Living Room Color Ideas: The Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Chic living room interior in gray and brown colors

Choosing the right paint colors for living rooms can go a long way in evoking feelings of happiness, nostalgia as well as memories of the past and present. A thumb rule to use when choosing the living room color ideas is that: warm colors invigorate and evoke joyous feelings while cool paint colors for living rooms can calm and transcend one into harmony and relaxation.

An important point when choosing the paint colors for living rooms is getting familiar with the Color Wheel and mixing and matching colors to harmonize and balance the different aspects of the room.

Steps for choosing the paint colors for living rooms

  1. Pick a theme– Paint color themes fall in different categories: monochromatic, adjacent/analogous, complementary and triadic. Most of these names are self explanatory, but here is a little about each scheme in brief: Monochromatic color scheme includes one hue for the entire living room. It can be plain white or beige or you can go in for virtually any hue, tint or shade. The analogous or adjacent color scheme allows you to use patterns and focus on one shade with several different accents. Complementary colors are the colors that lie on the opposite wedges of the color wheel. Examples include blue and orange, red and green and so on. Triadic color schemes include selecting three colors on the wheel that are equidistant from each other. By varying the intensity of the three colors in the triadic scheme one can balance and bring out the unique features of the living room.
  2. Understand the color families– Get familiar with terms like primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Red, blue and yellow are the primary colors. Violet, green and orange are the colors obtained by mixing two primary colors, and are termed as secondary colors. Tertiary colors are mix of primary and secondary colors and include hues like red-orange, blue green and so on.
  3. Mix and match– Mix and match your chosen paint colors for living rooms, but bear in mind aspects like hues, shades, tints and tones for each color. Hue means the color itself, shade is the color plus the amount of black in it, tint is the color plus the amount of white in it and tone is the color plus gray.
  4. Adjust the intensity of the color– Finally, adjust the intensity of the chosen color (which means playing with the dullness or brightness of the color).

Some top living room color ideas

  • Pristine whites– White color symbolizes purity, cleanliness and innocence. Some of the top living room color ideas include decorating with whites not only on the walls and ceilings but also the furniture.  Warmer shades of white can help soften areas and also add a sense of comfort to the contemporary sitting rooms. Cooler forms of white depict balance and security. People who wish to implement a romantic setting to their living rooms can opt for pearly or champagne based whites for glamour with a hint of calm and harmony.
  • Organic & sophisticated rustic tones– Modern trends in living room color ideas include contrasting textures and fabrics with natural shades in the paint colors for living rooms including rustic brown, tan and clay.
  • Urban Neutrals– Many modern interiors designers recommend grays and browns for living room spaces as these neutral colors help impart a serene feel to areas where socializing takes place. The advantage of going for these hues is that you are free to experiment with brighter tones and soft pastels when using these living room color ideas.
  • Dare with red– Daring colors like red create a high impact statement and are sure to add flair to living areas. Add a light blue sofa to complement the red walls. Make a single wall red to add a focal point or add a blast of red color with modern living room accessories.
  • Other living room color ideas– One can also experiment with dewy blues, creative purples, natural-greens or sunny (but light shades of) yellows for paint colors in living rooms. Many different choices are available in each of these and you can view the different palettes online (or in offline stores) to get a general idea.

Picking out paint colors for living rooms can be a daunting task. Some homeowners prefer crisp whites or neutral shades with a view to create a haven of sanctuary. Others prefer rich and royal colors that call out to attention and add novelty. There are, as usual, no strict rules when it comes to choosing the living room color ideas, but we hope that these tips will go a long way in helping you pick the right paint colors that reflect your personal style all the while highlighting the room’s unique features.