September Birthstone Color and Meaning: Sapphire

September Birthstone: Sapphire Gemstone Meaning
  • Month: September
  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Meanings: Wisdom, Modesty

Sapphire: September’s Birthstone

Deriving from both a Latin and a Greek word, sapphire is a combination of the terms saphirus and saphieros. Both words mean blue in their native tongues. While this is the most widely accepted belief, some believe that sapphire gets its name from Saturn. In some languages, sapphire loosely translates to “dear to the planet Saturn.” Much like sapphire’s name, its roots aren’t exactly known.

An Ancient Stone

Though historians can’t prove who discovered the first sapphire, this gem has been in existence since 800 B.C. With its lengthy past, sapphire has a rich history. Persians attributed the color of the sky to sapphire. In essence, they thought sapphires were so reflective that they could paint the sky. Ancient Persians also considered sapphire a holy stone. In their eyes, the blue in sapphire was symbolic of the heavens.

A Protector of Kings

In the hopes of keeping danger at bay, kings would don sapphire around their necks. Royals knew that their prestigious status put them at an increased risk of harm. Poisonings were common during this era as well. For the sake of maintaining their well-being, sapphire jewelry was worn at all times. In essence, they believed that sapphire attracted divine favor.

Warded Off Witchcraft

When witchcraft was prevalent, sapphire was a source of protection. Crafty spells and supernatural powers were highly feared during this time. Those who were particularly fearful of black magic found great comfort in sapphire. Where sapphire was present, these evil forces didn’t stand a chance. Sir Richard Frances Burton, a British explorer, used sapphire during his travels to safeguard against sorcery.

Popular Among Notable Figures

Over the centuries, sapphire hasn’t lost its appeal. In fact, it’s become more sought-after. King Solomen was one of the first prominent figures to popularize this gem. He wore a sapphire ring that garnered substantial attention. Sapphires grew even more popular when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire ring.

The World’s Largest Sapphire

The largest sapphire in the world is housed in the American Museum of Natural History. This massive gem contains 563 carats. Named the Star of India, this stunning stone is seemingly flawless. With stars on both sides, this sapphire is wholly unique. Sri Lanka is credited with unearthing this captivating gem.

Helps Find Peace of Mind

Sapphires are known to offer tranquility and understanding. Together, these qualities bode well for peace of mind. During a difficult life transition or challenging season of life, sapphire frees us from stress. As a result, we find a sense of calmness. Those who struggle with intense emotions are encouraged to wear sapphire.

Enhances Our Perceptions

We can’t always rely on our judgment. More often than not, we’re being tricked by our observations. Sapphire shows us that there’s more than meets the eye. Though we may think we know it all, this enlightening stone reminds us that many truths lie beneath the surface. Once we make peace with this reality, we’ll begin to fully understand and appreciate the people and situations that enter our lives.

Represents Romantic Devotion

Sapphires love to love. They promote fidelity and ask us to see the best in our partners. By doing so, sapphire hopes that we’ll become less cynical and more open to intimacy. If your relationship is lacking in the romance department, ask sapphire for guidance. This gem will open your eyes to a world of passionate possibilities.

Rough blue sapphire stone isolated on white background

Defends Innocence

When immoral urges seem too tempting to ignore, sapphire provides restraint. Self-control can be tricky, but sapphire helps us overcome our dubious desires. Fortunately, this helps preserve our innocence. If innocence is a virtue you’re keen to uphold, make fast friends with sapphire. You’ll soon discover how easy it is to practice self-discipline when impulses rear their ugly heads.

Suppresses Negative Thoughts

Unhealthy thoughts breed unhealthy actions. In the Middle Ages, many communities saw a rise in depression. As an attempt to cure this adverse condition, some turned to sapphire. In addition to eliminating negative emotions, sapphire was also thought to bring you closer to God. A combination of both proved effective in curing depression.

An Alternative to Modern Medicine

In Persia and Russia, sapphire was the ideal holistic medicine. Both countries believed that sapphire strengthened the heart and muscles. In addition to providing physical strength, sapphire also fostered emotional endurance. Its healing properties were raved about, which is why sapphires were in such high demand. Sapphires that were engraved with a ram were especially potent. These specific gems were used to treat illnesses and alleviate physical discomfort.

Honored by Sorcerers

Wizards and warlocks were particularly fond of sapphire. According to these witch doctors, sapphire brought them closer to physic and astral realms. Moreover, this gem allowed them to hear and understand messages from otherworldly forces. These were considered some of the most outlandish notions, but that didn’t prevent sorcerers from pursuing wizardry.

Encourages Personal Development

The path to self-discovery is a grueling journey. When things get tough, sapphire motivates us to keep going. This stone reinforces positive thinking and, in turn, allows us to find true happiness. Sapphire believes that being optimistic is the best thing we can do. What’s more, it inspires us to let go of the things we can’t control. Life doesn’t come with a table of contents, which is why sapphire urges us to write our own chapters.

Promises Spiritual Enlightenment

The transformative impact that sapphires have is not to be undermined. When we let go of the reins, sapphire demonstrates its great wonders. More specifically, it connects us to our spiritual being. These effects can take hold quickly, so don’t be alarmed if the transformation begins abruptly. This experience gives rise to open-mindedness and a deep appreciation for our celestial powers. If you’re looking to connect with the universe, sapphire is all you’ll need.

Increases Communication With Angels

Those who believe in and connect with spirit guides use sapphire to enhance these relationships. Sapphires active our life’s purpose. When this happens, it prompts angels to get in touch with us. This divine intervention helps us find inner peace and understanding. Many believe that this process fortifies their soul. Depending on your beliefs, you can benefit greatly from the heavenly connection that sapphire offers.

Protects Against Mental Illnesses

Nervousness isn’t an entirely uncommon feeling. However, when it becomes debilitating, we can spiral out of control. Sapphire prevents this from happening. With its positive presence, sapphire excels at remedying mental disorders. Sapphire subtly reminds us that not all hope is lost.

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