Birthday Color Astrology or Colorstrology: What Does It Say About You?

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Birthday colors or birthday color astrology is also known as Colorstrology. This science has been studied in great detail by Michele Bernhardt, and it combines the science of the influence of stars and planets, along with color psychology, to create a personal color for each day of the year. This means that there are 366 birthday colors and a specific color for each individual on this planet based on his or her birthday.

The Influence of Color on Personality

We rarely stop to think about the colors around us, but wouldn’t this world be a dull place without colors? Imagine if everything around us were either black or white.

Colors influence our mood and feelings and that is why our personal favorite color says so much about us. Just as birthday zodiac signs give us a glimpse into our personality, birthday colors of the day a person is born say a lot about them. In a sense, the colors at the time of birth symbolize the child’s very essence.

Why Are Birthday Colors So Meaningful?

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The date of birth for each individual has significant meaning in numerology. These components play a role in one’s life experiences. In many Eastern countries, people do not get married without first consulting the astrological charts and birthdates of the potential bride and groom, as they believe astrology influences many life experiences. Colorstrology also impacts elements such as fire, earth, water, and the planets at the time of the birth of the individual.

It is no wonder that people who believe and accept this science want to know about Colorstrology compatible birthdays. Michele Bernhardt recommends the use of Colorstrology in the following way:

  • Find your birthday color in Michele’s book or check the monthly colors further down in this post.
  • Once you determine your color, wear it, meditate upon it, or use it in your surroundings as much as you can.
  • If a particular person is important to you, determine their birthday color too. You can suggest them to wear/meditate upon/use that color.
  • Couples about to get married can try to incorporate each partner’s birthday color in their wedding theme.

Is Colorstrology Real Science?

If you think about it, it makes sense why an individual gets along with one person but clashes with another. This is explained in Colorstrology as: some colors clash but pair up beautifully with others. Colorstrology or birthday colors and monthly colors can help us understand personality differences. This science also helps us understand why someone born on the first of a particular month is so dynamic and outgoing, while a person born just the next day of the same month is so shy and introverted.

Colorstrology is based on many different aspects. It considers different elements like fire, earth, water, as well as numerology and a sun sign’s ruling planet. Each of these components impact certain areas of our lives as well as our personalities. So it makes sense that Colorstrology should influence us as well.

Your Favorite Color May Not Be Your Birthday Color

Quite often our favorite color is not our birthday color, or even in the set of monthly colors. This is because favorite colors are influenced by our surroundings, experiences, and even our age. Personal favorites tend to change with age.

Birthday colors, on the other hand, always remain the same, and they represent and honor the real essence of an individual. Thus, birth colors remain constant and, to an extent, can be the connecting link between one’s outer and inner worlds.

There Are 366 Birthday Colors

3D number 366 three hundred sixty six in lively colors isolated on white background

It makes sense that we have 366 birthday colors. You can look up your birthday color based on the birthday color chart in Michele’s book. It gives you your birthday color along with your personality type. It also gives you suggestions on how to incorporate the color in your daily life. Other websites like the E-Reference desk give a list of colors for each month. For example, if you are born anywhere between June 1st to June 14th, your birthday color would be Gray and so on. You can also find monthly colors for each of the 12 months below.

Monthly Colors

Each month has several color associations, and naturally, you are born under one of the colors of your birth month. These monthly colors play a major role in your life experiences. For example, someone born in October who wants more balance in their relationships may wear, meditate on, or surround themselves with navy blue and, for prosperity, they can work with certain shades of purple and so on.

  • January – Orange, Yellow, Red
  • February – Pink, Blue, Green
  • March – Aqua, Lime, Black, Purple
  • April – Navy, Silver, White
  • May – Blue, Gold, Cream
  • June – Cream, Gray, Maroon, Red
  • July – Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink
  • August – Blue, Green, Aqua
  • September – Aqua, Lime, Olive, Purple
  • October – Purple, Navy, Silver, White
  • November – White, Gold, Cream
  • December – Cream, Gray, Maroon, Teal

What if You Hate Your Birthday Color?

The author of Colorstrology, Michele Bernhardt, believes that there is really no issue if that happens. Many people do not like or relate to their birthday colors. But that is completely okay. The system of Colorstrology is designed so that anyone can use any color to get the best out of its use.

However, you should also consider how a color makes you feel. Look around you. Is there a color in your environment that evokes strong feelings of happiness, passion, and love in you? Then simply try to use that color wherever you can in your life.

How to Use Your Birthday Colors

If you do happen to like your birthday color or monthly colors, then wear them, surround yourself with them, and most importantly, meditate upon them. Try and assess how your birthday color makes you feel. If you feel good, happy, relaxed, and positive, then there are literally a million ways you can incorporate it into your life. Here are some ideas:

  • Add the color in the form of flowers, paintings, and artwork.
  • Wear shirts/dresses in the birthday color. If the color is too bright or too dull, use it as an accent in the form of a bag, scarf, or jewelry pieces.
  • Simply add it as embroidery in your socks.

Birthstone vs Birthday Colors

Astrological horoscope with birthstones and female hand on colored background

People wear birthstones for luck and each month has a birthstone associated with it. For example, people born in January have Garnet as their birthstone and those born in July have ruby. So, the stones are selected based on the colors for the months. You can read about birthstone meanings in my post here.

Birthday Colors by Age

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to birthday colors for milestone birthdays or ages. In general, the following guidelines can be used if you are planning a party. Again, these are just guidelines and the colors do not have any spiritual significance at all.

16th Birthday

You can choose your birth month color or your favorite color. For girls, pink is a good theme color for the 16th birthday. You can also use a combination of colors like red and blue, or gold and black.

21st Birthday

The 21st birthday is a milestone birthday as it is the legal age in the US for drinking and other debaucheries. Instead of a specific color you can go for a themed party, like a casino theme, masquerade ball theme, and so on.

30th Birthday

30th birthday colors could be pink and gold, white and gold, or teal, brown, and gold. Again, there are no hard and fast rules, these are just suggestions.

60th Birthday

Black and white and silver and gold are great combos for the 60th birthday.

70th Birthday

Go for silver and black with accents of gold for the 70th birthday.


Now you know how to find your birthday color and what it says about you. Next, find out what your favorite color says about your personality.