The 21 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

Painting an empty room blue

Choosing a house’s exterior paint color is a big decision because it’s the first color you’ll see when approaching a house. However, the colors inside a home are equally as important.

There are thousands of interior paint colors to choose from, so with that many shades and tints, it can be difficult to make a decision. Even if you settle on a color for one room, how will you decide if the other rooms will be the same or different? It’s a lot to consider.

Luckily, looking at popular paint colors can help you narrow down your search. After all, if those colors worked well in other people’s homes, they might work well in yours too!

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color from a selection of popular colors

Many of the most popular colors are simple, dull colors. That’s because walls are a significant part of any room, so you’ll want to choose a color that’s easy to look at, not one that will overwhelm someone or hurt their eyes. The worst interior paint colors are the most vibrant ones, so it’s no surprise that the calmest colors would be the most favorable.

Below are 21 of the most popular paint colors. Hopefully, these will give you a jumping-off point when choosing colors for the rooms of your house.

1. Pure White

RGB: 255, 255, 255

Pure white is a classic color because it’s simple and goes well with any decorations and color schemes. It’s a good neutral color to settle on if you don’t have a strong preference on color. However, pure white can be a very bright color, so if it’s used in a room with a lot of empty space, it may be too overwhelming. If you’re worried the paint might be too white for your walls, you can opt for an off-white color instead. Sherwin-Williams has a paint color called “Pure White,” but it’s a toned-down white color to make it easier to look at.

2. Classic Gray

Hex #E3DFD5
RGB: 227, 223, 213

Classic Gray is a Benjamin Moore paint color that’s a light, pale gray. It’s a popular alternative to white for people looking for a slightly darker shade. This color keeps the room looking simple while still being sophisticated. It can be used in almost any room type, but adding colorful decorations are what can help bring it to life.

3. Warm Beige

Hex #D3B69C
RGB: 211, 182, 156

Beige is warmer and more comforting than other neutral colors. Most popular paint brands have several beige options, but the warmer, more vibrant ones are usually the ones that make a room feel the most welcoming. Beige is popular for living rooms and other rooms where guests will gather and socialize.

4. Green Smoke

Hex #A8BBA2
RGB: 168, 187, 162

Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball is one of the many soothing green colors on the market. It’s perfect for making people feel relaxed and peaceful when sitting in a room. So, it’s an especially good color for areas meant to be soothing, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Its earthy tone also looks great next to live plants.

5. Alabaster

RGB: 237, 234, 222

Alabaster is a great variant of white that isn’t as bright as pure white. It’s a darker white that goes well with just about any decor. It’s a great way to have a white room interior while keeping it warm and inviting.

6. Chantilly Lace

Hex #F5F5EF
RGB: 245, 245, 239

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is another great white alternative. It makes a room look clean and mature without having the paint color take away from the decorations. It can also make rooms seem bigger and more open. It provides a great contrast to colorful or darker furniture.

7. Chalky Blue

Hex #7B8F99
RGB: 123, 143, 153

Not all interior paint colors need to be light. Chalky Blue by PPG Paints is the perfect example of a darker color that’s still calming. It’s a blue-gray mixture that’s close to a neutral color without being dull or simple. It can make guests feel relaxed, so it’s the perfect bedroom or bathroom color.

8. Sea Salt

RGB: 205, 210, 202

As the name implies, Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams is an excellent color to use in homes along the water. It looks like a neutral color, but it’s a relaxing mix of green and gray. It’s perfect for rooms you want to feel calm in or rooms with large windows showing gorgeous views.

9. Poised Taupe

Hex #8C7E78
RGB: 140, 126, 120

Taupe is a trendy gray/brown color that’s common for both interior and exterior paint. Poised Taupe is a dark version of this popular hue that’s made by Sherwin-Williams. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a dark neutral color that’s easy on the eyes. It looks great when paired with various types of blue.

10. Palladian Blue

Hex #C3D2C8
RGB: 195, 210, 200

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore is a fun blue-green hue that resembles clear skies. It’s perfect for making a room seem cool and calm, so it’s ideal for a bedroom, bathroom, or sunroom. This color is especially common for homes situated along the beach since it pairs well with the sun and sand.

