What is The Most Popular Color in the World?

Palette with samples of various paint colors

Color choices or preferences are a personal decision; they also depend upon the categories being considered. We can, for example, discuss the most popular color in cars, in eyes or hair, or even in the interiors of homes or offices. So, today, we will be considering some of the most popular color choices in each of the aforementioned categories. The results are typically based on surveys taken worldwide.

The most popular color in the world for cars

The choice in the color of a car is a tricky one. In majority of the cases, no two people would seem to agree upon it. It is no surprise that, when it comes to shopping for a car, there are often disagreements between couples about its color rather than its make or model. Recently, however, a survey was conducted to determine the most popular color in cars. Batman might prefer his Batmobile to be black and Edward the sparkly vampire (of Twilight fame) might prefer a Silver Volvo; but in real life, the most popular color in cars is actually White!

If statistics are to be believed nearly one in every four drivers prefers a white car. Naturally, there are many variations in White used for Automobiles: sparkling white, pearly white, cream or beige etc. That being said, most customers felt that White is a better choice in cars since it helps keep the insides cooler in summers. Silver and Black came in second while Gray, red, Blue and green came in Third for the most popular color in cars.

The most popular color for hair and eyes

Green is the rarest eye color but it is blue which is considered the most popular color in eyes. A recent survey has shown that blue eye color is actually dwindling in numbers, in that; it has reduced to only 17% people in the world with blue eyes. However, following the popularity of the Twilight series, many youngsters are also known to opt for amber or honey colored contact lenses for their eyes!

As far as the most popular color in hair is concerned, Ombre it is. Many celebrities have set the red carpet ablaze this year by opting for this shade and, as a result, more women are dyeing their hair in this shade too. Ombre is closely followed by platinum blonde and brunette as popular choices in hair color.

The most popular color for home interiors

A survey carried out by Dulux® found that most home designers as well as their clients preferred Blue in interior paint choices. This was followed closely by red and green while yellow took the bottommost spot.

Nearly 23% of women and 20% men surveyed claimed that Purple was their least favorite. However, Pantone, the color expert company, had recently announced Radiant Orchid as the Color of the Year 2014 and, unfortunately, this shade closely resembles purple. However, experts at Pantone believe Radiant Orchid will be the most popular color choice this year as it is “more magical, creative and elegant than Purple”.

In conclusion

If you are trying to determine the most popular color in the world, then we hope these different survey results help you arrive at a definite conclusion. Naturally, it all boils down to one thing: what exactly are you looking for? If you are in the market for a new car, then you can go in for White. If you are looking to change your hair color, then Ombre it is (provided it suits you or you are a natural brunette). And if you want to know the most popular color in eyes, then the answer is Blue.