31 Colors That Go With Silver (Color Palettes)

Living room design with silver elements

Creating a color scheme for a space is one of the most exciting parts of interior design. Decorating with metallics offers seemingly endless opportunities: you can include a few accents for a touch of shine or go all-out with wall sculptures or elaborate light fixtures. And when it comes to metallics, silver is one of the most versatile choices.

Here are some colors that go with silver, along with color palette examples:

1. Teal and Silver

Teal and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #008080, #CACFD6, #816C61

Silver is light, shiny, and energetic. So it stands to reason that it would pair well with teal, a deep and calming blue-green. This refreshing combination does well when combined with crisp, cool white. 

For a space that really makes a statement, choose a matte shade of teal as a wall color and add cool white wall trim. Add a few silver photo frames or other wall hangings. This combination will go beautifully in a living room with soft, silvery-gray furniture. Add a white shaggy rug for just a touch of texture!

2. Cool White and Silver

Cool White and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #BFC8C9, #B1E4F0

Cool white is a great addition to many interiors, but it also does well when used as a main color. The pairing of silver and cool white will help you achieve a wonderfully calm, modern aesthetic.

This is a color combination that will be right at home in almost any room you choose, but it’s an especially natural one to integrate into a kitchen. Many modern kitchens have silver appliances, so if you add white marble countertops and white cabinets, you’ll have an instantly chic space. Add a row of polished silver hanging lamps for a memorable edge.

3. Hot Pink and Silver

Hot Pink and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF1694, #B7B7B7, #6A605C

Looking for a strikingly uncommon color combination? This one might not work in every space, but it’s a dynamic and whimsical pairing perfect for high-energy spaces. You can even use just a touch of hot pink—a little bit of this powerful shade goes a long way.

If you want to add a pop of color to a living room, include a hot pink area rug and a few hot pink accent pillows in a room with silvery-gray furniture. If that combination seems a little too stark, consider a rug and pillows with a multicolor pattern that includes hot pink. Stripes and florals are great places to start!

4. Forest Green and Silver

Forest Green and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #014421, #BFC0C0, #7C6354

You often see deep greens like emerald and forest paired with gold accessories for a luxe look. But if you’d prefer a cooler-hued space, substitute silver for gold. This quiet, grounding combination is a great one for an office or reading nook. Forest green walls pair nicely with a sleek silver desk. You can add some visual interest with a row of silver-framed, black-and-white photographs.

This color combination will also work beautifully in a kitchen. Combine forest-green cabinets with white or gray countertops and silver appliances. If you want to add a little touch of warmth and create a rustic feel, use butcher block countertops instead.

5. Beige and Silver

Beige and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F5F5DC, #A5A6A4, #A7C489

Beige is a shade that never really seems to go out of style. But the downside is that it can be hard to make a largely-beige palette look original. However, with silver, you can easily give a mostly-beige space a facelift. 

Let’s say you have a living room with walls, furniture, and rugs in varying shades of beige. You can start by adding a silver-framed mirror or two for a cool metallic burst. A distinctive silver light fixture makes a great addition, too. From there, consider adding a few shimmery silver accent pillows and/or a silver pouf. Finish off the look with a few silver vases, bowls, sculptures, or other accents.

6. Powder Blue and Silver

Powder Blue and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B0E0E6, #C3C9C9, #2CC9C9

Soft yet stately, this dignified combination will work well in just about any room. Since it’s gentle and watery, it’s a great pairing for a bathroom. One easy way to use it is with powder-blue walls, white cabinets, and silver hardware. Painting the walls blue is fine, but for an upscale touch, use tiled walls instead. 

The combination of powder blue and silver is a soothing one, so it also works quite well in a bedroom. Try combining a silver bed frame with a powder blue bedspread. Alternatively, paint the walls powder blue and go with an all-white bedspread instead. A handful of silver lamps and other room accents will complete the look.

7. Medium Brown and Silver

Medium Brown and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7F5112, #DBDBDB, #567568

This classic combination can be reminiscent of the Old West. It also can be a way to add some warmth and coziness to a too-cool silvery interior. One of the best ways to use medium brown with silver is to design a living room with gray walls and a medium-brown couch. Add silver light fixtures, picture frames, or metal wall sculptures. Silver-gray rugs and black-and-white photographs can complete the look.

