43 Colors That Go With Pink (Color Palettes)

Modern classic pink interior with dresser and sofa

Though you might not think so at first, pink is a color for almost every application. Very pale shades make beautiful neutrals. Bright, highly saturated shades make perfect accent colors. And of course, there’s every shade in between! When you choose the right combination, you can make pink at home in just about any room.

Here’s a list of colors that go with pink, including color palette examples.

1. Teal and Pink

Teal and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #008080, #FFCAD4, #7A5C58

These two colors seem to be made for each other! Teal is a deep, cool color, but it’s still vibrant enough to add energy to any room. It also pairs well with just about any shade of pink. Try dusty rose or similar shades for a more muted look, or add a few pops of bright magenta for a summery, high-energy feel.

If you aren’t sure about this combination, start small with a teal rug or teal bedspread in a room with pink walls. If you want to go bold, teal walls can create a soothing cocoon of color in a room with pink accents. Just be sure to add plenty of white to break up this look!

2. Black and Pink

Black and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #FFEAEC, #7E6551

This combination might sound garish. It can be if you aren’t careful! But black and pink can actually pair beautifully. One of the easiest ways to do this is with black furniture. 

In a dining room, you might consider black chairs around a brown wooden table. Try soft or medium pink walls to add a gentle ambiance. If you aren’t quite sure about this combination, you try adding even smaller touches of black. You can choose coffee tables or end tables with black metal legs, include black hardware on wooden furniture, or add black photo frames to a living room.

3. Rose Gold and Pink

Rose Gold and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4CBC6, #F9DCE8, #3A405A

Metallics are a great way to add a chic touch. And if you want a look that is almost monochromatic, try pairing pink with rose gold. Soft shades work especially well here.

You can incorporate rose gold much like any other metallic. Metal wall hangings can be a beautifully unique touch. You can also choose chairs with rose gold legs or accents. And if you’re decorating a bathroom, a rose gold faucet, towel rails, etc. can look beautiful! This color can be a bit harder to find than other metallics, but if you want to create a soft, warm ambiance, it’s worth looking for.

4. Periwinkle and Pink

Periwinkle and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CCCCFF, #F2BFBF, #E6DADA

Periwinkle is quite an on-trend color. Its purplish-blue nature makes it an excellent companion for pink, too! One of the prettiest ways to use this combination is to combine a periwinkle couch, chair, or bedspread with pink walls or a pink rug.

You can choose to use soft versions of both colors for a dreamy look. But if you want more of a contrast, try darker periwinkle with softer pink. The slightly darker color helps ground the look, and it also offers layers of visual interest.

5. Mustard Yellow and Pink

Mustard Yellow and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFDB58, #FFC1CF, #73628A

Mustard yellow is certainly vintage-inspired, but it’s enjoyed some time in the spotlight in recent years. As a result, it can be found somewhat frequently in the furniture world. It’s a great color for couches or chairs, and its bold look contrasts nicely with paler shades of pink, especially more muted ones.

Pink walls are a safe choice here, but if you want to do something different, you might consider interspersing a few pink accents. Accent pillows, throws, or even photos or art pieces prominently featuring pink are all great choices. But to prevent this color scheme from becoming overly warm, try combining it with shades of cool white.

6. Cool Gray and Pink

Cool Gray and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8C92AC, #D49185, #FAE5E1

Cool gray is a nice design choice, especially if you like black but think it contrasts too sharply with pink. And depending on the exact shade of cool gray you choose, you can incorporate a dramatic accent or simply intersperse some cooler notes into a mostly-pink palette.

One interesting and modern way to combine these colors is to include a darker gray accent wall in a room with pink walls. But if you want to create a peaceful space, softer hues of both gray and pink might be just what you need. Try a pale gray bedspread in a bedroom with soft pink walls (or vice versa).

7. Mint Green and Pink

Mint Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #99EDC3, #FCB0B3, #7286A0

Most people already know that pastel pink goes beautifully with just about any other pastel. And if you’re looking for a soft color scheme that conjures up images of spring, try combining mint green and pink!

There are seemingly endless ways to use this combo. If you like patterns, look for a pastel floral wallpaper with a good bit of pink and green. But if you want a bold and memorable look, you can combine pops of bright pink with a gentle, mint-green backdrop. On a mint-green couch, you might consider a magenta accent pillow or two. Or if your walls are mint green, go for an abstract art piece (or tapestry) prominently featuring hot pink.

