A Peek Under the Roof: What Your House Color Says About You

Row of brightly painted multi colored houses

They say that home is where the heart is. That statement may be more revealing than we know. The color of your home may actually provide a deep glimpse into your heart and soul. What does the color of your house say about your personality? Take a look at the clues your paint job broadcasts to the world.

An Interesting Survey Revealing the Significance of the Color of Your House

A few years ago, a survey was done by a paint brand called Sandtex out of the United Kingdom to see what exactly the exterior paintwork of a house can reveal about an owner’s personality. It turns out it’s a lot. Here’s a rundown of the most interesting findings from the survey:

  • People who live in blue houses tend to be the most “successful” when compared to people living in houses painted other colors.
  • The average owner of a blue house is in a long-term relationship, has two children and drives an Audi.
  • People who live in green homes are the “least successful” in terms of salary. They also tend to drive Ford cars.
  • More than 30 percent of people living in pink and purple houses send their children to private schools.
  • Just 14 percent of people in magnolia-colored houses send their kids to private schools.

Does this survey mean that your fate is sealed based on the color of your home? Not exactly. While these are interesting tidbits regarding the lives of people living in various homes, they don’t necessarily tell the whole story. Take a look at some deeper insights into what the color of your house says about your personality.


New yellow two-story house with white windows and a large wooden balcony

If your home looks like a drop of sunshine, you’re likely an optimistic person. You also love the idea of living in a home that can sprinkle a little bit of sunshine on your neighbors. Being an extrovert, you don’t mind that the bright, cheerful hue of your home attracts extra attention from people as they roll down the street.


Suburban white colored all American contemporary two story farmhouse with curb appeal

If you live in a white home, you tend to demand perfection. You love the idea of your home being a neat, uncluttered sanctuary where you can relax knowing that everything is in its place. You’ve probably carefully plotted every last piece of furniture, photo frame and throw pillow inside your home down to the last detail.


Beautiful blue painted home exterior on sunny day with green grass and backdrop of trees

Choosing a blue home means that you value loyalty and stability above all else. A careful planner, you’re drawn to the trustworthiness that blue evokes. You see your home as a place that you can return to when the rest of the world feels chaotic. You also value being able to invite others over to feel secure, welcomed and cozy.


Brown mountain cabin home wood exterior with forest and flowers

If you call a brown abode home, you’re a very low-key person who doesn’t get a thrill from showing off. You probably enjoy keeping your lawn slightly overgrown and lush with help from bushy trees and crawling plants. A brown home fulfills your desire to stay connected to nature. In fact, you’re subconsciously attracted to a home that disappears into its natural surroundings as much as possible.


Green painted house in suburb in North American neighborhood

Is there green paint beyond your gutters? While you like to stand out from the crowd, you wouldn’t be called flashy. You are also a compassionate, thoughtful person who takes pride in nurturing others. Your high level of empathy is shown in the way you’re likely to tend to a large garden in your yard each spring to be able to share your extra tomatoes or garden roses with neighbors.


Large beige house with green grass

You’re often the go-to person when things get chaotic and stormy because people know you to be calm and controlled. While style isn’t your big passion, you do enjoy a neat, no-frills aesthetic. You also tend to play things safer than most other people because you’re simply not into thrills or uncertainty.


Modern gray house with back porch, stone elements and landscaped yard

Your decision to live in a gray manor comes down to your love of neutral, agreeable colors. This reflects in your personality through the way you tend to steer away from hot topics while in conversation. While you’re not boring, you prefer not to take risks. People who know you consider you to be a pillar of stability and reason.


Pink Victorian house with a white picket fence and a big maple tree

If you call your own personal pink palace home, you’re likely a compassionate person with a creative streak. You feel that life is too short to simply do what’s expected. While you can’t be controlled, you’re actually quite loyal and dependable by nature.

There’s No Place Like Home When It Comes to Revealing Your Personality

It turns out that your personality has some major curb appeal that’s actually visible just by looking at the color of your house. It makes sense that the place where we spend the most time says the most about us. If you’re in the middle of a home redesign, it might be useful to study up on color meaning to make sure you’re conveying the message you want to all who pass by your property.