March Birthstone Color and Meaning: Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: March
  • Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Meanings: Hope, Bravery, Creativity

Strong Ties to Tides

Renowned for its crystal blue colors and ocean-esque hues, aquamarine is most prominently known for its seawater elements. Treasured long before our time, aquamarine was beloved by ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, and Romans. Though today people prefer blue aquamarine gems, in the 19th century, everyone was fond of the green variations of this stone. While our preferences have altered, aquamarine hasn’t lost its timeless elegance.

Roman Myths

The Romans held strong beliefs about aquamarine. For instance, if someone engraved a frog onto an aquamarine, it was a sign of reconciliation. In other words, it served as an olive branch. Meanwhile, other Romans maintained that aquamarine was symbolic of young love. It’s for this reason why it was often gifted to soon-to-be brides and grooms. Moreover, sailors took these gems on voyages to ensure a safe and prosperous journey.

Symbolic of Happiness

According to Egyptians and Hebrews, aquamarine brought forth positivity and, in turn, happiness. Where this gem was present, so too was unbridled joy. Families would shower their young ones with this stone in the hopes that they would lead a fulfilling life. Older generations found comfort in aquamarine because of its promise to provide everlasting youth. In their eyes, aquamarine held no negative qualities and was intended only for good.

An Antidote for Poison

William Langland, a controversial author, wrote that aquamarine was an antidote for poison. It was his understanding that this supernatural stone could prevent the adverse effects of poison from taking hold. Given how prevalent poisonings were, many gave this trick a shot. Europeans were especially eager to put this antidote to the test. Many members of royal families were being poisoned, making aquamarine a godsend at the time. Simply wearing the stone was enough to stop the symptoms in their tracks.

Offering a Look Into the Future

When cut into a crystal ball, many believed that aquamarine possessed clairvoyant powers. To ignite these psychic abilities, hanging the stone over a bowl of water was all that was necessary. Within the bowl were the letters of the alphabet. As the stone gravitated towards letters, it would tell a story. For a quicker response, some would submerge a stone into a bowl of pure water. Depending on how strong the message was, it would rise to the top of the bowl.

Ideal for Combat

When a victory was sorely needed, aquamarine was thought to bring triumph in battles. As a protector, aquamarine proved effective in keeping soldiers out of harm’s way. What’s more, it armed troops with the strength they needed to defeat the enemy. If the outcome of a fight hung in the balance, aquamarine would tip the scales in someone’s favor. Simply put, aquamarine offered hope in otherwise desperate situations.

A Natural Pain Reliever

In the face of emotional or physical discomfort, aquamarine provided relief. From toothaches to sadness, aquamarine was successful in treating ailments of the heart and body. For the sake of maintaining optimal health, many wore aquamarine as a preventative measure. They had seen how it cured the sick and grief-stricken and wanted to reap the benefits of its magical wonders. Aquamarine even remedied unfavorable attributes, including laziness and impatience.

Aquamarine gemstone isolated on white background

Opens the Door to Reality

The transparency of aquamarine is directly correlated to the self-reflection it offers. When reality slips from our grip, aquamarine is there to remind us that our thoughts are distorted. Many believed that staring at this stone would provide insight into who they truly were. Those who open their minds to this possibility will find great comfort in aquamarine. If you’re struggling with your identity, allow aquamarine to clear things up. As an honest and forthcoming stone, aquamarine only honors the truth.

Improves Well-Being

Whether you’re on a wellness journey or wish to connect with healthy emotions, aquamarine will provide the guidance you need. With its healing properties and eternal wisdom, aquamarine promotes physical and emotional release. We can learn a lot by seeking counsel from aquamarine. If we allow it to, aquamarine will give us the sound decision-making skills we need to navigate life. As a result, we’ll discover the meaning of true well-being.

Enhances Spiritual Connections

Spiritual awareness is at the heart of a prosperous life. Without something to stand for, aquamarine reminds us that we’ll fall for anything. With that said, aquamarine encourages us to embark on a path of spiritual awakening. Aquamarine understands that this undertaking can be challenging, which is why it facilitates the process. By offering subtle hints and suggestions, aquamarine ensures that we’ll make it through feeling whole and content.

Purifies Thoughts

Toxic emotions and baseless fears don’t bode well for happy living. Aquamarine is a strong proponent of this notion. The encouragement we receive from aquamarine enables us to bid farewell to thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us. If you’re prone to self-polluting behaviors, interacting with aquamarine will do you good. Aquamarine believes that pleasure comes to those who recognize their shortcomings and have the gumption to right their wrongs.

Fosters Positive Life Changes

Change doesn’t come easy for most. Aquamarine tells us that we shouldn’t fear change. Instead, we ought to embrace it. By doing so, we’ll set ourselves up for enduring success. If you’re uneasy about a life transition that awaits, aquamarine will console you. This charming gem maintains that the true magic happens outside of our comfort zones.

Inspires Courage

Bravery is a highly sought-after yet difficult to obtain trait. Those who wear aquamarine are thought to cultivate courage. With time, these fearless feelings will come naturally. After all, aquamarine regards distress as an unproductive and senseless emotion. These words of encouragement are enough to inspire grit.

The More You Know

Below, you’ll find some interesting facts about March’s intriguing birthstone.

  • Some aquamarine stones lose color.
  • The largest aquamarine ever found weighed 243 pounds.
  • Aquamarine crystals double as eyeglasses in Germany.
  • Aquamarine gemstones are treated with heat.
  • Aquamarine is a popular 19th anniversary gift.

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