11. Repose Gray

RGB: 204, 200, 191

Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray is another classic neutral color that can fit in almost any room. It’s a warm gray that compliments most colors well without drawing attention to the walls. It looks especially great when paired with white or blue. Even though it’s a simple color, it’s still more welcoming than other types of gray.

12. Potters Clay

Hex #ACA08B
RGB: 172, 160, 139

Potters Clay is the name for types of brown from a variety of paint companies. Some are warm, reddish-brown colors while others are closer to tan or khaki. Either way, Potters Clay provides a unique neutral color for your walls, especially in social rooms because of its cozy nature. It pairs perfectly with white or gray furniture, along with pops of color.

13. Antiquarian Brown

Hex #966A4B
RGB: 150, 106, 75

Antiquarian Brown stands out more than other neutral colors because it’s bright and energetic. It may be too overwhelming for rooms designed for relaxing, but it’s great for rooms used for social gatherings, such as living rooms and dining rooms. It’s perfect for a rustic home in the suburbs, but it can make any place look homey.

14. Canyon Clay

Hex #85594F
RGB: 133, 89, 79

If you’re looking for a darker, more mysterious type of brown, Canyon Clay might be the perfect color for you. It’s a popular Sherwin-Williams color that’s ideal for individuals wanting their homes to have a natural, adventurous feel. After all, when this color is used next to other types of brown, the design resembles some of the most beautiful canyons in nature. Pairing it with green or blue can add to the nature design.

15. Forged Steel

Hex #636463
RGB: 99, 100, 99

If dark colors appeal to you, Sherwin-Williams’ Forged Steel is a unique choice. It’s a dark gray with some hints of brown, and it can make a room look modern and mature. It’s a dramatic backdrop for furniture and art, no matter how neutral or colorful those items are. It’s a great bedroom color because it’s a relaxing shade.

16. Hale Navy

Hex #434C56
RGB: 67, 76, 86

Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is an excellent choice for people who love dark shades of vibrant colors. It’s a toned-down version of navy that’s perfect for soothing bedroom walls. Like Forged Steel, it can provide a dramatic backdrop for your favorite artwork. It looks especially great with white and brown decorations surrounding it.

17. Greige

Hex #B7AB9F
RGB: 183, 171, 159

Greige is a trendy color that’s used to describe any color that falls between gray and beige. It’s a tranquil hue that combines two of the most classic neutral colors. It’s cozy yet simple, making it a great color to paint in any room. Using brighter colors to decorate a greige room is a great way to liven up the space.

18. Dimpse

Hex #D9D8D3
RGB: 217, 216, 211

Dimpse by Farrow & Ball is a cool light gray that’s becoming a popular neutral color for modern houses. It looks great in spaces that have natural elements, such as plants, wood, and stone. It’s often a favored color for kitchen spaces, but it can be chosen for any type of room. It looks best next to cool colors, especially blue.

19. Delicate White

Hex #F2F2EE
RGB: 242, 242, 238

PPG’s Delicate White is an off-white color. It’s great for people who want a color that’s simple but not as overpowering as pure white. It goes well with nearly every color and it can be used in any type of room. Yet, the paint has yellow undertones that can brighten up a room when lights hit it right, so it’s ideal for high-energy rooms.

20. Aegean Teal

Hex #708A8C
RGB: 112, 138, 140

Teal is the perfect color for homes situated in warm locations. Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal is a toned-down version of teal, so it’s designed for any serene room where you like to relax, such as the bedroom or sunroom. The color represents shimmering waters, so it looks great with white to represent warm sand.

21. Compatible Cream

Hex #E8C89E
RGB: 232, 200, 158

Compatible Cream is a Sherwin-Williams paint color that’s warm and vibrant. It lives up to its name because it’s compatible with nearly any other colors and it can brighten any room in your home. It’s a pleasant neutral color that isn’t as plain as white or as bold as brown.

Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Home

Blue-gray interior paint color in living room

Selecting paint colors for a home’s interior is no easy task. Each room has its own purpose and personality, so you’ll want to choose a color that matches that. If you’re stumped, consider one of the popular paint colors mentioned above. Any of them can help make your new house feel even more like a home.

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