8. Ultramarine and Pink

Ultramarine and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #120A8F, #CC76A1, #F0E7D8

Ultramarine is an incredibly intense blue shade. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to really make a statement, it’s worth incorporating.

If you want to go bold, try an ultramarine accent wall in a room that is mostly white and soft pink. Cooler, crisp whites work best here. For a modern and non-traditional look, consider adding a brighter pink statement piece (like a couch or chair) in front of an ultramarine wall. And if you can find these dynamic colors in a pattern, that can be an efficient way to use this combination in a largely neutral room.

9. Seal Brown and Pink

Seal Brown and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #59260B, #FFA3AF, #818D92

Seal brown is almost always a good choice when you need a neutral, grounding color. It’s also very easy to find, as it’s a common color for leather furniture. This shade is ideal if you like the darkness of black but need something a little warmer and softer.

Seal brown looks great with mauve-like shades of pink, but you can make it work with just about any shade. You might consider adding pink sheer curtains, pink walls, or pink accent pillows to a room with seal brown furniture. But you don’t have to feel limited to furniture here: a very dark stain on wood flooring also looks nice alongside various shades of pink.

10. Cream and Pink

Cream and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFDD0, #EFB9CB, #616163

If you want to create a warm interior space with vintage appeal, the combination of pink and cream is a good one to choose. Cream is a versatile wall color, and it’s also a somewhat common choice for living room furniture.

This color combination can also be used to create surprisingly modern palettes. In a room that is mostly monochromatic cream, try adding a pop or two of hot pink or magenta. That can be as simple as adding a bouquet of roses or an accent chair.

11. Light Wood Tones and Pink

Light Wood Tones and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D7BA89, #DD9AC2, #5E5B52

Realistically, pink will look nice with just about any wood tone. But paler shades look especially nice, as they can work alongside pink to create a soft, soothing aesthetic.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this aesthetic is by adding pastel pink walls to a room with light wood flooring. But if you wish, you can also add light wooden furniture like tables, bookshelves, etc.

12. Charcoal and Pink

Charcoal and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #E49AB0, #FDFFF7

If you like the look of gray but want something bolder, charcoal is a great shade to choose. This versatile color has become a staple of modern design, and it’s a standout whether it’s used as an accent wall, for furniture, or just about any application you can think of.

Charcoal gray looks especially nice with very pale blush pink pillows, walls, and rugs. When pink is this pale, it works almost like a neutral, and it contrasts beautifully with charcoal. If you want to get even closer to neutral, try including pink-hued beige.

13. Cool White and Pink

Cool White and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #E5989B, #6B7D7D

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with this combination. The pink/white palette is a classic, and cooler shades of white help to balance out pink’s warmer hue.

If you want to create a soft, soothing bedroom, distributing soft pink and cool white throughout is a great way to do so. Try combining white walls and a white quilt with pink sheets, pink curtains, and a pink rug. Of course, if you want a higher-contrast look, you could try incorporating a bright pink and white patterned rug in a room that’s mostly cool white.

14. Emerald Green and Pink

Emerald Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #50C878, #F3DAD8, #544B3D

If you need a shade of green that’s bold yet dignified, emerald green is the way to go. This shade is essentially deep green with blue undertones, much like the stone it’s named after. 

Emerald makes a beautifully deep wall color, especially if you’re looking to create a darker, moodier aesthetic. (If you really want to lean into this look, aubergine and navy blue are good colors to add.) But if you want to add some bursts of brighter color, pink couches, lampshades, or other accents will help you do this. Pale or medium shades work well. But if you’re going for a high-contrast look, try adding coral shades instead. 

15. Navy Blue and Pink

Navy Blue and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #F9E0D9, #847577

Speaking of navy blue, this color looks great alongside various shades of pink. If you like bolder looks, it can be used as a wall color much like emerald. And like emerald, it looks good with pink furniture.

If you’d rather not commit to such a bold wall color, navy blue also works well in smaller doses. If you can find navy blue furniture, it works well with pink walls or other pink accents. If you want to break up this look a bit, try incorporating navy blue and white patterns instead of pure navy blue. Patterns work well for bedspreads, pillows, wallpapers, rugs, and more. This is a great combination to get creative with!

