Bedroom Color Ideas – The Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Bedroom Color Ideas - The Best Paint Colors for BedroomsColor is an important tool and often the first thing we notice when we walk into a room. Here we shall present a few bedroom color ideas along with the best paint color palettes for bedroom spaces that can emphasize its architectural features and furnishings.

But first, let us start with a few things to avoid when deciding upon the bedroom color ideas:

Watch for these problem areas when selecting the paint colors for bedrooms

  1. Avoid random and casual color selections- this will simply lead to an erratic paint color palette.
  2. Avoid using too many colors. This will make the room appear ‘confused’. When using 3-4 colors, make sure that one color dominates, one is secondary and the remaining are used only as accents.
  3. Avoid using dull and uninteresting contrasts. When using contrasting or complementary shades there should be some common bond or relation between the colors. Even when using similar hues, make sure to play with their value, contrast, and/or strengths. Neutrals schemes in paint colors for bedrooms must especially have stimulating textures, patterns and value contrasts.
  4. Avoid intense shades in larger areas. Intense bedroom color ideas work briefly and get boring after a while. Likewise, brighter colors are best used in smaller areas as they help create a balance.
  5. Avoid using only warm or only cool paint colors for bedroom. As stated before, it is important to strike a balance; so, if you plan on using only warm paint colors, make sure to add a few cool colors and vice a versa.

Some top bedroom color ideas

  • Toronto based interior designer Olivia Hnatyshin recommends silver with softer gray undertones as far as couple’s bedroom color ideas are concerned. Gray is a gender neutral color that “appeals to both male and female aspects” of the bedroom.
  • According to Dulux™, dusky violets and rich pinks are ideal paint colors for bedrooms as they make the décor cozy and stimulate deeper relaxation and sleep.  Pale pinks, pearl and champagne colors are also perfect for creating a comfortable “blanket like” feel.
  • If you want to make your smaller bedroom look more spacious, then decorate it using a single lighter paint color for the bedrooms walls and use stronger or bolder hues for the accents.
  • Do not be afraid of red. Often red is considered a stimulating and energetic color and not used for bedrooms. However, expert designer Erinn Valencich recommends using sumptuous neutral fabrics and adding cherry red in the form of lamps, cushions and even pre-made curtains tucked behind headboards and hung on short rods to create a romantic feel in the bedroom.
  • In case of darker furniture, you can utilize deep blue paint colors for bedroom walls to create a soothing retreat. You can also pair this up with ceiling high brown curtains and add pops of beige or white in the rugs, linen, bed sheets etc.
  • For bedrooms with high ceilings, darker or warmer shades can be applied to the ceiling to create a lowering effect in order to make the room cozier. Alternatively, bedrooms with low ceilings can be painted with lighter or cooler shades to make them appear higher.
  • Spring green and rosy pinks when paired with floral linens and fabrics with just enough hint of black can help you create a pastel color palette or a garden-like feel to the bedroom.
  • A girl’s bedroom need not always be pink and frilly: use unconventional colors like greens, blues, and browns with splashes of orange to create an eclectic bedroom for a teenage girl. When using pink, think beyond only the pastel pinks and balance out the intensity of the color in creative ways.
  • For small guest bedroom color ideas, use metallic or purple paint colors for bedrooms walls and pair it up with sleek gray bedding.

A bedroom is a place where you want to relax and unwind. By using the right bedroom color ideas and best paint colors for bedrooms you can create a warm and welcoming space as well as a serene, tranquil area that can help you awake refreshed and well rested each morning.

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