What Color Is Your Soul and What Does It Mean?

Girl with light inside the body symbolizing the soul on a starry universe background

Soul color is defined as a color that strongly resonates with our soul. Each soul on this planet has a color associated or linked with it. Just as we develop taste or preference for certain foods, styles, activities, etc., our soul also develops a preference for certain colors. As we know, colors deeply affect our mood and how we feel. Similarly, certain colors soothe the soul while others ignite or flare it up.

Colors have different vibrations, and through meditation, we can sense the vibration of cosmic energy flowing through the body. When we focus on our breath, we activate the Prana or the Chi energy in the mind and body, which is also a form of vibration. The energy that flows within is linked to the soul energy, so if a soul develops a preference for a particular color, it simply means that it matches itself to that color’s vibration.

How Do You Find Out What Color Your Soul Is?

Silhouette of woman sitting in front of the colorful universe

Before we go through each soul color’s meaning, let us first take a look at how you can determine your soul color.

Close your eyes and think of a color you really love. This color is ideally one of the seven different colors of the Chakras, which are the energy centers in our body. Now imagine that your soul is also surrounded by light in this color.

You should start to experience peace, calmness, and happiness. Your body will relax in the light of that color, and you will feel one with the Universe. You will sense clarity that will remove all doubts and anxiety, and that is when you know you have found your soul color.

Soul Color Meanings

Here are the different soul colors and their meanings:

Red Soul Color

Red flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

Red is the color of the blood, and this rich color ignites passion and is associated with the Root chakra. It is also linked with raw power, sexual longing, passion, and the burning energy to go out there and do something. Your soul is grounded to Mother Earth as it is the very color of the root chakra. Red has the longest wavelength with the lowest frequency, and this color means you are a beginner soul on the spiritual path.

Orange Soul Color

Orange flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

If your soul color resonates with orange, then it means that you are stimulated and excited thanks to the provocative and intoxicating effect of the color on the soul. While your soul has advanced slightly from a beginner’s spirituality, it has a long way to go. There is still some arrogance, over-emotion, and aggression in you, although not as much as red. An orange soul color is connected with the Sacral chakra, which is associated with sexual and creative energy. It is also associated with the Third Eye chakra, which means that your soul is transmuting the sexual energy to attain spiritual, intuitive, and inner wisdom.

Yellow Soul Color

Yellow flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

Yellow is associated with the Solar plexus chakra. If the color yellow resonates with your soul, then it means that you radiate self-confidence, and your intellect is stimulated. You are brimming with creative ideas which help you act upon your gut feelings. A yellow soul color indicates that you have the Teacher’s soul, which means you are spiritually high up to guide other advancing souls. It is also associated with sunlight, Earth, happiness, optimism, hope, and femininity.

Green Soul Color

Green flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

Green is a color associated with the Heart chakra, which in turn is linked with love, Earth, growth, and abundance. Your soul is also the Healer’s soul, which makes you a mediator, balancer, and harmonizer of life. Your soul soothes and calms other agitated souls. Your personality is the down-to-earth type. People love to confide in you, and many look up to you. Your dynamic personality gets projects, plans, and activities to move forward.

Blue Soul Color

Blue flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. This is the Master soul color which is associated with depth and stability. You are a wise, stable, confident, and intelligent soul. You are calm, steady, and trustworthy, and your friends look up to you for advice, leadership, and guidance. You have vast knowledge, and your go-with-the-flow attitude attracts people to you. The color blue is associated with the Throat chakra, so you have a way with words, communication, language, and verbal ability.

Indigo Soul Color

Indigo flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

Indigo is the color of the Third Eye Chakra, and this soul color indicates the Ascended Master. You are already regularly meditating, visualizing, and making powerful positive affirmations to the Universe. Your Third eye is open, and that makes you highly intuitive. This awakening takes a lifelong effort, so you have probably been on the spiritual path for decades. You are adept at lucid dreaming, which means that you are aware that you are dreaming while you are asleep.

Violet/Purple Soul Color

Purple flower on black and white background symbolizing the soul

The color violet or purple means that you are a mystical soul with strong spiritual consciousness. You have transcended all human limitations and have intuitive flashes and strong extrasensory perception or ESP. You also have high levels of concentration. This color is associated with the Crown Chakra, and it has the shortest wavelength with the highest frequency. This makes you majestic, powerful, authoritative, and able to guide people around you. You have high imagination and no problem recollecting dreams.