8. Chartreuse and Silver

Chartreuse and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #DFFF00, #BFC0C0, #584D3D

Chartreuse is a splendidly vintage-inspired shade of yellow-green, but when used thoughtfully, it makes a great addition to contemporary interiors. You can create an unforgettable dining room with chartreuse chairs around a deep brown table. A silvery kitchen hutch, lamps, and other decorations add a modern element. And if you can find it, wallpaper patterned with silver and chartreuse will add a truly spectacular touch.

This color combination does well with a darker counterbalance, so it looks especially nice with navy blue walls and dark wooden flooring. A pale, sandy-colored or gray rug pulls the palette together.

9. Pale Gray and Silver

Pale Gray and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D3D3D3, #C2BEBE, #E69D45

Monochromatic looks always seem to be in. When you combine silver with shades of pale gray, you get a monochromatic look with the added benefit of metallic shine. You don’t need to include a lot of silver, either. Start with a living room layered in shades of light gray—think soft gray walls, pale gray-beige couches, etc. 

Then, start adding little touches of silver. You can include coffee tables and end tables with silvery legs and silver-colored light fixtures. If you like shimmering fabrics, try adding silver curtains or accent pillows, too.

10. Navy and Silver

Navy and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #DCDCDD, #3C91E6

Silver looks especially elegant and refined when paired with dark, classic colors like navy. You can make this look as subtle or extravagant as you want. For a subtler touch, try a dining room with navy walls, white wall trim, a wooden table and chairs, and silver candlesticks and other accents.

On the extravagant side, go with patterned, brocade-style navy and silver wallpaper. You can use this pattern in the above-mentioned dining room, but you also can design a striking bedroom with it. Combine the wallpaper with a navy bedspread and a few silver accent pillows. A white or cream-colored rug will prevent the overall look from becoming too dark.

11. Wood Tones and Silver

Wood Tones and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4F301F, #B0B2B8, #FFC857

Wood tones will go with just about any color, but when you use them carefully, you can take a room from flat and basic to nuanced and memorable. To create interest and make a space feel more organic, avoid making every piece of wooden furniture the exact same shade. Rather, choose pieces that are roughly in the same color family. For instance, if you have wood floors with a warm, honey-like stain, include furniture with a similar warm finish.

Choosing your wood tones is the most complex part. Silver and wood are natural companions, and it’s hard to add silver in the “wrong” way. Start with adding silver hardware and a lamp or two. If you like that combination, gradually add more noticeable silvery room accents. Large, silver-framed mirrors are a good place to start.

12. Mint Green and Silver

Mint Green and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #99EDC3, #A2A6A4, #E8DACC

Part of silver’s appeal is its ability to create a vast array of moods. If you’re going for something soft and springlike, try combining it with mint green. This pairing is quiet and soothing, so it’s a great option for a nursery or bedroom. Try including mint green walls alongside a silver bed frame and other furniture. Add white wall trim and a white bedspread. 

This look will be much more dynamic if you include a few mint accents throughout the room. A minty-colored area rug and an accent pillow or two may well be all you need.

13. Raspberry Red and Silver

Raspberry Red and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E30B5C, #BEBBBB, #484041

Raspberry red is a pretty, summer-inspired shade that sits roughly at the nexus of red, pink, and purple. Some people like to go bold with raspberry—saturated walls, and solid raspberry bedspreads can be a great way to add some real energy to a room.

However, this pretty color works nicely in small doses, too. If you’re designing a French country-style kitchen, add raspberry-patterned window valances along with cream-colored cabinets. Add a few other smaller touches of raspberry throughout, and include silver hardware and appliances, too.

14. Tangerine Orange and Silver

Tangerine Orange and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F28500, #B0BBBF, #696047

The combination of orange and gray has become fairly popular in modern design, but you can add a metallic twist by substituting silver for gray. Orange is a vibrant shade associated with energy and creativity, so you may find that this combination works very well in an office.

Of course, as any designer will tell you, it’s important to not go overboard on the orange! If you have a silver desk and chair, start with pale gray walls and a piece of wall art prominently featuring orange. You can also add a couple of orange accents like small filing cabinets, desktop pencil holders, etc. If the room needs another burst of energy, you can always add more tangerine orange down the line!

15. Cobalt Blue and Silver

Cobalt Blue and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #0047AB, #BFC0C0, #66635B

The combination of blue and silver is refreshing and vaguely nautical. Blue is a cool shade, but if you want your space to be higher energy, consider combining a bright, saturated hue like cobalt with silver.

This is a look that does well in rooms with a modern edge. Wallpaper has recently become more popular in modern design, so cobalt and white wallpaper is a great place to start. Combine that with highly-polished silver lamps and other accessories, and you instantly have a space with endless character!

