The Most Popular Paint Colors

Popular colors of the year 2021 with four open cans of paint in gray, yellow, and white

Painting the exterior or interior of a home is a big job, the primary considerations being selecting the main paint colors for the body, the rooms as well as the complimentary or contrasting colors for its eaves, porches, windows, trims and other architectural elements contained within.

So today, to make matters simple and to ease your process of paint selection, I am bringing you the most popular paint colors. By equipping you with this knowledge, I hope to make your selection process a little less intimidating and also help you create a visual impact for the inside and outside of your home.

The most popular paint colors in history for the exteriors

Before discussing the most popular paint colors today, it is time for a little history lesson. Let’s begin by discussing the most popular exterior paint colors in the past.

In the late 1800s or the Victorian era, majority of the houses were painted using darker hues. People seemed to prefer reds, browns, deep sage and olive greens along with other earthy hues for the main body and two or more different colors for highlighting the eaves, porches and other architectural elements.

By the early 1900s, the most popular paint colors were gray and somber shades of white and beige. For the windows and rafters, light brown and brick reds were used for the highlights.  By the mid 1915 to 1930 too, homeowners seemed to prefer natural materials and nature’s colors including light brown, beige and other medium earth tones with darker shades for the trims.

The most popular paint colors today

In the United States, white is considered as one of the most popular paint colors today for both, the interior and well as the exteriors of a home. Its popularity can be traced back to the Grecian revival era (1830-1855) because most Americans then seemed to believe that ancient Greeks always preferred white buildings. (In reality, people of The Golden Age Greek actually preferred brighter and more colorful buildings.)

Today, majority of paint consultants and experts are of the opinion that the popularity of white will continue for years to come, mainly on account of its flexibility. It can be deemed playful yet traditional depending on the style of your home as well as the contrasting colors you use for the trims. Examples of popular exteriors paint colors ideas and schemes include:

  • A white brick house with bright green trims that reflect the color of the spring grass
  • A white house with blue and white striped awnings for a nautical look
  • A white or beige house with red trims and doors.
  • A combination of white and off white for subtle and lively look
  • A beige or cream house with gray trim and bright orange-red door.

Salient features of white

In Australia, Dulux® the famous paint company conducted a survey which also determined that different shades of white were indeed very versatile without giving a cold or stark look to a space. The following salient features were also highlighted by this survey:

  • White is a solid performer time and again and hence deemed one of the most popular paint colors.
  • It comes in interesting neutral shades that can add depth and substance to a given space
  • It works exceptionally well with most colors and can be used in different strengths like quarter, half or full.
  • It can create a serene atmosphere within any space by providing a light and airy feel.
  • White shows the form of the home to its greatest advantage and is great on contemporary as well as traditional/classic homes featuring their lines brilliantly against the grass and the sky.

In conclusion when determining the most popular paint colors

The bottom-line today, as far as the most popular paint colors are concerned is: White is right. It is a tried, tested and well-loved color across Australia, America and majority of other developed nations. It can help create a winning look that is sure to work on the most contemporary or traditional homes.