April Birthstone Color and Meaning: Diamond

April Birthstone: Diamond Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: April
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Color: Clear/White
  • Meanings: Peace, Romance

Diamond: A Gem as Old as Time

While historians can’t prove when diamonds were discovered, India is credited with unearthing this robust stone. Upon realizing the value and beauty of diamonds, they began associating them with religious icons. Much like the figures they idolized, diamonds were precious, everlasting, and rich with splendor. Ancient India put diamonds on the map, and many countries were keen to learn more about the hardest naturally occurring stone on Earth.

Notable Diamond Suppliers

Australia, Brazil, and South Africa were prominent diamond resources. These countries did their part to keep up with the ever-expanding demand for diamonds. Australia remains a great source for this precious stone. In fact, 90 percent of the world’s natural pink diamond supply comes from Australia. However, in 2021, they’ll be ceasing all mining operations.

Beloved by Ancient Greek Warriors

In ancient Greece, warriors wore diamonds in hopes that it would make them invincible. Given how gruesome battles were in this era, it comes as no surprise that these valiant fighters took extra measures to safeguard their well-being. They also believed that diamonds would strengthen their muscles and, in turn, make them a formidable opponent. Ancient Greeks subscribed to the notion that diamonds were symbolic of innocence and purity. In essence, they treasured this gem and thought it represented bravery and virtue.

A Shared Perspective

Though each culture had its own beliefs, every civilization agreed that diamonds were a staple in creating a healthy society. Many believed that the durability and longevity of diamonds were signs of long-lived prosperity. With that said, leaders and townspeople introduced this stone to their community. Some people took it one step further by wearing diamonds around their necks, wrists, and ankles. This jewelry wasn’t as delicate as the necklaces and bracelets we see today.

Happily Ever After

During the Renaissance period, diamonds became synonymous with affection. The charm and elegance that diamonds held made them perfect engagement rings. Strapping young men would use this stone to propose to their admirer. This tradition dates back to 1477 and was especially popular with members of the royal family. If you were wealthy enough to afford a diamond, it was considered the ideal option for an engagement ring. This trend is common to this day.

Connects Mind With Body

According to spiritual people, diamonds hold the mystical ability to activate the seventh chakra. The stronger the diamond, the more power it has to open up spiritual doors. When the mind and body are at odds, diamonds help unite these powerhouses. When this happens, we find inner peace. A lot of people balk at this notion, but others find great comfort in this hope.

Provides Clarity

Doubts and fears have a way of clouding our judgment. Diamonds help bring us back to reality. When we begin to catastrophize events, unnecessary stress can follow. With diamonds, we can bid farewell to the anxiety that comes with these unpleasant circumstances. Simply put, diamonds provide positive resolutions to otherwise unsolvable problems.

Natural diamond nestled in kimberlite isolated on white background

Fosters Endurance

When the rigors of life become too much to bear, diamonds encourage us to keep pushing. For those who have lost faith, find solace in diamonds. These gorgeous stones will give you the hope and strength you need to continue fighting. What’s more, diamonds are known to increase our energy levels, which makes it simpler to overcome the struggles that lie ahead. Diamonds replace our negative space with positivity. As a result, we’re able to accomplish our dreams and eliminate worry.

Quiets the Mind

It’s easy for us to abandon a positive mentality. When we do, it gives rise to discouragement, fear, and emotional pain. Diamonds rein in these emotions and, in turn, bring us to a place of quietude and understanding. Diamonds seek to protect us from negative energies. If we allow these toxic forces to control our lives, they can wreak havoc on our mental and physical states. By soothing our thoughts, diamonds allow us to squelch unhealthy mindsets.

Alleviates Physical Ailments

Debilitating illnesses can cause copious amounts of distress. Fortunately, diamonds are said to remedy these afflictions, if you believe the ancient Hindus who first discovered how effective diamonds were for infections. When placed near an organ, the vibrations of a diamond should strengthen the inner workings of the body. Wearing diamonds around the neck is believed to produce the best results.

Improves the Ticker

Holistic cardiologists maintain that diamonds can be used to fortify a bad ticker. Placing a diamond in a glass of water and sipping on it throughout the night is said to aid the heart. By balancing metabolism, diamonds should prevent cardiovascular disease. Those who struggle with memory loss and poor eyesight is also said to benefit from diamonds. If you have an addictive personality, some people believe that diamonds help avoid temptation.

The Most Popular Diamond

Diamond wearers are most fond of a brilliant cut. When diamonds are cut in this fashion, rays of light reflect through them. Contrary to popular belief, this cut refers to the symmetry and proportion of the diamond. Many assume that diamonds are naturally shaped like this. However, expert precision and mathematical analysis are required to perfect these numerous facets.

Are Diamonds Forever?

While we’d like to believe that diamonds last forever, that’s not the case. Over time, diamonds degrade to graphite. This process involves atoms rearranging and decreasing to a lower energy state. The less energy the diamond has, the more likely it is to break down chemical bonds. Eventually, the diamond loses its luster and natural sheen.

April’s Birthstone

April babies reap the benefits of having one of the most popular birthstones. Those born in April are thought to have an unmatched level of inner strength because of their birthstone. Moreover, diamonds provide balance in a way that no other gem can emulate. Better relationships, stronger convictions, and self-confidence are also common among those who were born in April.

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