August Birthstone Color and Meaning: Peridot and Spinel

August Birthstones: Peridot and Spinel Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: August
  • Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel
  • Color: Light Green
  • Meanings: Relaxation, Revitalization

The Story of Peridot

Peridot derives from peritot, which is French for gold. In certain lights, peridot radiates a gold hue, making peritot the perfect namesake. Discovered in 1500 B.C., peridot was welcomed to the jewel realm after miners unearthed it in Zabargad Island. When the existence of these stones became known, island inhabitants were put to work. Their goal was to acquire as much peridot as possible for the Pharoah’s treasury. This mission was of paramount importance and required diggers to work day and night.

Treasured by Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, peridot was better known as the gem of the sun. The stone cast such remarkable and blinding beauty that Egyptians likened it to sunshine. Ancient Egyptians were so fond of peridot that they had a monopoly on the mines in Saint John’s Island. They were so serious about protecting their preserves that they concealed the whereabouts of the island. It wasn’t until 1905 when the location of the island became known.

The Fall of Zabargad Island

In 1930, production levels dropped drastically. Many attribute this to the 3,500 years inhabitants spent digging for peridot. A couple of decades later, operations ceased completely. Fortunately, the island had a phenomenal run. When the mines were nationalized, the island bid farewell to their centuries of mining success.

Religious Decorations

During the Middle Ages, peridot found its way into religious settings. Europeans are credited with obtaining enough of this gem to decorate church plates and robes. Following the crusades, soldiers brought peridot back to their native lands. Since they procured the stones during a religious war, it only made sense for them to hold sacred meaning. This green jewel was the perfect addition to places of Christian worship.

Another Substantial Supplier

Though Zabargad Island was no longer producing peridot, Burma was. This Asian country evolved into the most profitable producer of peridot in 1962. Their economy was thriving, but this season of prosperity had an expiration date. Eventually, their supply ran out, which led to a total economic collapse. Currently, Burma is an impoverished country. Peridot is still available in this area, but its quality pales in comparison to the stones found 60 years ago.

Emerald or Peridot?

When miners first discovered emeralds, this green gem was unlike any other. Peridot quickly gave emerald a run for its money. With the technology and insight that jewelry historians have today, some are questioning the popularity of emeralds. In their expert opinion, most emeralds were actually peridot. Even some items in Cleopatra’s collection were deemed peridot gems later on. To discern one from the other, determine how dark the green is. Lighter tones are more commonly associated with peridot.

Green peridot raw gemstones isolated on white background

The Luckiest of Charms

Those in search of good fortune would rely on peridot to change their luck. It was believed that this superstitious stone held magical powers. What’s more, if you suffered from nightmares, peridot was thought to provide a dreamless sleep. Peridot was so strong that it could even dispel fears. According to Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, these wonders only worked if you wore peridot jewelry on your right arm.

Banishes Jealousy

The green is peridot is thought to eliminate the green in jealousy. Legend maintains that peridot is effective in freeing the mind of envious notions. In essence, insecurities are believed to diminish in the face of peridot. As a result, self-confidence boosts, envy takes a back seat, and relationships strengthen.

Brings Good Cheer

Positivity is plentiful when peridot is present. Ancient cultures were the first to notice peridot’s uplifting nature. In the hopes of creating happy atmospheres, people would welcome peridot into their homes. Moreover, it was known that peridot protected against evil. For the sake of creating a pleasant and sunny environment, peridot was heavily relied on.

An Unconventional Antidote

Afflictions of the liver and bladder are said to be remedied with peridot. It should also help digestion. By detoxifying the body, peridot eliminates all the impurities that deteriorate our organs. As a result, constipation lessens, physical discomfort diminishes, and pain subsides. With its tonic effects, peridot successfully heals and regenerates tissues. People who were or are wary of modern medicine consider peridot a holistic and efficient alternative. During childbirth, some women place peridot on their muscles to alleviate contractions.

Cures Depression

Peridot is said to provide more emotional release than any other gem. Thanks to the power of peridot, the negative thoughts that race through our minds come to a screeching halt. Those suffering from emotional pain and distress can find hope in peridot. This powerful jewel calms the nerves and reduces restlessness. True happiness lies just around the corner when we allow peridot to work its magic.

Cleanses the Heart

The resentment and guilt we store in our hearts can be toxic. Peridot seeks to purify us with its cleansing properties. This gem offers psychological clarity, which helps us make sense of past, present, and future circumstances. With peridot’s guidance, we can find peace in the throes of hardship.

August’s Second Birthstone

August babies can also claim spinel as their birthstone. Described as sharp crystals, spinel is a multifaceted gem that comes in various colors. However, the most common are red and blue. In fact, it’s often mistaken for either a ruby or sapphire. While historians haven’t uncovered much about the history of this gem, the meaning of spinel is widely known.

Three spinel crystals isolated on white background

Offers Inspiration

When horizons feel unusually narrow, spinel broadens them. This stone encourages us to gain a new perspective on life. By doing so, we feel less stuck in our thoughts and current situations. It can even urge us to adopt new beliefs. Spinel’s ability to arouse new ideas underscores its powerful essence.

Helps Manage Stress

Those who are constantly on the go can benefit from spinel. This jewel gives us permission to let go. It can be hard to find quiet in the chaos of life, but spinel makes it possible for us to unwind. Spinel silences our irrational thoughts and, in turn, promotes relaxation. When stress levels spike, spinel excels at reeling in our doubts and anxieties.

Brings Renewal

Most notably, spinel is known to swap toxic energy with fresh spirits. This process promises renewal. When spinel shifts our attitude, joy follows. If you’re interested in elevating to your higher self, use spinel to facilitate the process. This stone will usher in a new way of thinking while providing an unmatched level of insight.

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