The Most Popular Hair Color

Portrait of smiling woman with trendy dyed hair on colorful background

Since ancient times, human beings have been fascinated by the color of their hair. Every human is born with a natural hair shade – which is the pigmentation of the hair follicles at birth. But people have always experimented with altering the natural shade of their hair. As far back as 3400 B.C, Egyptians started using henna to dye their hair to a shade of brown. Over the years, the preference for the most popular hair color has changed and evolved along with other fashion trends. Let us look at some of the most popular colors in the world today.

Most Popular hair color: Ombre/Highlights

Ombre refers to a pattern in which the color of the hair gradually changes from root to tip, either fading from dark to light or the other way round. Among the various options, the most popular hair color is having a darker root color with a transition to brown at the tips. This hair color has become increasingly popular as it gives a natural look to the hairdo as compared to a monochromatic hair dye.

Is Blonde the Most Popular hair color?

Back in 1953, Marilyn Monroe brought the blonde color into limelight in the Hollywood blockbuster – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Ever since, this shade is the most popular hair color in the world. Over the years, modern designers have experimented with mixing brown and blonde, creating ‘bronde’ – a new palette of colors to choose from. This look can be altered to suit your skin tone and eye color and is gaining popularity!

Platinum Blonde- This shade refers to whitish-blonde color. This shade is found is large number of blonde children. But as a fashion trend, this most popular hair color now refers to bleached hair. Miley Cyrus and other divas have added to the popularity and reach of this shade of hair color. However, stylists point out that this shade requires high maintenance and upkeep!

Brunette is also very Popular

If statistics are to be believed, the rise in the popularity of Brunette hair color can be attributed to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. According to an article in Britain’s, there has been a dramatic increase in sales for brown hair dyes, since this effortlessly stylish woman came onto the scenes.

In Conclusion: Most Popular hair color

Thus, the most popular hair color can vary based on region and who you ask. If popular means common, then the world’s most common hair color is black, since nearly 49% people around the world have it. Even 30% Europeans have black hair.  If you ask a woman, most would prefer highlights or the ombre look. A survey in UK has actually revealed brown, dark brown or black as the most popular hair color. In Japan, more and more teenagers are opting for blonde or light brown hair color whereas in India, only a handful would go in for the complete blonde look. People in many Asian countries (like India and Pakistan) actually prefer using henna to dye their hair. Henna is considered a natural alternative to the chemical based hair coloring products available in the market. Henna gives a reddish brown color, depending on the natural shade of hair of the user.

So, if you are planning on changing your hair color and are searching the answer as to which the most popular hair color is, then the answer, most probably is “The one that you don’t have!”