Worst Colors to Paint Your House

Old houses in different colors below a blue summer sky

Painting the exteriors or interiors of a home can be a costly job-one that could amount to thousands of dollars. Having said so; it is also the least expensive way of giving your home a fresh makeover. If you are planning on selling your home, then painting it is the best way to make it look new and young. Naturally, you want to use room color psychology so that your buyers are attracted to it immediately. Choose the worst exterior house color and chances are, your buyers will be turning their noses up at it! So here are worst paint colors to avoid painting your home with.


Brown might make an excellent color for accessories and trims- it goes very well with other earthy colors likes green, beige etc. However, it is a bad color for home exteriors as not only is it extremely dull and boring- brown colored homes are also known to sell for less.

Peachy pink

According to room color psychology, peachy pink or coral can be uplifting for small areas and accessories; but it is mood crushing when it covers too large a surface. So avoid this hue when it comes to selecting home colors.

Opaque Couche/Pantone shade 448 C

opaque couche worst color for home exterior

According to recent study by Australian color experts, a shade called Opaque Couche which is a greenish brown shade reminiscent of bile, is one of the worst paint colors and even the worst bedroom colors.

Parfait Pink

worst colors for homes

This is a lovely color for women’s dresses but it certainly does not go well indoors or outdoors. Stay away from this worst house color if you want to sell it quickly.

Bright Orange/Popsicle orange

Let me clarify that lighter shades of Orange make a great interior design color. Many designers especially recommend it as a positive color for bedrooms, children’s rooms as well as restaurants etc. Orange is stimulating to the appetite. You can use it as your accessory color as well. But never use it for home exteriors. Especially stay away from the brighter orange or popsicle orange for exteriors.

Bright Yellow

Yellow is like orange when it comes to house interior or exterior colors- a bit of it adds a wow factor. It is great in children’s rooms as it is bright, cheerful and intellectually stimulating. But bright yellow is very difficult to work with-not many colors go well with it and it adds too much of a wow factor in a negative sense. Avoid yellow –especially its brighter hues- on walls, inside and outside. Yellow is also a bad color for kitchens-as per a survey in 2016. Home buyers have started saying ‘no thank you’ to homes with yellow kitchen walls.


worst exterior colors for houses

Red is a great color for house doors but not for exterior walls. It can be, to put it mildly, overwhelming. Too much of red can also make you see red!


Black trim is great with most base colors but never use black as base color for home exteriors. It will make your home too hot in summers and also make selling it harder. The black house paint fad is not here to stay!

And lastly, when painting your home, remember what your house color says about you.