Elements of Color: What Is the Relation Between the 5 Elements and Colors?

Five elements of nature: fire, earth, air, water, and sky

By now, we all agree that colors have an emotional impact on all of us. It is a direct personal relationship that occurs due to the vibrational energies given off by the wavelengths of each color available in nature. Colors nourish, soothe, energize; but they can also make us feel depressed, dull, and, sometimes even angry. When using colors for our clothes or even choosing ones for the interiors of our home, we gravitate towards colors that evoke a soothing or happy response in our mind. This is an essential part of color selection. But, did you know why we feel so? According to ancient sciences, each of us has a strong or a dominant element. By element, we are talking about the 5 basic elements like Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each of these elements is associated with certain colors. Both Chinese and ancient Hindu sciences talk about elements of color. So, in this guide, we will study the different elements as stated in each of these cultures and also the colors that are linked to them.

Vastu elements of color

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of home decoration that was developed by ancient Hindus. Vastu is the Sanskrit word for ‘abode or dwelling’ and Shastra stands for ‘science’. Based on it, Vastu consultants use the knowledge of the five primordial elements along with their color interdependencies to design, decorate and place objects in a home or office.

Here are the different Vastu elements and the colors they prefer.

Earth– The Earth element, according to Vastu Shastra, is predominant in the south west direction. The colors associated with this element are all earth tones like brown, cinnamon, Sienna, burnt orange, soil, sepia, umber etc. In ancient times, the pigments for these colors were actually made using rocks and soils.

Water– The direction of this element according to Vastu Shastra is North-east. The colors associated with it are blue, blue greens, and other cool shades associated with water. As per Vastu consultants, you must use blue paint in the north east direction of your home or office to honor this element.

Fire– It is easy to guess the colors associated with this element. Fiery colors like red, orange, golden orange and golden yellow are some combinations of colors that acknowledge Agni-the Sanskrit word for fire. Vastu consultants recommend painting the kitchen in apricot or similar fiery shades as this is where we use the Fire element for cooking chores. Since the direction of this element is South- east– it is a good idea to also paint the rooms in that direction using these fiery hues.

Air– Air is an elusive element in that; it is difficult to portray it as a single color. So you could use silver, white, silvery blue, light gray or other airy colors in the North-west direction which is the direction associated with the Air element.

Space-Space is expansive so there is no single color linked with it. The space element is most lively in the center of the home and this area may be painted luminous golden. Gold is a beautiful color that is precious, rare and also highly spiritual.

Five Elements of colors according to Chinese principles

In China, there is a slight difference when we talk about the ‘elements’. Here, the five elements are the ‘five phases or five movements’ within which each and everything in the Universe falls. These elements are:

Earth– The colors associated with this element is yellow. The direction is center.

Wood– The color associated with this element is Green, and direction is East.

Fire– The color associated with this element is Red and it impacts the South direction.

Metal– Color associated with this element is white and the direction is West.

Water– Color associated is Black and direction is North.

Irrespective of the culture you choose to follow when decorating your home you could also implement the following tips and ideas

  • Open window in North west for better flow of positive energy
  • Lots of green plants and colorful flowers in indoor and outdoor gardens
  • Meditation and healing breath techniques- both sciences, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra talk about these healing practices that help bring positive energy in your home.
  • Fresh organic foods in the kitchen
  • Flowing water- pictures or actual items like artificial waterfalls, as well as swimming pools, aquariums etc that help simulate streams, lakes and oceans.

We hope these tips will help you decorate your home and choose the right colors based on different elements of colors.