16. Black and Silver

Black and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #D3D4D9, #AE759F

If you want to design a bold space, choose black and silver. This is a combination that works with virtually any style of decor. You can create a striking modern living room with black furniture, metallic silver pillows, and a few pieces of silver and black wall art. You can also choose an ornate, vintage-inspired aesthetic with black and silver wallpaper and a mixture of silver and black furniture.

For a starker contrast, pair black and silver wallpaper with bright white furniture instead. Add black and silver accent pillows to tie everything together.

17. Mustard Yellow and Silver

Mustard Yellow and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFDB58, #CDD1DE, #13315C

At first, this pairing might seem unusual—after all, you usually see mustard yellow paired with brass. The mustard/brass combination leans into mustard’s vintage appeal, but if you want a more modern look, try pairing this warm yellow with silver. 

This is a great combination for a living room. Place a silver coffee table by mustard yellow velour couches and chairs. You can even add a silver wall hanging or two. This is a look that goes well with almost any wall color, but if you want a bold and high-contrast palette, go with navy blue walls!

18. Dusty Purple and Silver

Dusty Purple and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #825F87, #CDCDCD, #4E3822

Purple and silver go nicely together. But if you want to create something unexpected, tap into the endless potential of dusty purple and silver. Dusty purple is a lot like the purple version of dusty rose—it’s a little muted with vintage appeal. But muted doesn’t have to mean understated! You can use these two colors to create an extravagant bedroom palette.

Start with a silver metal bed frame and add a satin purple bedspread with silver embroidery. Add a silver satin bedskirt. This combination looks great with white and silver wallpaper, but if that’s a little too extravagant, cool white walls will work well too.

19. Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #CDD6DD, #42213D

Mixing metals might sound sacrilegious. But if you do it carefully, you might find that the mix of gold and silver is just what your space needs. Mixing metals is almost an art form, so it might take some experimentation to get a mixture you like. The trick is to mix multiple pieces of gold and silver. Doing this shows that you’re mixing them on purpose!

Don’t be afraid to start small if you’re a little hesitant. If you have a living room that is primarily neutral, add a gold-legged end table on either side of the couch. Top each one off with a silver lamp. From there, try interspersing a few other metal accessories. If any of them look out of place, the good news is that they’re easy to remove!

20. Blush Pink and Silver

Blush Pink and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F1ABB9, #DBDBDB, #688F75

Blush pink is a soft, pretty color that works well in just about any space. It looks especially nice next to silver. In a living room, try blush pink walls with a few silver-framed pieces of wall art. This combination looks nice with white couches!

If you like furniture with interesting colors, try a blush pink couch with white walls instead. Add some pink and silver accent pillows and hang a silver-framed mirror right above the couch.

21. Sky Blue and Silver

Sky Blue and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #87CEEB, #B3B8BA, #FCAB8B

You already know that blue and silver work well together. Sky blue isn’t quite as common as other blue shades, but it’s ideal if you want a soft blue hue that’s still somewhat high-energy.

This combination is great for a bedroom. Sky blue is a nice color for walls, especially with white wall trim. Add in a white bedspread on a silver frame and you have a complete look! If you want to use a few more blue shades, add some accent pillows in sky blue, navy, and any other blue hues you like.

22. Ivory and Silver

Ivory and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFFF0, #DBDBDB, #B5A19C

The combination of white and silver is a classic one, but in some rooms, it can look a little too bright and crisp. If you want a softer look that comes with vintage appeal, ivory might be a better option. This creamy hue is often associated with luxury, and it works nicely in classic and modern palettes alike.

In a living room, silver and ivory make a winning combination. Ivory is a great color for walls and mantles. Try combining it with navy blue furniture, a silver coffee table, silver lamps, and even silver accent pillows. Or if you prefer, keep the silver room accents but use navy blue walls and accent pillows. Add an ivory mantle and ivory furniture.

23. Burnt Orange and Silver

Burnt Orange and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BF5700, #CCCCCC, #0A014F

Burnt orange is an especially autumnal shade, so you might think of it as going well with gold. It does, but like some other shades of orange, burnt orange can look great with silver as well.

This unusual combination is a great one for a modern bathroom. If you want a space that makes a statement, select burnt orange tiles for the walls, white cabinets, and silver hardware. You don’t have to make all of the riles the exact same color. You can add some real interest by mixing similar colors like burnt orange, deep red, and golden orange. For a dynamic contrast, add dark blue towels and a dark blue rug.