16. Royal Purple and Pink

Royal Purple and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7851A9, #FFADC6, #FAF3DD

This is one of those combinations that sound especially strange. But if you carefully incorporate it, it can make any room a high-energy, memorable space. Since royal purple is intense, it’s best to incorporate it in very small amounts. A couple of royal purple accent pillows can look nice on a soft pink couch. 

Since a little royal purple goes a long way, you can even add in a pattern that has a few touches of this powerful color. An intricately patterned rug can be a great way to bring a room together and introduce a few different colors, too.

17. Cocoa Brown and Pink

Cocoa Brown and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #734C3F, #F9CBC7, #DDF8E8

Cocoa brown and other warmer shades of brown have reddish or pink undertones, so they tend to look nice alongside pink. Soft cocoa or coffee brown furniture looks great with blush pink accessories or pastel pink walls.

This particular combination also works very well in patterns. Paisley and other swirling prints can really bring out both colors. This pattern works well in curtains, pillows, bedspreads, wallpapers, and more.

18. Hunter Green and Pink

Hunter Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #355E3B, #F7B2BD, #A4C2A5

Like many darker shades, hunter green looks especially nice with blush pink and similar shades. It also looks great with coral and salmon, two shades of pink with prominent orange undertones.

But as you can tell, hunter green and salmon (or coral) are both very intense shades. If you incorporate a large amount of both, a room can quickly start to feel cluttered or overstimulating. Choose one as a main color and one as an accent. For instance, in a room with salmon or coral walls, you could include a hunter green bookcase, table, etc. You can also do the reverse—a coral or salmon chair makes a great statement piece against a hunter green wall.

19. Royal Blue and Pink

Royal Blue and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4169E1, #D99AC5, #DCCDE8

If you like energetic blues, royal blue might be the perfect choice for your next project. It’s an intense color that pairs well with pink (as well as with a whole host of other colors). As a result, it’s often found in patterns. If you want to try out just a little of this combination, choose any accessory with a multicolor pattern that includes both royal blue and pink. Rugs and blankets are a great choice here.

If you want to go for something a little bolder, royal blue walls can really transform a room, and a pink accent or two can add a pop of color. Try painting a bathroom with royal blue walls and white trim. Add in coral-colored towels for a summery and unexpected twist.

20. Aubergine and Pink

Aubergine and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #472C4C, #FFE9F3, #818D92

Aubergine is a deep, dignified color that’s perfect for creating darker, moodier palettes. If that’s your goal, take a room with aubergine walls and add pale blush pink furniture or accents to balance out the energy.

However, if you’re looking to create a softer, lighter look, the pink/aubergine combination can still work for you. Create a room with pale pink walls and pale furniture. Intersperse a few aubergine accents to help ground the look. You might consider rugs, art pieces, throws, etc.

21. Turquoise and Pink

Turquoise and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #FE64A3, #424B54

If you like both blue and green and want a high-energy color for your next design project, turquoise just might be your answer! This color is reminiscent of summer, and it also might make you think of the American Southwest.

Turquoise works nicely in color schemes with white. But if you’re going for a real standout look, try including it in a palette with hot pink. This tends to work best when you use pink as an accent color. In a room with turquoise walls and otherwise neutral furniture, you might consider adding in a hot pink chair as a beautifully unique conversation piece.

22. Sage Green and Pink

Sage Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9CAF88, #EDADC7, #746D75

Sage green is having a moment in the design world, and it’s easy to see why. Though it’s a springlike shade, it’s muted enough to work almost like a neutral. Sage pairs beautifully with many different colors, but if you want an interesting combination that really pops, try combining it with pink.

Softer shades of sage go well with soft lilac pink and similar hues. Sage excels as a wall color, so you might try a room with sage walls, white or beige furniture, and soft pink curtains or rugs. If you want to incorporate a floral print, this is a great color to include! Many vintage-inspired floral prints feature sage-colored foliage and pink flowers, so you should have no trouble finding one if that’s what you choose.

23. Sapphire Blue and Pink

Sapphire Blue and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #0F52BA, #F3D9DC, #93B7BE

Like the stone it’s named after, sapphire blue sits somewhere between royal blue and navy blue. Its intensity makes it a great choice for bold interiors, and it looks especially striking when patterned with white. And when you add pink to the mix, you get a nuanced and unexpected combination.

