Most Popular Cell Phone Color and What It Says About You

Smartphones in various color choices

A cell phone, more importantly, a Smartphone, today is not just an important gadget, it is also a fashion accessory. Naturally color is an important factor people consider when buying these mobile devices. Therefore, the question most searched on the Internet is “which is the most popular cell phone color today?” People want to know what the most popular color there is in mobile phones so they can invest in the right device and ‘up’ their ‘coolness’ factor.

But, did you give a moment’s thought to what the choice of your cell phone color says about you?

First things first- let us address the question ‘what is the most popular color in cell phones/Smartphones or mobile devices?’ The answer, undoubtedly, is Black. A survey conducted by a popular online phone website ( interviewed nearly 2500+ candidates and the answer unanimously was Black.

Thus- black is the most popular color in cell phones and cell phone accessories.

Second in line in popularity of cell phone colors is White– nearly 23.55% people said they preferred white cell phones, whereas 34.63% preferred Black. A distant third with more than 8% votes was Cyan. This was followed by blue, dark grey and red with respectively 6.87, 6.71 and 6.39% votes.

Now let us consider what your favorite cell phone color reveals about your personality.

Cell phone color and personality

To most people, cell phones are gadgets of convenience. Many simply walk into a store, buy the top selling cell phone from a reputed brand without giving much thought to its color. In fact; as shown by polls above, majority of buyers go in for black colored phones. However, psychologists believe that each and every time we are faced with a color choice; we are actually revealing what is going on inside the brain. Most people do not even know this for a fact.

According to expert psychologists, every time we are faced with a color choice, our brain actually makes a statement. Only 20% of our color choices are non sub-conscious. To further depict this, researchers at Nokia Lumia presented 4 popular cell phone colors namely cyan, white, fuchsia and black to different groups of people. People who selected Cyan were thinkers and philosophers; people who normally select this bold color are happy, knowledgeable and exuberant.

People who chose white are the sophisticated personalities. White is generally very hard to maintain and clean, so people who choose white set high standards for themselves. The cleanliness and purity of white cell phones also indicates that the buyers are also clean and pure and innocent.

Fuchsia buyers are primarily females. This category of this cell phone color users combine military feminism with aggressiveness and softness. Fuchsia is nearly pink which is a girly color but it also has darkness associated with it giving it a dual edge.

Finally, the most popular color in cell phones in black, as stated above, and the people who select this color are most likely the ones who go with the flow. They are also technologically very savvy and their preference for black also means they like to play the role of the protectors.

Cell phone companies and color ranges

Come holidays or the festive seasons and many cell phone companies rush to bring out new and exciting color ranges. For example, arrival of Valentine’s Day sees colors like chocolate brown and hot red and companies also advertise these colors as adding playfulness to everyday lives. As stated above, cells phones are moving much beyond necessities and are instead becoming an extension of individual’s personality. It is no wonder that top companies including Samsung released sporty and hip shades like Aqua, Red and Royal blue. Likewise, Blackberry also came up with pink, red, amethyst, gold and even a reddish orange shade aptly called sunset. The people who are actually behind manufacture of these colors are also ones who keep up-to-date with fashion and décor. So they know exactly which colors work and ones that don’t. For example, yellow and green just do not grab the attention of people like Blue does.All things said; there is a belief here today that you have to deal in color, because if you don’t, you’d likely be seen as boring and backward.

Age and cell phone color choices

Today, kids as young as 10 years old own cell phones. For very young children, the cell phone covers that depict cartoon characters like SpongeBob, Disney characters, Mickey etc are popular. Teenage girls also like shades like pink, lavender etc. to show their girly side. As they get older, they like to move towards glitz and blingy colors in that; their cell phones also get glimmering, golden and shiny. Many girls have wardrobes full of cell phone covers just to match their different dresses. Older boys, on the other hand, like gothic and psychedelic colors. Most of them also want the coolest gadgets and accessories to keep them up to par with their peers.Older women tend to gravitate towards softer, browner or pink shades but most match their colors to their purses or clothes. Men, in general, choose black or basic shades with metallic or dark colored rubberized covers. Some like to choose covers that depict the insignia of their favorite sports teams.

In today’s ever expanding world of mobile phones and accessories, there is a cell phone color for each of us that are also definitely an extension of our individuality, expression and personality. So-What’s your cell phone color?