Birthstone Colors By Month And Their Meanings

birthstone colors by month and their meaningsSince times immemorial, birthstones have been worn by people for their value, rarity and beauty. But did you know that every birthstone also has a color and subsequent meaning associated with? In this guide, we will study what each birthstone per month signifies as well as the wonderful cosmic powers associated with them.

History of birthstone colors by month and their symbolism

The meaning of birthstone colors was first studied in 1400BC by the Assyrians. Even the Old and New Testaments describe colors and symbolism attached with each birthstone associated with 12 different months. Historians have also mentioned, time and again, how various gems possessed characteristics that could help individuals born in that particular month. In the Exodus, the high priest is described as wearing a breastplate having 12 gems representing the 12 tribes of Israel. Likewise, in The Revelation, at the end of the Bible, St. John describes the 12 colored stones placed in the foundation in New Jerusalem.

No wonder that based on such history, astrologers started associating 12 signs of the Zodiac with 12 different gems. They also studied the characteristics specific to each colored stone which, they felt, could be useful to people born in each month. For the first time, several hundred years ago, jewelers in Germany and Poland listed different gemstones for each month along with their characteristics. Shortly after, big companies like Tiffany & Co. jewelers published Gregorian poetry assigning specific qualities of gems to match with 9 different months. By 1912, and later again in 1952, the National Association of Jewelers updated the list of different birthstones by month and their color and meanings. The December birthstone listing came to be created much later when the Association added Tanzanite to the list.

Now we shall study the different Birthstone colors by month along with their symbolic meanings.

Birthstone colors by months and what they mean

As stated before, wearing the birthstone for each month can help give properties specific to people born under a particular zodiac:

January Birthstone Garnet, which is a red colored stone having properties and attributes such as faith, love and courage. Wearing Garnet can help prevent nightmares in children, and it may also be used for building energy levels, or for protecting the heart and lungs. People who have a weak self-image can benefit by wearing Garnet as it is known to increase self worth and evoke romance.

February– The birthstone for this month is Amethyst which is purple in color. The Pope, it is believed, wears a ring made of this stone. Amethyst is symbolic of protection and its purple color meaning includes protection against drunkenness, arthritis and general ill health.

March– This month’s birthstone is Aquamarine which is associated with meanings like creativity, hope, self expression and courage. Increase love, youth, good health and overall happiness by wearing pale aquamarine gemstone.

April– The birthstone for April is Diamond which is, as most of us already know, connected with eternal love. April’s birthstone also symbolizes romance and courage and is known to ward off insanity.

May– This month is associated with Emerald which is green in color. The meaning of this month’s birthstone is health, faithfulness, fertility and wealth. Traditionally, this stone is also known to have magical properties that can keep illness at bay.

June– The month of June is associated with Pearls or moonstones that help calm nervous and anxious thoughts. These cool milky birthstones are also known to indicate modesty and chastity.

July– July born people can benefit by wearing red Rubies. Like red Garnet, the birthstone of January, rubies represent courage and strength of the wearer. Additionally, this birthstone can bring about good luck and good friends. One of the many properties of this birthstone includes supporting the emotional state of the wearer.

August– Peridot is the gemstone associated with August. The greenish/yellowish stone color helps heal stress and reduces anger. In olden days, people wore this stone to ward off evil, negativity and black magic.

September– September born will do very well by wearing blue colored Sapphires/. The birthstone also indicates purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty and serenity. Blue sapphire can also reduce pain.

October– This month is associated with two birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline. Both can provide healing and restoring properties and are associated with meanings like hope, innocence and creativity.

November– The month of November is linked with yellow Topaz or Citrine.Citrine is called the ‘stone of the mind’ as it can help with intellect and remove negativity. Both Topaz and Citrine are known to help the mind and body and also protect the wearer from negative people.

December– The birthstones for December include Tanzanite, blue Topaz or Turquoise. Topaz, in particular, must be worn to boost good health and prevent headaches. All three stones are associated with healing properties. Tradition also shows that astrologers often prescribed Turquoise for providing an indication that the wearer was ill or in danger as the stone actually changed color under such circumstances.

In conclusion

As can be seen, gemstones and birthstones associated with each month help heighten the healing properties for that month while giving many health benefits to the wearer. We hope you will use this guide on birthstones by month and their color meanings to enhance your life.

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