Everything You Need to Know About Your Personality Color

Thoughtful brunette woman in warm sweater on yellow background

If you are looking to determine your personality color, you have come to the right place. We will tell you everything you need to know about determining personality colors and also what they indicate about you.

To determine your personality color

  • Sit in a quiet place
  • Close your eyes
  • Think about your favorite color
  • Do not think too much or for too long- it should ideally be the first thing that comes to your mind.

Thus, your instinct determines your personality color which a great deal about how you perceive yourself as well as how others perceive you. Your personality color also plays a role in your emotional, physical and mental states. This color actually determines your personality type indicating whether you are strong, weak, introvert, extrovert and can also give an idea about your vulnerabilities, strengths etc.

Can the personality color be the same as the color I always wear?

Many people wonder whether their personality color is the same as the most common color in their wardrobe.The answer is yes, to an extent it is. If you find yourself buying the same colored clothes again and again, chances are that you feel good wearing that color- it makes you feel confident and brings out the best in you. Therefore, personality color is more or less the same color that you wear often-though not necessarily. The most dominant color in your surroundings and your aura is what determines your personality color.

Can I have more than one personality color?

Most individuals have more than two colors they love as a result of which; she/he can also have multiple personality colors. This basically means that their personalities have the properties of both colors which then reflect in their nature, disposition, temperament etc.

I dislike certain colors – what does that say about me?

The colors we dislike help give us an insight into our nature as well in that; they can show us our strengths, weaknesses etc. Often a color we dislike most intensely will point to areas in our lives which need attention. They could also mean that there is a negative emotion/incidence associated with that color. There is always a link as to why certain colors appeal to us and why others bring out the worst in us! This is not a good approach however- because, when we reject or vehemently oppose certain colors, it is an indication that we need to balance the energy in our environment and even work harder in certain areas of our lives. In fact; color therapists recommend incorporating small amounts of colors we dislike in our surroundings.

What if I do not have a favorite color?

This is usually not the case as each of us is made in a way that simply makes us partial to one color since childhood. Usually our likes and dislikes might change over the years and it might so happen that we might love a color for a while but start disliking it after a while and vice a versa. So even if you think you do not have a personality color, simply take a look around you: do you find yourself wearing similar or same colors over and over? Do you find certain colors repeating themselves in all your rooms? Remember that human beings get attached to certain colors because they have some positive associations with them; they need those qualities of that color and that is why one uses it over and over in the surroundings.

The best thing to do with your personality colors is use a bit of it around you or in your clothing.At the same time, one must also use other colors in small quantities to balance the energies brought by different colors.

What your personality colors say about you:

  • Red– If red is your personality color, you seek physical fulfillment.
  • Orange– Those with orange as their personality color crave socialization, acceptance and also physical/social challenges.
  • Yellow– This personality color indicates a personality type that has sharp logical mind and the deep desire to create something new.
  • Green– This personality color is all about love-you crave love and wish to give love and also need acceptance and acknowledgement.
  • Blue– Inner peace, truth, ideals and beliefs are the core elements of this personality type. Such people tend to be inflexible.
  • Indigo– Those who love indigo are generally one with the higher consciousness and the Universe.
  • Purple– You love helping others and also crave emotional security. Those with purple as their personality color desire order and perfection in everything.
  • Pink– Pink personality color indicates that you need love and seek acceptance constantly.
  • Turquoise– This personality type seeks emotional balance and creates order on their idealistic terms.

So, what’s your personality color and do you agree with what it means?