Try starting with a bathroom with sapphire and white tiled walls. Then add in a salmon pink shower curtain and rug (along with any other accessories you want). If you’d rather choose another shade of pink, just about any shade will do. Softer pinks will have a calming influence, while hotter pinks impart a good bit of energy.

24. Terra Cotta and Pink

Terra Cotta and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E2725B, #F0E2E7, #084B83

Terra cotta is a unique color that has some similarities with pink. And when combined with pink, it creates a warm, Mediterranean-inspired palette. One of the easiest ways to combine these colors is to place actual terra cotta pots in front of a pink wall. And the natural green of the plants will add just enough cool color for balance.

Terra cotta also makes a nice wall color. You might consider a terra cotta accent wall in a room with otherwise pink walls. A Persian-style rug works especially nicely in a room like this, but it’s also wise to include some cooler colors (like darker blue furniture) to prevent the room from becoming overly warm.

25. Soft Blue-Gray and Pink

Soft Blue-Gray and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B7C9E2, #EF959D, #60656F

Soft shades of blue-gray (sometimes called ash blue) are popular and versatile in the design world. These shades make great wall colors, as they tend to be more interesting than off-white shades but still function like neutrals.

Soft blue-gray walls go nicely with soft shades of pink, especially mauve or dusty rose. You might try a room with pale blue-gray walls, a pale neutral-colored couch, and pale pink pillows. This soft color scheme can create quite a relaxing aesthetic, but it does best with a touch of a darker color to ground it. Try a darker brown chair, coffee table, or both.

26. Peach and Pink

Peach and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFCDA2, #E56399, #5C4742

Peach is pretty close to being pink. So if you want to create a color scheme that is almost (but not quite) monochromatic, peach and pink make a winning combination. You can maximize or minimize contrast according to your tastes. For minimal contrast, choose more orange-hued pinks. For maximal contrast, go for brighter, more red-heavy shades.

While it might seem a little off the beaten path, peach furniture can be a great way to create this combination. A peach tufted sofa or chair looks nice over a bright pink rug. For a softer look, combine the furniture with soft pink and white patterned wallpaper. Or to go even more subtle, simply choose pale pink walls.

27. Lime Green and Pink

Lime Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #32CD32, #F7BFBE, #9CAFB7

If you’re looking to create an interior with a tropical flair, this dynamic color combination might be the right one to choose! This was a popular 90s color combination, but if you choose your shades of pink carefully, you can create a room with thoroughly modern appeal.

Lime green looks especially nice with dusty or peachy pinks. And since this combination is a dynamic one, it’s a good idea to use it especially sparingly. Try including a lime accent pillow on a pink couch or a lime wall hanging on a soft pink wall. Alternatively, you can incorporate both of these shades into a pattern to really bring a neutral room together. In a room that is mostly white or beige, try adding a pink and lime green patterned rug.

28. Cool Beige and Pink

Cool Beige and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D8BCAB, #F0386B, #666370

Cool beige has pinkish undertones, so it tends to pair well with various shades of pink. And since beige is in no short supply in the design world, this color combination isn’t hard to create at all. If you want to create a warm, rosy aesthetic, try pairing very pale beige with very pale blush pink. This combination looks good with cream, too. You might want to place pink and cream pillows on a soft beige couch.

Alternatively, you can use beige as a calm backdrop for livelier shades of pink. You can sprinkle hot pink accents throughout a largely beige room or add a pink and white patterned rug to add a burst of color.

29. Sky Blue and Pink

Sky Blue and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #87CEEB, #FFB7C3, #9BC995

Blue is quite a popular color for interiors, but sky blue probably isn’t one of the most popular selections out there. Its bright energy isn’t for everyone, but it definitely makes a statement against pink.

If you like unusually-colored living room furniture, sky blue couches and chairs are a great choice. And when you sprinkle in a few pink and lime green accent pillows, you can create a striking aesthetic without putting in a massive amount of effort. This look goes well with jute or seagrass rugs. The neutral coloration offers a grounding influence while following the summer-inspired theme.

