What the Color of Your Glasses Says About Your Personality

Redhead girl in yellow shirt and colored glasses on blue background

Do you like to peer at the world through rose-colored glasses? Maybe you prefer a silver lining framing your view? Or do you love the idea of seeing it all through a pair of blue spectacles?

Your taste in glasses can say a lot about you. In fact, the color of your glasses puts your personality on display for all to see on a very deep, subconscious level. Do you know what the glasses on your face are saying about your heart and soul to others? Find out below.

A Spectrum of Spectacles: What the Color of Your Glasses Says About You

Take a look at what the color of your glasses reveals about your personality.

Large Black Frames

Smiling woman holding large black eyeglasses and looking at camera

Someone who embraces “chunky” black glasses is giving off vibes of major confidence on the subconscious level. It turns out that choosing the thickest, “nerdiest” glasses demonstrates that you’re confident enough to feel that you look good in anything. Yes, embracing large black frames that aren’t necessarily flattering on everyone shows that you favor function over form in a completely confident, no-nonsense way.

Red Frames

Woman with red glasses, lipstick and shirt

Slipping on red frames shows that you love to take risks with fashion. You have the confidence and curiosity to try out a bold style. Red glasses also show off your attention-loving side because you know that you’re making a statement. You’re the type of person who likes to put your personal signature on everything you do.

Pink Peepers

Happy woman with pink eyeglasses

Considered fun and feminine, pink is a color that creates a dramatic look while maintaining its softer side. The color pink is heavily associated with qualities of kindness and compassion. As a result, people in pink glasses give off a very nurturing, positive image without a hint of dowdiness.

Specs in Tortoise Shell

Brunette woman with trendy tortoise shell glasses

Choosing to be a vision in tortoise shell is a sign that you’re an original thinker. You value creativity above just about everything. You also can’t stand to do the boring, obvious thing when you could just think outside the box instead. Those who pick tortoise shell like to leave a lasting impression with everything that they do by adding a unique, quirky spin that’s not soon to be forgotten.

Grey Glasses

Woman wearing grey glasses and sweater posing in studio

If grey glasses are your speed, you tend to be a very neutral, middle-of-the-road type of person. In general, you shy away from risky acts or bold statements. You also have an appreciation for elegance even though you tend to stay away from ultra-formal looks. People who know you might describe you as very stable and conservative.

Blue Frames

Woman with red hair and blue glasses

Blue is the color of truthfulness, loyalty and reliability. If you’re drawn to blue glasses, you may simply desire to put your heart on your sleeve. Blue frames show off interior serenity and trustworthiness. This choice shows that you’re confidently in control of who you are, what you do and how you feel. People around you often find themselves having trust and confidence in you very soon after meeting you.

Green Specs

Lady wearing trendy green sunglasses

A beacon of nourishment and natural beauty, green is a color that conjures up positive emotions. If you’re drawn to green, there’s a good chance you enjoy nourishing and nurturing people around you on an emotional level. Leafy, bright green glasses make people think of gardens, pastures and springtime. When choosing green frames, you’re making a commitment to sprinkling love, light and positivity to all who see you.

Yellow Spectacles

Blonde woman with curly hair and yellow glasses on blue background

If you find yourself speeding right on over to the shelf with yellow specs while shopping for glasses, you’re likely a very high-energy, positive person who sometimes appears to be spilling over with optimism. You like to live life on the go because you’re always chasing that next drop of sunshine. People who choose yellow glasses have a desire to be noticed. The statement made by yellow glasses is simultaneously intellectual and perky. You’re ready to get to work with unrelenting creativity and passion for what you’re doing.

Brown Glasses

Confident businesswoman standing in office wearing brown glasses

A person who likes to get their hands muddied in the garden might also like a pair of gorgeous brown frames. Brown is the favorite color of people who are reliable, resilient and dependable. People who wear brown glasses also choose this color because it makes them feel connected to the earth while they work at a computer screen.

Silver Specs

Studio portrait of woman with smoky eyes and silver glasses

You’re a low-key type of fancy if you prefer silver glasses. You tend to go for the finer things in life in little ways. This might mean something as simple as treating yourself to an upscale coffee on your lunch break or pampering yourself with a spa visit. You are naturally dignified and classy without being ostentatious or snobbish.

Gold Glasses

African American woman holding glasses with a gold colored frame

If you wear gold glasses, there’s a good chance that your outgoing personality has always been your ticket to success. You’re also probably very punctual, organized and in control of things. Of course, there is a side of you that can come across as being overconfident.

Eyewear in White

Blonde woman with long and wavy hair wearing white glasses

If you like glasses as bright and pure as driven snow, you probably have a reputation for being organized, neat and a bit of a perfectionist. Your no-nonsense attitude probably has people impressed when deadlines and pressure are looming. People who prefer white glasses dislike clutter and confusion. You may also have a side to you that’s extremely practical, because part of your motivation for choosing white glasses is that they will go with everything. That means that you’ll be in style during every season without a pricey change.

Making a Statement With Your Eyes: Your Glasses Really Are Windows to Your Personality

The funky, conservative or timeless color you love on your glasses isn’t just a simple matter of preference. Your choice of glasses reveals who you truly are down to the depths of your soul. That’s something to keep in mind the next time you’re ready to update your frames. After all, eyewear is an amazing tool for helping people to frame an opinion about you.