormous sense of loyalty to justice and in doing the right thing.

Although most centaurs do not have a natural aptitude for being organized and orderly, other factors in their upbringing may nurture that skill. Without guidance, however, most centaurs are trotting off the typical path to find new adventures.

If by now, you have developed a vision of a metaphorical frog in a blender (or flattened fauna in that road of life), you’re not far off. To the friends and family of these quirky fire-sign centaurs, the key is to encourage this potential metaphoric “frog” from masochistically pushing the “blend” button itself due to lack of focus and direction.

Effects of Colors on the Sagittarian

In order to analyze what colors and palettes to avoid for this Zodiac sign, it is perhaps more efficient to first discuss the colors that stimulate them. This fire sign is, as aforementioned, one of the most colorful of all twelve. They see joy in so many things and are intrigued with learning about new topics, studying different cultures and lifestyles, trying a hand at new hobbies and sports, and shopping. Shopping is a favorite of most born under this sign. It all boils down to this bold statement:

Sagittarius LOVES and ENJOYS almost every color of the rainbow, but that doesn’t mean that all those colors are beneficial for them or that all colors work well for them.

The following colors generally work well for Sagittarius: intense shades of purple (not genteel lilac), teal, yellows, and oranges. Read on to discover the bases for these Sag colors.

Relevance of Colors to the Twelve Signs

A quick peak at a Chinese Zodiac wheel will quickly explain how the twelve astrological divisions indicate a propensity for certain colors. This actually has very little to do with personal tastes. For example, let’s say you’re a Libra who absolutely adores the color red because it reminds you of your dear Aunt Audrey, who was your favorite aunt who gave you red Jolly Ranchers every visit (in her abode that was highly adorned in red decor). That’s all a very personal socializing part of your upbringing and you carry that love for red with you throughout your life. However, it is recommended that Libras avoid red at important avenues in their lives. Moreover, red is never a good choice should you have to appear in traffic court.

Should you research how colors are related to the astrological chart, you will find that colors that work in favor of the respective sign do so largely due to the element that the sign represents. Here are some examples for clarity:

  • Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Because these are fire signs, you will find a color palette of oranges, purples and royalty gold.
  • Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Obviously these water signs see benefits from sea-like colors such as deep blues and azures, but they can drift off into bright neon’s that burst alongside their bold moments.
  • Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius enjoy a positive color palette of bold colors such as greens, indigo and sometimes neutral gray because they are intuitive and always on the move.
  • Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: It goes without saying that these solid, organized earth signs are drawn to somewhat conservative hues such as sienna, forest greens and calming neutrals such as cream or beige.

Furthermore, because every ethnicity, skin color, nationality and demographic is born under the same sun signs, it is not quite prudent or even possible to appropriate certain color palettes to all people born under that sign. In other words, some people who are very fair-skinned, blonde, and sensitive to the sun often don’t wear peaches and oranges well. Conversely, the same person born on the same day may sport a peachy palette like a pro – largely because they have dark hair and a dark complexion. These rules of warm and cool colors when it comes to the wardrobe may be considered an element under the umbrella of “color tailoring” according to your zodiac sign.

Colors Conducive to Sagittarius

As mentioned, Sagittarius is a fire sign and boldly moves forward with those colors that emanate flames, such as gold, bronze, bright yellows and the greens seen in an open flame. Ironically, there is another color that reflects the creative element of the Sagittarian and that color is purple and most of the related shades (as long as they are not subtle like lilac or periwinkle). Purple is the color of not only royalty, but also of creativity and change.

Although it would not be prudent to state that Sagittarius should completely avoid certain colors at all costs, it is wise to know how such colors might affect your performance in certain venues. There are blanket “rules” that wise people abide by regardless of their astrological sign, i.e. it is rarely a good idea to wear a red suit to court if you want to be taken seriously, no matter how much your sign might benefit from that bold color.

The Most Common Colors That Sagittarius Needs to Keep at Bay

The following colors may tend to “dull” the brilliant flame and energy of the Sagittarian: beige, pale pink, peaches, solid black, baby blue and other pastels (other than yellow), gray, and sometimes white.

This is not to say that the November/December-born person should never wear those colors. They are simply offered as shades and hues that may dull the Sag’s energy or enthusiasm.

Sagittarians would benefit by exploring patterned clothing, fabrics and accessories to adorn not only themselves, but also their households. Paisleys are flirty and fun and often boast hints of the Centaur’s fire colors of yellows and oranges. If plaids are used, it is advisable to do so with caution, because plaids of any color demand order and precision, and that is somewhat the antithesis of the energetic fire sign.

How This Information is Beneficial to All

What if you’re not a Sagittarius? Does this information apply to you? Yes, it does. There must be those born under this sign in your wide range of friends and family. You obviously buy gifts for others. There are times in which you likely want to influence others. Research information about their astrological colors that affect them either positively or negatively before you buy or before you make that presentation.

Colors are extremely relevant to learning styles and interpersonal actions and reactions. A perfect example of the omnipotence of colors in our life is to analyze the comparison of black and white television to color television to see how tremendous the difference was.

There are many fascinating ways in which your astrological sign can be used to design your habitat or home to suit your tastes. Obviously, if you do not live alone, it is imperative to compromise with your significant other or family members to keep the peace at home. Some intriguing information regarding what colors of interior wall paint work best for the various signs can be found here.

Final Thoughts on Sagittarius Colors

That bright neon yellow may look great in your bedroom for the first week, but since Sag’s tend to switch gears a lot, it is advisable to keep color choices easily changeable or to not go overboard with bold choices. The Centaur may not be a fan of white, but white certainly makes a bold and perfect contrast for huge splashes of colors that can easily be altered. Keep that in mind, dear traveling centaurs.

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