30. Tangerine Orange and Pink

Tangerine Orange and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F28500, #F6BDD1, #5C415D

This might sound like a strange combination, and some people maintain that you should never pair pink and tangerine. However, this combination can be a stunning one. One of the best ways to integrate both tangerine and pink is to space them out in a room. You’ll want the room to be mostly neutral. White is a great color choice here. With this backdrop, you can pair a mostly-magenta wall hanging with some orange throws or pillows.

If you want something a little bolder, you might want to add in pink or orange furniture. These pieces can be very high-energy, so use them sparingly! In order to balance out their warmer energy, make sure you color most of the rest of the room in cooler neutrals.

31. Gold and Pink

Gold and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #E86A92, #E9E3E6

We mentioned rose gold earlier. But if you prefer more classic metallics, gold is a great choice to go with pink, too. Of course, the easiest and most straightforward way to incorporate gold in a pink palette is by adding actual metallics. Gold wall hangings and photo frames are a great way to do this. Or if you want to do something more subtle, you can simply include gold hardware on furniture, etc.

Gold fabric can also add a magical touch. Consider a few shimmering gold accent pillows on a pink bedspread, or even add sheer gold curtains to a room with blush pink walls.

32. Lavender and Pink

Lavender and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E6E6FA, #DB9E9E, #9D9DAB

Lavender and pink are similar shades that work well together, especially if you’re trying to create a springlike palette. Very pale, near-neutral versions of both work beautifully alongside shades of pale gray. For example, you might consider a room with gray walls, a blush pink accent wall, and soft lavender furniture.

You also may want to consider choosing one of the two colors and making it more saturated than the other. In a room with white or very pale gray walls, try darker lavender furniture with a few touches of softer pink. Curtains, accent pillows, and rugs are all good choices.

33. Pale Taupe and Pink

Pale Taupe and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BC987E, #F9B4ED, #655560

Taupe has become a popular neutral when it comes to wood flooring and countertops, so chances are good that you’ll run into it at some point. It’s somewhere between weathered brown and gray, so its relatively cool nature makes it a great companion for pink. One easy combination is that of baby pink walls and pale taupe flooring.

Taupe is also a fairly common color when it comes to upholstered furniture, so you can easily use this palette in a living room. Pale taupe chairs and couches do well with pink accent pillows. Go with pale pink for a gentler, pastel aesthetic, or choose a brighter shade to add a pop or two of high-energy color.

34. Burnt Orange and Pink

Burnt Orange and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BF5700, #F3D9DC, #7B886F

As we saw above, orange and pink make an unusual combination. But if you find tangerine and similar hues a little too bright for a given project, burnt orange gives you warm energy with a little less brightness. If you want to keep the overall palette a bit muted, go for dusty shades of pink.

Burnt orange is an excellent color for an accent wall. In a bedroom, pairing it with a medium pink bedspread is a good choice. Just make sure to include plenty of white across the rest of the room! If you like quieter walls, you also could try a burnt orange bedspread as a darker focal point in a room with pastel pink walls.

35. Violet Blue and Pink

Violet Blue and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #324AB2, #E5A4CB, #EBD2BE

Violet blue is an intensely beautiful shade that’s perfect if you can’t decide between purple and blue. Like other intense shades, it’s a great choice for an accent wall color. From there, you can add a shade of pink or two, although it’s a good idea to break up the pink and the violet-blue with a neutral. You might place a white couch in front of a violet-blue wall and then decorate the couch with a couple of pink accent pillows.

If you want to make this color combination lean a little cooler, try adding in navy blue or another dark blue shade. The violet-blue and pink combination may not be too terribly common, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it!

36. Leaf Green and Pink

Leaf Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #306433, #EED2CC, #433633

Green is the color of life, and a vivid, foliage-inspired green is sure to go nicely with any shade of pink. One of the most refreshing ways to use this combination is to simply place actual plants in a room featuring pink. There’s no wrong way to do this, but green will look especially vibrant alongside orange-hued pinks like salmon.

If you don’t want to include actual plants, you might consider leafy or floral patterns. If you like wallpaper, pink and green patterns are relatively common. Alternatively, you could hang a largely green painting or photo on a pink wall.

37. Lemon Yellow and Pink

Lemon Yellow and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FEF250, #FFC4D1, #686868

Pink and yellow are reminiscent of summer and lemonade, but they also make a great color combination for a lively interior. A bright yellow couch works well as a statement piece in a mostly-white room, and a pink accent pillow or throw can create visual interest. Balance this warm combination out with a blue wall hanging or rug.

