Bathroom Color Ideas: The Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Contemporary bathroom interior with black colored walls

When deciding upon the paint colors for bathrooms while remodeling, it is important to first determine your personal style. This, in turn, will give you ideas for choosing lights, faucets and accessories along with the bathroom colors you wish to incorporate in the plan.

Bathroom color ideas and styles

Here are a few different bathroom styles that will help you choose paint colors for your bathroom that are consistent with your taste.

Be bold

Interior of modern bathroom with orange walls

According to Dulux designer Claire Cippolone, bathroom colors are getting bolder and trendier. Many homeowners are opting to make their bathrooms bolder in order to create a space that is ideal for revival at the end of the day. Blue is considered an ideal choice as far as paint colors for bathrooms are concerned. It is a neutral shade, but it still adds a new lease on life by combining warm and cool tones. Alternatively, brighter shades like vibrant reds, yellows and tangerine etc. can also make the bathroom appear more upbeat and positive.

Cool and muted

Interior of stylish bathroom with green hexagonal tiles and white walls. White bathtub with towel on it.

You can also opt for paint colors for bathrooms that offer a spa-like atmosphere. Moss, teal and sea greens with muted grays are ideal for creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Rich and deep hues

Red bathroom interior in vintage style

Warmer bathroom colors like wine red, ruby, aubergine, and gold can make the space warm and cozy. They will remind you of Tuscan friezes and also support the elegant style of decorating.

Go neutral

Modern contemporary style bathroom with beige tile walls decorated with wooden shelves and cabinet

Many homeowners like neutral shades in bathrooms. Colors like brown, beige, white and ivory can be considered warm without overpowering, and they never go out of style. You can also add a splash of color by selecting brighter accessory pieces, linen and other decorative bath items.

Cozy skin tones

Bathroom interior design with pink painted wall and apricot peach colored toilet, bathtub and sink

Peach, apricot, pinks and other skin tones make for some flattering bathroom walls. Not only are these cozy, they are ideal to pair up and coordinate with the timber and laminate you use for your bath cabinets. A bolder choice in these can add a dash of color to the space. Pale shades can also make the bathroom appear airy.

Important points to consider when selecting paint colors for bathrooms

Interior of elegant bathroom in black color with a shiny freestanding metal bath near wide window and lots of green indoor plants around
  1. The paint you choose for your bath should be moisture resistant and offer washability. Nowadays, many paint manufacturers have created products that have mold shield and anti-bacterial technology incorporated in them. Additionally, these companies offer you 1000s of choices in paint colors for your bathroom.
  2. When choosing colors, note that they change in larger areas and under different lights. So, when trying different bathroom paints, make sure to try out sample paint pots or use them on smaller sections of the walls to test your paint selection. Ideally, you should try out the paint on one m2 wall sections and test it out at different times of the day.
  3. For even more accurate selection, use the color chips that many paint manufacturers and stores give out. Online bathroom decoration websites can also help you discover some more bathroom color ideas.
  4. Find your personal style: is it formal, casual, minimalist or unique? Determine the elements you already have or plan to keep in the existing bathroom. This will help you choose paint colors that complement these features.
  5. Try to create interest in the bathroom by combining wall colors with complementing materials. Timber is an ideal material that can really set the tone for bathroom spaces.
  6. For large spaces, use darker colors to add a cozy depth. This can help create a warm and spacious effect to large master bath areas. Alternatively, you can paint the ceiling using darker shades to create the illusion that the room is smaller.

These are a few of the popular colors and styles for bathrooms. We hope they help you find the right paint colors for your own unique bathroom.