9 New Kitchen Appliance Colors and Finishes That Are Trending in 2021

Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your house. When you are considering how to design your dream kitchen, there are many items you want to take into consideration. You want appliances that meet your needs but are also attractive and innovative.

Every year brings with it new trends that you want to think about when making it your appliance choice. You want appliances that remain attractive for years. It may be difficult to believe that appliances are fashionable, but they can be, especially when you go for trending colors.

It is always helpful to know what is trending when you are trying to make big decisions. So if you are looking for some colorful inspiration, continue reading this post to find out the new kitchen appliance colors in 2021.

1. Stainless Steel

Bright modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

It may seem incorrect to add a color and finish that has been around for quite some time as this post is about new kitchen appliance colors. However, this classic color is not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Stainless steel is a light gray color that can be matte or shiny finish. Stainless steel will never be a bad choice as it goes with any color. It is timeless and classic. Stainless steel has a special kind of beauty while maintaining its quality. The finish of these appliances give your kitchen a crisp and clean look. To complete the look in your kitchen when you have stainless steel, you can add extra touches in your kitchen to match your stainless steel appliances. You can include hardware, light fixtures, and the sink to enhance your decor.

2. Black Stainless Steel

Dark Scandinavian style kitchen with black stainless steel appliances

You know stainless steel, but do you know black stainless steel? This appliance color is smooth and sleek while keeping a more minimalist look. Appliances in black stainless steel are elegant and beautiful, they resist fingerprints and are easy to clean. Black stainless steel gives a touch of luxury that stainless steel cannot match.

3. Slate

Overhead view of stylish kitchen with slate colored refrigerator

Slate has become a popular choice for kitchen appliances this year. Slate is a combination of a slight amount of gray and matte finish. These appliances are a stylish option. They can blend with a countertop of granite or black. Slate appliances also look good in a white kitchen, as illustrated above. It provides a balance of dark and light without being a dull color.

4. Tuscan Stainless Steel

Green and gray kitchen with tuscan stainless steel oven

Tuscan Stainless Steel is a new finish that catches the eye of anyone that comes into your kitchen. These appliances are functional and innovative. Tuscan Stainless Steel is a graphite that has a smoky tint with a touch of bronze. This great new color matches a large number of kitchen decors. These appliances are both subdued and bold while giving your kitchen a unique look.

5. Blue Gray

Modern blue gray kitchen interior with wooden tables

Blue Gray is a bold color that brings pop to your kitchen. At the same time, this color is soothing with the marriage of a smoky gray and deep blue. The two blend together to create a soft but striking shade. This color will make everyone stand up and take notice when they walk into your kitchen. You can match these appliances with chrome, brass, bronze, copper, and wood.

6. White

Clean light modern kitchen with ice white appliances

Just like stainless steel, white is a color that will never go out of style. It is a top color for this year. White appliances give your kitchen a clean look while adding a touch of class. These bright and sleek appliances provide the modern look you may be looking for. White is a color that has been around for some time but it is still innovative and stylish.

7. Black

Trendy kitchen with black appliances and wooden floor

Black appliances have always given kitchens a distinct look. One of the trends for this year is dark kitchens. A dark kitchen can be black, gray, or brown. While black appliances do darken your kitchen, they also make your kitchen look elegant. These appliances have always made consumers think they are of high quality. Black appliances can blend well with all other colors. Stainless steel is not the only way to go anymore.

8. Hidden Appliances

Luxury modern kitchen with hidden appliances and marble floor

While this post is about hot colors in appliances for this year, there is another trend that is not quite an appliance color. Hiding your appliances is not something new for this year, but it is something that is returning to popularity. These appliances are intended to make your life easier. Hidden appliances give you supreme functionality while reducing the need to bend and kneel. You can hide your dishwasher and refrigerator behind panels that look like a cabinet. You can purchase a cooktop with cabinets for the oven to replace your range. You can build in cabinets and drawers in strategic places to hide coffee makers and other devices. Hidden appliances give you a streamlined and clean look, along with keeping your countertops free of clutter and the ability to keep everything in your kitchen concealed.

9. Color Everywhere

Trendy kitchen with colorful appliances

For years, when you would look around at kitchens, you would see black, white, or stainless appliances. Designer kitchens now come in an array of colors, from vibrant hues to softer pastel colors. If you want to get your appliances in color, you can find companies that will create appliances in any custom color that you want. When you bring color into your kitchen, it adds a splash to your decor. You can choose custom hues and shades to create your dream kitchen, even your wildest, most colorful dream.

Consider a Trending Appliance Color for Your New Kitchen

The colors and finishes on this list are all trending in 2021. If you want to see last year’s popular colors, check out the appliance colors for 2020. Now that you know what to look for, you can set out to create your perfect kitchen while remaining on trend with the hottest styles and fashions. Knowing the colors that are popular this year is essential, but so is knowing what you want and need in your new kitchen. You may want to consider if you wish to have appliances that clean easily and can hide fingerprints. There are definitely some finishes that are easier to clean than others.