24. Verdant Green and Silver

Verdant Green and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #12674A, #CACFD6, #6D5959

Shades of leafy green (especially those found in actual plants!) pair well with almost any color. But if you’re looking to create an extra-fresh palette, try combining shades of rich, verdant green with silver. 

Especially when you combine them with cool white, silver and verdant green are great choices for a modern office. In an office with a lot of natural light, add a silver desk and chair and several green plants. This palette can start to look a little bit too cool, so if that’s the case, choose terra cotta pots or pots with similar warm coloring.

25. Charcoal Gray and Silver

Charcoal Gray and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #BDBDBD, #DEB8B8

Charcoal gray is timeless, and it looks especially sleek when you use it alongside silver. It’s hard to use this combination the wrong way, but it can also be hard to know how to start. 

Charcoal and silver can come together to create a dynamic yet cozy bedroom palette. Start with charcoal walls (or at least a charcoal accent wall). Add a silver satin bedspread. If you want to create a layered, gradient-style palette, add a rug in another shade of gray. This palette will do best in a room with a good bit of natural light.

26. Lemon Yellow and Silver

Lemon Yellow and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FEF250, #A9ACA9, #505A5B

Lemon yellow and silver might not sound like they go together, but they can actually create a striking color palette. Most designers would advise you to use bright shades of yellow sparingly, but even a touch will go a long way!

One strategy is to use yellow to create a focal point. If you have a living room that is already primarily made up of gray and silver, find a vintage-style yellow poster or another mostly-yellow piece of wall art and center it above the couch. If the room needs more yellow, add a lemon-yellow patterned rug and accent pillows, too.

27. Cherry Red and Silver

Cherry Red and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #990F02, #C1C1C1, #32373B

Here’s another somewhat unexpected color combination. Depending on your chosen style of decor, the cherry and silver combination can look chic and modern or quirky and retro.

Cherry is an ultra-vibrant shade of red, so be sure to use it judiciously. In a room that’s mostly white, start by taking a mostly-red art piece and placing it in a silver frame. A polished silver vase with a few red flowers can add another pop of color.

28. Turquoise and Silver

Turquoise and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #D8D5DB, #04080F

Turquoise and silver are a pair frequently found in the jewelry world; after all, turquoise stones are often set in silver! If you want to create a Southwest-inspired aesthetic, you can bring this dynamic combination into your home or office.

Depending on the energy you’re creating, you might choose to emphasize one color over the other. For a quieter look, add a turquoise rug and matching accent pillows to a living room that’s mostly silver and gray. If you’re going for something bolder, add a bright turquoise backsplash and coordinating hand towels to a white and silver kitchen.

29. Sage Green and Silver

Sage Green and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9CAF88, #CACACC, #EFF0ED

Sage green manages to be both earthy and chic at once. This popular shade seems right at home in just about any room, but its soothing vibe makes it an especially apt choice for a bedroom. To really feel ensconced, go with sage green walls and a sage bedspread to match.

Like the plant it’s named for, sage has a somewhat silvery hue, so it looks great alongside silver accents. A silver bed frame and silver light fixtures may be all you need to complete the look mentioned above—sage looks most natural in simple, homey design schemes, so you don’t need anything too extravagant! If you want to add a little warmth, sprinkle in a few pieces of natural wooden accent furniture.

30. Peach and Silver

Peach and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFCDA2, #B3B2B1, #FAF9F7

Peach has a soft, warm glow to it. Silver has a soft, cool glow. These colors balance each other out nicely, and together, they create a palette that is both calming and visually interesting. 

You can use peach and silver to create a warm, inviting dining room. Start with soft peach walls and add a dark wooden table and chairs to keep the room grounded. From there, add several silver accents. You might choose a gray rug with shimmering silver patterning, a large silver clock, or even an abstract silver wall sculpture!

31. Olive Green and Silver

Olive Green and Silver Color Palette

Hex Codes: #556B2F, #CCCCCC, #69585F

Last on the list is a somewhat unusual pairing. Olive is bolder and earthier than sage, so it’s an ideal choice if you want a nature-inspired color that still makes a statement. 

Olive works surprisingly well in bathrooms. It makes a nice wall color, provided the space isn’t extremely small. Try using silver hardware and a few silver wall hangings in a bathroom with olive walls. If you want to incorporate warmer hues as well, try adding warm beige rugs and towels.

Designing With Silver

As a metallic, silver will go well with nearly any color you pair it with. When you choose a color pairing carefully, you can create just about any mood you want! Go with a regal blend of black and silver, a modern, quirky combination of silver and red, or anything in between.