If you want more yellow in any given room, lemon yellow makes a great color for an accent wall. This color works nicely with pink furniture. Softer or cooler-hued pinks help create a more balanced palette. But if you really want to add brighter pops of color, you might consider adding a couple of small magenta accents.

38. Cardinal Red and Pink

Cardinal Red and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C41E3A, #FDECEF, #37323E

When you think of red and pink, you probably imagine Valentine’s Day. But you might be surprised to hear that red and pink can actually do very well together. If you have a flair for the dramatic, try an accent wall with a pink to red gradient. If that’s not quite your style, you might prefer a solid red wall with pale pink curtains and/or rugs.

As a general rule, it’s best to use softer and/or cooler shades of pink when working with brighter shades of red. If you use hotter or brighter pinks, you might find that your color scheme looks a little too much like a Valentine’s Day card.

39. Warm Gray and Pink

Warm Gray and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #AFA79F, #E8BCBC, #F5F3F2

We’ve already established that pink and gray go well together. But if you’re eager to create a gentle, welcoming palette, warmer-leaning grays might be your answer. This shade is a great one for couches, chairs, and other types of living room furniture.

If you incorporate light wood tones into a color scheme with blush pink and warm gray, you can create a modern ambiance that still manages to be open and airy. You might consider gray furniture with pale wooden legs placed against a backdrop of pale pink. If you want to add another color, the gentle warmth of cream makes it a good choice.

40. Baby Blue and Pink

Baby Blue and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #89CFF0, #F26CA7, #F5E3E0

You already know that most shades of blue seem to go well with pink. Baby blue is an especially lovely shade perfect for bedrooms and other calming spaces. In particular, baby blue is an excellent wall color. Like other pastels, it can work almost like a neutral. That makes it the perfect backdrop for bright, high-energy pink.

Naturally, white goes nicely with these colors. And while a pattern incorporating pink and blue might remind you too much of a baby shower, a blue and white pattern works nicely alongside solid pink. Try a blue and white geometric pattern on a wall in a bedroom, and then round out the look with a pastel or dusty pink bedspread.

41. Orange Sherbet and Pink

Orange Sherbet and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFD2A6, #BB7E8C, #8AA399

If you like the idea of pink and orange but don’t want to create an overly bright palette, the soft hue of orange sherbet is a great choice. It goes well with pastel pink and crisp white.

You can give this combination a vintage-inspired twist by choosing slightly muted hues of each. Take a room with soft gray or sage walls with white trim. Add in soft orange sherbet chairs and very pale dusty pink curtains.

42. Pewter and Pink

Pewter and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ADB4BF, #FFD4D6, #D9BABC

When it comes to interior design, pewter is one of the most versatile metallics. While it has the cool glow of silver, its brushed finish mutes it just enough to let it fit into just about any color scheme. Pewter also is a great counterbalance to the warmth of pink.

One of the most straightforward ways to integrate pewter and pink is to include pewter framed photos, paintings, etc. in a room prominently featuring pink. Pewter looks great on soft pink walls. But since it’s a neutral, it will work alongside just about any pink shade you can think of. For an especially unique look, hang pewter frames on gray walls in a room with pink furniture!

43. Olive Green and Pink

Olive Green and Pink Color Palette

Hex Codes: #556B2F, #FFEAEC, #917C78

Last on the list is a combination that might sound odd at first. But olive green is a classic color that looks surprisingly nice alongside pink. If you want to create a room with vintage appeal, you may be able to find olive green leather or velour furniture. Try adding a soft baby pink accent pillow or two. This look is especially memorable on a black and white tiled floor or a black and white rug.

Olive green also looks nice alongside rich, coral shades of pink. In a mostly-beige room, try adding coral and olive throws, pillows, or other accents. Or if you want to try something a little more unusual, go for olive green kitchen cabinets. Add in a pink backsplash and/or other pink accents to complete this highly memorable palette!

Designing With Pink

If you want your home to stand out, try selecting one of these pink color combinations for your next design project. Of course, you don’t have to feel limited—you might find yourself inspired to use a beautiful combination we hadn’t thought of.