Office Color Ideas: The Best Office Paint Colors

Modern office with blue painted walls

Colors affect each of us. They bring forth (subconsciously) feelings and emotions in every individual. It is no wonder that companies and manufacturers are spending huge amounts of money to find the right colors for their products and shops. Doing this helps ensure that customers stay longer in those shops and, more importantly, make a purchase. Likewise, the right office color ideas and correctly chosen office paint colors can help “invite, uplift and energize” the environment. This, in turn, can help increase productivity and boost sales.

A great deal of research has been conducted on the effects of particular office paint colors on routine office jobs like typing, proofreading, answering the phone, filing etc. Experiments have also been conducted to see the impact of chosen office color ideas on worker well-being, productivity, performance and satisfaction. The objective of all these studies is to find the best office paint colors and schemes that can enhance worker wellbeing and performance especially inside confined office spaces. Each study has shown a correlation between the mood of the workers and the chosen office color ideas.

Here are a few tips from expert designers and color psychologists to choose the right office paint colors.

  1. Consider the business– Neutral colors schemes are best suited for serious businesses. That being said, the occupants of the office rooms will also determine the office paint colors based on their personality. If you wish to convey a sense of energy to the décor, choose warm and vibrant colors like yellow, orange etc taking care that they are non-overwhelming. Feng shui color experts generally recommend light shades of yellow for offices since these are good for creativity and knowledge related matters. For calming effects, experts recommend shades like blue-green etc. For offices used by designers, writers etc, one can choose shades like yellow, orange and red. For engineers, the use of muted browns, tans and grays help impact the mind and also helps in concentration. Cooler colors like blue and green are idea for stressful jobs like those of a lawyer, accountant etc as these help stimulate relaxation and calm.
  2. Consider the availability of space– For smaller office spaces, one can choose office paint colors like white, beige etc especially for the ceilings as this can help create an illusion of larger room. Conversely, darker colors are ideal for very large office rooms as these can make the room more compact and cozy.
  3. Pay attention to color saturation– Color psychologists like Angela Wright also stress upon the saturation of the color rather than just the color itself. What this means is that the intensity of the color is the factor that mainly affects worker performance and behavior rather that the hue itself. Thus, strong and bright color will stimulate whereas a lighter color with lower saturation will soothe.

Now let us study some great office color ideas as suggested by Angela Wright and how they impact us:

  1. Blue stimulates the Mind– Angela Wright suggests using blue for offices occupied by accountants or other professionals who need to do a great deal of mind work. Angela however, also recommends using blue with splashes of orange to help balance the mind work and add a bit of emotion to the décor.
  2. Yellow stimulates the Emotions– This optimistic color makes for ideal office paint colors as it stimulates ego as well as the spirit. It is ideal for designers and other areas where creativity is needed.
  3. Green is for Balance– Use green in your office color ideas especially where money is going to change hands frequently. Green brings balance, calm and reassurance.
  4. Red impacts the Body– Red helps show physical strength and stimulus. It is ideal for gyms, offices where contractors and builders work or meet clients and other spaces where one would want a social or talkative atmosphere.

Important points to remember when choosing your office paint colors

  1. There are no wrong office paint colors- It is how you use them.
  2. Decide which part you want the colors to impact: Mind/body/balance/emotions.
  3. Pick a specific hue and then decide how highly or lowly-saturated you want it to be.
  4. Colors do not exist in isolation- They work best when surrounded by other colors.

These are a few top office paint colors and office color ideas using which you can boost the morale of workers and improve your sales.