February Birthstone Color and Meaning: Amethyst

February Birthstone: Amethyst Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: February
  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Color: Purple
  • Meanings: Protection, Elegance

A Birthstone of Rich History

Dating back to ancient Greece, amethyst gained the adoration of many with its grape-like color and alleged healing powers. Most commonly associated with Bacchus, the god of wine, amethyst had strong ties to this beloved Greek beverage. However, this gem didn’t endorse drunkness. It protected those who were fearful of intemperance. With that said, amethyst was worn by those who wanted to keep their wits about them. Some went so far as to drink out of an amethyst goblet. Those who sipped from this enchanted cup believed they wouldn’t succumb to the belligerent behaviors that accompany alcohol consumption.

An Egyptian Antidote

Similarly, ancient Egyptians maintained that amethyst was the most potent remedy for treating intoxication. In their culture, amethyst was symbolic of the zodiac sign of the goat. In those days, goats were touted as the enemy of vines and vineyards. In other words, these domesticated animals thwarted off the evil that came with insobriety. Many regarded overindulgence as uncouth and a sign of social impotence, which is why people were so keen to maintain sobriety.

A Staple in Christianity

Bishops and Christian figures felt strongly about the efficacy of amethyst. According to Christian leaders, this stone was representative of Christ. From jewelry to mosaics, you’d find a wealth of amethyst in hallowed grounds. In the Bible, there are numerous references to amethyst and its holiness. This sacred stone was so eminent that it served as one of the foundations of the Holy City.

Worn by Royals

Purple is an inherently regal color, making amethyst the ideal jewel for royals. Creating amethyst was an expensive process, which is why monarchical powers paid a pretty penny for this precious gem. To demonstrate their wealth, kings and queens would don copious amounts of amethyst. Today, you’ll find amethyst in royal collections around the world. Members of the British Empire were especially fond of this dazzling birthstone.

Enhances Intelligence

When sound decision-making is warranted, allow amethyst to guide your thoughts. This gem is thought to bring bright ideas to the forefront. It’s for this reason why entrepreneurs enjoy interacting with amethyst. In essence, this stone promotes businesslike tendencies and advocates for professionalism. Those who are natural-born leaders can do great things in the presence of amethyst.

Uncovers Our Higher Selves

Amethyst is known to bring our wildest aspirations to fruition. As a pure and selfless stone, amethyst inspires us to reach for the stars. Some people subscribe to the notion that amethyst is responsible for elevating humankind. Its subtle intervention in our daily lives does wonderful things for humanity. So long as we place our faith in amethyst, it promises to do the same.

Offering Stillness in Chaos

When anger and violence surface, amethyst encourages us to stay calm. According to amethyst, it’s foolish to lead with such intense feelings. Instead, it’s in our best interest to rein in our emotions. With help from amethyst, we can do just that. This gem brings peace of mind to the anxious, relaxation to the tense, and hope to the hopeless. No matter the mayhem that lies in front of us, we can always find a silver lining thanks to amethyst. 

Purple rough Amethyst quartz crystals on white background

Humble and Modest

As the quintessence of humility, amethyst isn’t quick to boast. In fact, it seldom has self-serving thoughts. Though amethyst possesses unmatched beauty, it doesn’t know it. Unfortunately, royals sullied amethyst’s modest reputation by wearing lavish jewelry made from this gem. In this instance, history didn’t repeat itself. These days, amethyst is wholly indicative of modesty.

Reduces Stress

From insomnia to depression, amethyst is applauded for its ability to combat stress-induced symptoms. These adverse effects don’t stand a chance in the face of amethyst. If you struggle to find a balance between work and life, find comfort in amethyst. For those who battle with dependency, amethyst will unearth your inner strength. When stress rears its ugly head, amethyst removes this toxicity with ease.

A Natural Healer

For centuries, many have relied on the healing powers that amethyst promises. When the splendors of ancient magic first became known, amethyst contributed greatly to this phenomenon. When placed under a pillow, amethyst drives off nightmares. Moreover, it raises spiritual awareness and wards off unrelenting guilt. Whether you’re in danger or have fallen ill, amethyst strives to get you to a place of peace and rest.

Fosters Internal Harmony

Finding physical and emotional stability is made possible with amethyst. This magical stone works wonders when it comes to establishing a state of spiritual calm. Feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction pour in when the power of amethyst is unleashed. When we receive information in the presence of amethyst, the mind and body digest it in unison. This balanced process brings forth wisdom and tranquility.

Loves to Love

Amethyst knows nothing of hate. This gem leads with love, making it the ideal stone for couples. By sharpening the conscious mind, amethyst makes us aware of the blessings that surround us. As a result, it unveils a deep sense of gratitude within us. Gratefulness gives rise to positivity, warmth, and deep affection. Simply put, amethyst doesn’t entertain unhealthy feelings that breed rage and hatred.

Fast Facts

Given its extensive background, there’s much to know about amethyst. Here are some common facts that highlight amethyst’s boundless intrigue.

  • Amethyst is the birthstone representing February.
  • Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Zambia are the four major sources of Amethyst.
  • Even large amethyst stones are affordable.
  • In the realm of jewelry, amethyst is always associated with good fortune.
  • Amethyst is the official stone of the province of Ontario.
  • Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring that was engraved with Cupid’s face.
  • Amethyst dates back to 20,000 B.C.
  • Farmers believe that amethyst protects crops.
  • In Hebrew, amethyst translates to dream.

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