The Color of Your Phone Reveals a Lot About You

Smartphones in various color choices

A cell phone can tell you a lot about a person. Not only does the content inside a phone reveal information about someone’s personality, but even the exterior can have something to say.

The designs on a phone case might give you a glimpse at someone’s interests, but the color of the phone or phone case could tell you even more about their personality. So, what might the color of your phone tell people about you?

Phone Colors vs. Phone Cases

Cell phones used to only come in neutral colors like black and white, but now, most companies allow you to choose from almost any phone color. Some people still choose simple colors, but others might gravitate toward something unique, such as violet, red, or pink. If someone has a colorful phone, they may choose a case that’s partially transparent so you can see the phone’s color.

Yet, some phone cases cover the color of the phone, so you might not be able to tell what color someone’s phone is. If someone bought a black phone but wanted it to stand out more, they may choose a colorful phone case to showcase their personality better. If you can’t see the color of someone’s phone, you can use the color of their phone case to learn something about them.

What’s the Most Popular Phone Color?

Variety of phone cases in different colors

No matter how many cell phone colors are on the market, they’ll never outsell the classics like black, white, and gray. Black has always been the most popular phone color, and not just because it used to be one of the only options. People continue to choose it more often than colorful alternatives.

The exact reason for choosing black phones depends on the person, but many people like the simple design. Others have pointed out that they always put a colorful case on their phone, so the phone itself doesn’t have to be a unique color too. Black phones also prevent the camera from standing out as much, and they tend to not look dirty as often. So, even though there are tons of colors to choose from, it seems like black will always be a common selection.

Does Age Affect Color Choice?

Your age may affect what color you choose for your phone and case. Kids and teenagers are more likely to gravitate toward bright colors because they’re learning to express themselves. They may favor cases with sparkles, colorful designs, and cartoon characters more than adults would.

That doesn’t mean adults never choose fun phone cases, but adults are more likely to choose neutral colors or shades of vibrant colors. They may choose some phone cases that express themselves, but they rarely stand out as much as the cases teens choose. If an adult chooses a vibrant color that usually appeals to kids more, they may still be in touch with their inner child, which often means they’re fun and optimistic.

Phone Color Meanings

Your phone color might reveal something about your personality, so let’s take a look at what each phone color could mean.


Person using a black cell phone

If black was the only option when you bought your phone, then your case will say more about you than your phone color. However, those who choose black phones may not have an interest in expressing themselves through their phones. To them, a phone is a tool that’s for functional use more than anything else.

Some people view individuals with black phones as secretive or mysterious. Others see them as sophisticated and professional. People who choose a black phone might desire privacy and not want to stand out on a daily basis.


Hands holding white cell phone

White phones need to be cleaned more often because dirt stands out more on them. So, people who choose white over a darker color usually like to keep things clean. They set high standards for themselves and they value purity and perfection.

People who choose a white phone may also appreciate simplicity. They don’t seek out extra bells and whistles, but instead, they only need their phone for its basic functions. People with white phones may be seen as sophisticated, and they are often open to new possibilities, so they’re never quick to judge.


Person holding gray phone

Gray phones may have similar meanings to black and white. Gray is another neutral color that suggests the owner likes simplicity. These individuals view their phone as an essential tool rather than a part of who they are.

People who have a gray phone might be more neutral and willing to compromise than others. They’re likely to focus on logic more than emotions. They may be calm, mature, and practical.


Gold smartphone close up

People who choose a gold phone desire wealth, status, and material items. They’re often financially successful and like to make sure other people know it. They may be outgoing and the life of a party.

However, people with gold phones often have a generous side too. They seek as much knowledge as possible, and they like to help and offer advice to others. They appreciate the luxurious things in life, but they don’t let that stop them from building meaningful connections.


Blue cell phone on gray background

People who choose blue phones are often calm and reserved. They’re not looking to draw attention to themselves, and they always think deeply about a situation before acting. They might not be natural risk-takers, but they’re reliable and confident in their success. Others find these individuals easy to trust.

Blue is not as common as neutral colors for phones, so choosing blue could be a sign that someone wants to be unique. Darker blue phones allow a person to express themselves without drawing too much attention. People with blue phones are often soft-spoken, but when they have something to say, people are eager to listen.


Red smartphone on a desk

Red is another unconventional phone color, so it’s great for people who want to express themselves. Unlike blue, it’s a bold color that stands out. So, it’s a common choice for passionate, energetic individuals who like to take action. They enjoy being social in a variety of settings.

Some people with red phones can be impulsive or aggressive, especially toward others who disagree with them. They have a naturally competitive side, and they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Choosing a red phone might make someone feel important or the center of attention.


Purple cell phone on pink background

Not every phone comes in purple, but lots of people choose purple, violet, or indigo cases for their phones. People with purple phones are often creative, imaginative, and mysterious. They have lots of visions and ideas that they want to share with others.

Some people choose purple phones because they make them feel regal or elegant. These people are often emotionally intelligent, thoughtful, and caring. They tend to be optimistic about the world.


Woman using a yellow cell phone

Yellow isn’t commonly chosen as a phone color, but it’s one of the most vibrant options. People who choose yellow phones are often optimistic and warm-hearted. They’re generally joyful, so people enjoy spending time with them.

Since yellow is an uncommon choice, it’s a great option for people looking to express themselves and stand out in a crowd. They might be viewed as inspiring, amusing, and creative by others.


Woman with an orange cell phone

Since orange is a mix of red and yellow, orange phones share similar meanings to both colors. Orange phones are uncommon, so they’re the perfect option for someone who wants to draw attention to themselves and uniquely express themselves.

People with orange phones are often outgoing, optimistic, and confident. They’re friendly toward almost everyone they meet, and they’re seen as warm and welcoming. People who love the color orange but don’t want to stand out as much might choose a pastel orange or peach color for their phone.


Green cell phone by paper boat

Green is a unique phone color, but it doesn’t turn heads like warm colors might. People who choose green phones are often calm and peaceful. They like to avoid drama and instead focus on the positive things in life.

Green is also a symbol of growth, so individuals with green phones may value large improvements in their lives. They might feel close to nature and enjoy doing outdoor activities. Some people with green phones might desire wealth or be prone to envy.


Woman holding pink cell phone

Many people view pink phones as feminine, but they’re a special color that anyone can enjoy. People with pink phones are friendly, caring, and affectionate. They form close emotional bonds with the people close to them and they tend to have nurturing natures.

People with pink phones might follow their emotions before thinking logically. These individuals can often sense when someone needs their help. They love to express themselves and make sure others are happy. They’re often optimistic and creative.

Choosing a New Phone Color

Choosing between colorful cell phone cases

Choosing a new phone is a big decision since we keep our phones with us at all times. With so many different phone colors on the market, the decision is even more difficult now than it used to be.

If you’re struggling to choose a color for a new phone, don’t overthink it. Choose the color that you’re most drawn to, along with a case that you enjoy. The color of your phone doesn’t define you, but it’s fun to learn about what personality traits each phone color is related to.